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  1. Still loving it @cafe67. It really is a well made piece of kit by Pioneer. Punches well above it's weight IMO. Cheers, Rod
  2. Item: MIOPS mobile remote camera release - Sony edition. Location: MLB Price: $130 Item Condition: Brand new - unopened Reason for selling: got two in buy one get one free from MIOPS Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Extra Info: Check out the MIOPS website for all the fantastic features this mobile release offers for your camera. This one comes with the Sony S2 cable which I use for my Sony A7 IV. Miops website has all compatability. This works via bluetooth and is easy setup. Again, check out vids etc on MIOPS website. Landed these cost me just over $300 but happy to let this go cheaper than I paid. Will post Aust wide via satchel for $13. If you want insurance, let me know and add this. Can collect Albert Park if you wish as well. Cheers, Rod Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  3. Hi Marc. I did try this but although the Roon detected the Ares II it simply didn't want to work. Probably me but the silver lining was leading me down this path and can only imagine how good the fruits higher up the tree sound.
  4. Hard to say @Snoopy8. I absolutely heard a difference when just the Roon but when Clay sorted the SOtM out - it was wow. If I had to choose I would say the SOtM but together they are superb.
  5. I recently had an opportunity to dip my foot in digital music, something I have not invested too heavily in before. My main playback is vinyl which I love but was unable to listen to for the last few months due to surgery which prevented me getting up and down all the time. I also feared my heart and my ears couldn't take it if I asked my wife to change LP's for me every 20 mins or so! Previously my digital journey started with a blue sound node 2 which I upgraded to a Pioneer N70AE. Both were great but I was really interested in Roon playing Tidal through it. The Pioneer has recently been sold and I am sure the new owner will be as impressed as I was with it, it just wasn't Roon ready. Just before Christmas I purchased a Denafrips Ares II off @Dacman. Amazing bit of kit. I then purchased after Christmas the new Roon Nucleus + from @Tivoli Hi-Fi during their sales. I thought I could play straight to the DAC but I was wrong - I needed a Roon endpoint. Luckily, I was able to purchase an excellent condition SOtM - 200 neo off @andrewyuri for a great price. Andrew was kind enough to explain in simple terms how everything worked together and importantly, the benefit of adding a dedicated LPSU to the SOtM and the Roon. I looked online at options but was really drawn by Aussie made company Gieseler who are based in Queensland. For those that are unaware, this is a company owned and run by Clay Gieseler who is an active member on here - @Gieseler Audio. I don't pretend to know anything about LPSU's, how they work or what I needed. Clay's website has many options but I thought best to simply tell Clay what units I had and let him decide - I am very glad I did. Clay recommended two new updates to his LPSU's - for the Roon, a gieseler-18v-4a-72w-nuc-linear-low-noise-psu - and for the SOtM, a M18PSU Kraftwerk 12v 4A Nichicon Gold Tune. These were $500 and $450 respectively, including delivery. It took about a week for Clay to make and deliver to Melbourne. It was clear that these were quality products, well made and an attractive addition to the HIFI rack IMO. Clay provided clear instructions as installation which I hoped even I would get this right. Hooked the Roon up first and was a breeze. Then did the SOtM and nada - no power getting through at all - what had I done? Now this is where I was really glad to have purchased locally and from a member on here. Clay was fantastic and worked with me to get it right. Originally he sent down another unit he made for me but again the SOtM would not light up. We thought the issue was the fact Clay made the LPSU 12v which was more than the 9v the unit came with. Clay did this as he researched and saw feedback that the extra volts added more to the SOtM. He even went as far as to contact SOtM in Asia to make sure it was okay to do this and was assured it was. After two non working units - Clay then made me a bespoke unit with a switch to change from 9v to 12v. We also then changed the transformer which had not been done previously. Finally success. The most important take from all this was the service from Clay. He worked with me to get things right ASAP and I appreciated this. Ended up the problem was the transformer - it was the wrong type and Clay's LPSU worked perfectly all along. The benefit to me was I ended up with the bespoke switchable 9v to 12v. So what did these LPSU's do. I know the debate about power is all around and I am the first to declare I have also sided with the "no benefit" camp. I undertook this experiment simply as Andrew said there were benefits and my research also indicated as much, (and to be fair - the opposite as well!). All I can say is that I am wowed by what I hear. I am not going to get out the thesaurus to make me sound smarter than I am but the music does sound more alive and I hear details I not otherwise noticed before. An example is Birdy's "skinny love" which I had never noticed the raw playing of the piano keys before - it sounded so live and I could almost physically feel each note as ivory hit wood. If in doubt about all this, that's fine but I really do suggest giving it a go. Plenty will snap up one of Clay's LPSU in the for sales and for very good reason. I will add some pics of both units. Cheers, Rod.
  6. Thanks guys, it is great value and seems may have found a new home. Pending P&P. Cheers, Rod.
  7. Item: Pioneer N-70AE Streamer - MQA playable Location: Albert Park VIC 3206 Price: $1200 Item Condition: excellent condition - see description. Reason for selling: NLR - gone full Roon Payment Method: Pickup only at this stage sorry - I'm unable to ship due to temporary immobility. Extra Info: This is a n excellent all in one streamer - tidal, spotify etc including MQA which it has been upgraded to with recent release from Pioneer. This is the current top of the range model from Pioneer Audio - check their website for all details. RRP $2500 - this is less than half price. I am the second owner as I purchased off here from original owner in Sydney. He disclosed he sat something on it with rubber feet that left a really slight mark about a 5 cent coin - it is very hard to see and impossible to photograph but I am all for full disclosure. Other than that, this is mint and updated (which is easy over net anyway). Collect only from Albert Park VIC as I am unable to be mobile due to a surgery and it is too heavy for my wife to post. Comes with all accessories - I didn't get the cheapo kettle cord with it but will throw one in. Any questions, please ask away. Cheers, Rod. Photos:
  8. Price drop - $400 for both. Below cost for the final in great seats!
  9. Thanks guys - had no idea about that! Cheers, Rod
  10. Item: Australian Open Women's Final - 2 tix. Location: Albert Park - Melbourne. Price: gone to family mamber. Item Condition: Mint - actual real tickets to collect from Albert Park VIC Reason for selling: cannot go Payment Method: Pickup - Cash and collect from Albert Park only - sorry, I'm not mobile at the moment! Extra Info: These are great seats in the second row of the second tier. Very good view of the court. I go most years to the final however fate got in the way requiring major surgery so I cannot go. My wife was going to use them with a friend but since no Barty Party, she cannot be bothered. Selling less than what I paid from ticketmaster as they add fees etc. Just had a look and the cheapest tix seem to be $305 each with no side by side. Cheers, Rod Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  11. I ordered from Clay last week his new LSPU for mine. Cannot wait to try it out.
  12. Hi Chris. I have the Akito and the Dr F. I simply measured from the spindle to the centre of the tonearm where the x and y axis meet. That measured 211mm exactly so assumed must be correct and seemed to work well for me setting the cart up. This is where the writing is on the tonearm. Cheers, Rod.
  13. I purchased one of these for the same price last week from a great member on here. This is one of the best bang for buck purchases I have made ever - not only audio. Crazy good. Anyone thinking this may not be great because it is so cheap will be pleasantly surprised upon hearing. GLWS.
  14. I purchased Audirvarna, twice, and hate it. I first purchased for my Mac but within months had a new Dell laptop. Got a discount of about 25% but you had to purchase again because they view Mac and Windows completely separately and cannot simply cancel one to the other. Bit of a ripoff in my view. Then the best bit - the windows version was horrible and simply failed - every bloody time. Then to add insult, they introduced an app to control things but wanted $15 to get it. Again, reviews say it is horrible. I cut my losses. Purchased a roon nucleus+ this month and joined Roon - best thing I have ever done. It works and is a million times better than my experience with AV. Big thumbs up from me to Roon.
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