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  1. Absolutely this. We wash everything delivered including all the groceries. Must say the garbo's around where I live have been gold. We put all our boxes outside neatly as they wont fit in the yellow bins and those boys just throw em away for us. Still glen 20 the bin handles and wash every time we touch them though.
  2. Funnily enough I just had this debate with myself! Wanted something from klappav. Checked DHHS website which you can put in address and shows chart of where 5km radius is and you can travel. So 5km is all good. Next step was does it fit any category - shopping, yes but hardly essential. So a no go in my book. Earlier this morning I had dropped into the office to make sure everyone was ready to go offsite and felt no issue walking across the road and buying a couple of new monitors from officeworks. This was for staff working from laptops at home and felt essential to my business needs to ensure they could work more easily. As from tomorrow - forget it, just stay home people. Remember, that cool, mint, pick-up only, cheap power amp from seller "Dan the Man" in the eastern suburbs could be a $5k trap!
  3. I thought this thread was started by Davie504.
  4. Great photos mate. Wish more listings were to your standard. GLWS.
  5. Yodobashi in Akihabara, Tokyo. May be a struggle to get there at the moment but it is heaven on earth.
  6. I went the Isoacoustic route after seeing @evil c use them on his Linn. Cost about $270 for three but made a significant difference. Also easiest upgrade ever - lift player, place feet - done!
  7. It was a great place to grow up and my family are still there so go home each year. I just bought a Sony A7 RIV and lens which I have not really had the opportunity to get out and use yet. I know it takes great pics but there is something special about Leica - even down to the way you capture pics - it is a real art. I also have a M10 and a few lenses that I love but don't think I have used it this year - being at home for most of this year has not been that inspiring. Seeing this pic by @lenticularis may provide the spark.
  8. Nice camera collection and nice pic. Spent my first 29 years in that city.
  9. Bloke in suit says don't spend a lot, $5000 should do. That's $25,700 plus in today's coin! What a classic the bloke on the bike in living room
  10. Never heard of them but had a look on Discogs. Seems they released plenty on CD but only three or four on vinyl. There are copies there for sale including a lovely combined EP with The Hard Ons for 125 clams. Also I found a Clouds LP I wanted on vinyl by simply seeing who owned the albums on discogs and shooting them an email. Ended up getting a Mint copy from some dude in Sweden of all places. Wasn't cheap though.
  11. I have an ECM Mechanika Slim and it is superb. Quality here at ridiculous price.
  12. I have this sans the sun shining out of Melody's ar?e. Great box set. As I told the wife, bought for the album cover, stayed for the music!
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