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  1. Was that a KLaudio @petng ? I just bought one. Thought they were rock solid!
  2. I have these discs for the II's. It seems an outrageous amount of money for a piece of metal and I resisted buying for some time. Then I decided to try and they made a huge difference - essential if Gaia's sitting on carpet IMO. Great price here. GLWS.
  3. Hi @palexsia. Actually had it included by accident! As well as two brushes, two anti static brushes but missing the towel. Still a win!
  4. Item: Kirmuss Ultrasonic LP cleaner Location: Melbourne 3206 Price: $1100 Item Condition: Excellent - purchased 27/12/18 Reason for selling: upgraded at serious extra dosh! Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, paypal plus 3% Extra Info: Excellent condition - heaps everywhere about this unit. Now sells between $1799 and $1999. You get as per pics that includes a brand new unused - Kirmuss spray + balance of old spray - Kirmuss stylus cleaner - Kirmuss anti static brush - Kirmuss extra pads Plus you get the brush (used but excellent), all docs, hose, Aus power cord etc. This has a two year warranty until 27 Dec 2020. At this stage it is pick up only as shipping is a pill and would cost a fair bit. I do have original double box so will ship if no local interest after a while. Pick up Albert Park 3206. Cheers, Rod. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  5. Japan is one of the best countries I have been to. Enjoyed the people, the food and the shopping so much I have been twice in 12 months with my wife. The added bonus is the LP shopping. I only spent a little time in Osaka but it is only 20mins from Kyoto. Both have LP shops however it is Tokyo where it is at. The two biggies are Disk Union and Recofan. They have multiple sites around Tokyo. Do a quick search on google for Osaka shops - there will be plenty. Also at the main train station at Osaka there is a Yodabashi Camera. They are the biggest electrical chain in Japan. They always stock awesome gear to ogle. The main store in Tokyo is in Akihabara. Well worth a visit. Enjoy mate, it's a great place.
  6. Looks good but do you have any worries about angry apes damaging CD's?
  7. Great watch @doomigee2, I have a similar model that hasn't missed a beat in 10 years. Any interest in selling the stainless band and watch winder separately at all?
  8. I almost bought this first time around but went a different direction. Did a fair bit if research and this was a bargain at 5K....... at 3.5k it's a steal. Great buying for someone. GLWS.
  9. If anyone wants inspiration to set up a bar, Asahi have commissioned a series in Japan about hidden listening bars. There are some simply awesome places! Here is a sample but plenty on youtube:
  10. What are these made from - is it card/paper or a type of felt?
  11. Looking at the diagram, this seems spot on. It is connected to the conductive sheath. Funnily enough I was looking at Zonotone cables in Japan a few weeks ago. I was interested in an RCA interconnect but it had what looked like a ground wire at each end. The sales people at Audio Union didn't know what it was but said my suggestion that it was for phono was not right. I had no idea how or where you would connect it so left it well alone.
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