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  1. Installed the hard drive and some more pics. Units are now made is the USA, not sure where previously.
  2. Hey Frank - thanks mate. All went well, now the rehab. Cheers, mate.
  3. Unfortunately cannot play my vinyl for some weeks due to bilateral hip replacement last week so decided to dip my toes in digital to keep me sane whist sitting at home doing nothing. Have not used Roon before but seems the gold standard from what I have read online. Have tidal but very limited digital music of my own. I have 100's of cds. Decided to get a Roon Nucleus+ from the guys at Tivoli during their sale, 20% off. Dealt with some really great people. During my research I found Roon have updated both Nucleus models. I found this in one article only from the UK and strangely, nothing on Roon's own website. I asked Tivoli to secure a new model and they did. Here are some pics in case people are interested. Only took internal pics at this stage and wife is out so cant take outside pic until she home! In essence, Roon have ditched the lightening connection and added another HDMI. It is also a different dimension and has a new power switch. Internally also looks very different from what I see other models look like online. Hope to get up and running this weekend and fitting a SSD. Have external CDP drive that I hope to rip my CD's onto SSD over the coming weeks. Guess I will also need a subscription! Cheers, Rod
  4. I have this one. Works an absolute treat and easily fits into corners of the room to snake between the router and audio server. Very well made for the price. https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B07BVSH4LC/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o09_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 .
  5. I like debates, arguments, insult-fests, whatever you want to call them, on SNA as they not only entertain, (the main reason I spend so much time here), but often educate. I admit I have bought gear based on what I have read on here and elsewhere. Most have been winners, a few that have cost what I consider serious $$$ have made no change at all to me despite people saying they are the best thing ever. But that's my problem, no-one else's. In fact, I don't even see it as a problem - just a dumb purchase. There a far more pressing things in this world to me, but maybe not to some. I have also kept $$$ in my pocket reading views on here of which I am either grateful or peeved that I may be missing out, can't decide which yet. Everyone is not geared equally in life. We all react differently and a special few react really differently. But that's life and a forum as big as this is going to provide a large cross section of society. Fanatics will always be fanatics as indeed those more educated on some particular topic will often enter the discussion to debunk the fanatic's view. Whose right? Who cares - make your own mind up. End in tears - of course it does. But it is a great read. For what it worth, I think most audiophile people are decent - if however perhaps a little quirky.
  6. It's a disease mate, be warned!
  7. I know nothing about DAC's and my main source is vinyl. I have an upcoming operation in January where getting up and down every 20 mins to change an LP simply wont be possible for some time so I read this thread with interest. It is simply stunning. Yes, it is very analogue as they say. As an audio purchase, incredible bang for the buck. Many thanks to @Dacman for his wonderful prompt service.
  8. @Dacman, tried to send you a PM but says you cannot receive messages. Is your inbox full? Cheers, Rod
  9. Thanks @Tasebass, will give it a go.
  10. Very interested to read the results on a LP12 from those taking the plunge. Also wondered if anyone has tried to "clocking" thingo as described on their website. Any of this work or just hokus pokus?
  11. Item: Monitor Audio GS60 - great condition (Melb) Location: Melbourne - Albert Park Price: $1500.00 Item Condition: Used but the speakers are excellent - see description Reason for selling: Upgraded after 12 years to PMC Twenty5.26 this week. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I have owned these since new. Purchased from CAV in 2007 when I really wasn't even into hifi. I didn't use them much to be honest. They just sat there (like the wife says about me!). Two years ago after what must have been a knock to the head, I joined here and since then I have pursued vigorously emptying my wallet. The GS60's are the last thing to go that I have owned for a long time. THE GOOD - the speakers. They really are in great nick and sound awesome. They are piano black and will, if you look really, really hard with a torch and the right angle see the odd fine swirl mark but in normal viewing by a normal human being they are not noticeable. No deep scratches, no dents, no damage to the drivers - none. All the specs are on this thing called "google" - try punching in "monitor audio gs60" and all the specs will magically appear. Do not put in "really shiny black things that turn me on" - I cannot guarantee results. THE BAD - the dust covers. They never really wanted to fit as designed unless the designer was some sadist with a penchant for wanting to annoy the crap out of customers. If so, bravo, job done. One was broken, both have had the cloth replaced. I cannot fix things nor sew - yet I did to these. I think they look good but my standards are horrible. Rate them as a 5/10 and it can only be a surprise if better than I describe. Comes with accessories as per pics and manual etc. These are strictly pick up only from Albert Park - don't ask for the box as I threw it out when new. Please also don't ask to post/courier as I will assume you cannot read and will write horrible things about you. Welcome to see in flesh in Albert Park. Cheers, Rod Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  12. Proud owner- thanks Frank for everything mate. Sound awesome.
  13. Snap!!! Brilliant super quiet transformer at great price here.
  14. Simply my favourite place to shop in the world. So much fun in Japan.
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