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  1. rodders3

    Lingo 2 SMD / or Mober?

    Valhalla. That worked well (not quite 33.3 rpm), but there was a sound heard close up. I also have a large collection of 45's so that was my primary reason to change - everything else was a bonus. Cost was pretty damn good as well especially compared to Linn products. Was also a lot of info on net (including here) about Mober unlike other alternatives to Linn. Finally, Edmund also a pleasure to deal with.
  2. rodders3

    Lingo 2 SMD / or Mober?

    I love my mober dc unit. Super quiet and accurate. Quality kit.
  3. rodders3

    LP12 Mober Plinth

    That's cause I used an original 1976 Linn plinth! I did see those metal ones as well. I really love the wood ones though. If you search there are custom makers of Linn plinths around the world. Some are pure works of art with prices to match.
  4. rodders3

    Returning LPs to Amazon US

    Given we have a local Amazon why they don't say send it there is a mystery. Would save a fortune in postage. Maybe work on the pain the arse principle that the harder it is, the less bothered people will do it.
  5. rodders3

    Returning LPs to Amazon US

    Okay, the answer is $30.70. That's economy air mail with tracking. Apparently takes six days to get there. I will see what I get refunded by Amazon and post it here. The LP cost me $30 so hoping for approx. $61.
  6. rodders3

    Returning LPs to Amazon US

    Thanks mate,appreciate it.
  7. Recently received a well scratched LP from Amazon in the USA that will need to be returned. I have downloaded the instructions and have an actual LP mailing box that works perfectly for one LP. Problem seems to be postage. Australia post are indicating by standard mail well over the $32 Amazon will refund without having to get their permission first. Maybe I have overestimated how much Aust Post will charge as I have not been down there yet as pain to do. Does anyone else have experience sending LPs back to Amazon?
  8. rodders3

    Jb hifi kings of static

    If JB is the static king, I take it Amazon have not relinquished the dust and scratch crown. How they can deliver something sealed to be full of dust and in one case for me, a large chunk of off cut vinyl, is staggering. I assume they get their LP's and simply re-shrink heat them.
  9. rodders3

    Remember Kriesler and demonstration records?

    It is actually only a 1950 model. It is perfect condition with not a mark on the bakelite. I acquired it about 20 years ago from a guy who only wanted $80 for it. On the bottom there is a service sticker from a R.W Jobson, 296 Lygon St Carlton. His phone number is FJ6876!
  10. rodders3

    Remember Kriesler and demonstration records?

    Here is my Kriesler. A model no: 11-25. Sounds wonderful waiting for the radio to warm up then coming on.
  11. rodders3

    What in Analogue Have You Bought Today?

    Great stuff Ben, Enjoy the cart mate.
  12. rodders3

    Can you separate the art from the artist?

    Hope you don't have any David Bowie you like then.
  13. rodders3

    What will the Millennials do?

    Ha... all in jest Andy! The telly is hooked up via optus cable fetch thingy. Wifey and I have great conversations such as "it's too loud....turn it down" and "what, I can't hear you".
  14. Got home same time as my wife this evening and to our shock - internet is down in Albert Park. There goes the telly then. As luck would have it, I received a couple of nice lp's today and put on Thriller. Then Graceland. Then a whole bunch of goth punk stuff from the 80's, all while cooking dinner. It was bliss. My wife looked equally pleased as we did not have to resort to a conversation. Made me think though, what if my whole collection existed in "the cloud" which I thought originally had to do with condensation but is actually just a fancy name for another computer somewhere.