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  1. Further information: these were great surround speakers in our old home. But we have downsized and they don't fit anymore Happy for them to go where they will be used and appreciated Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  2. Further information: I used this sub woofer for several years and they are great units (plenty of good reviews on the internet). Vandersteen's current version of this unit is the Vandersteen 3 and they retail for around $3,000. I had mine repaired by Andy McLaren of Hifi Repair Services (Gold Coast) (receipt available) when we moved house but haven't used it since picking it up because it won't fit into our downsized home. I don't want a lot for it but would like to see it go where it will be appreciated. It is still in it's original box. They are heavy units and you w
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