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  1. I keep getting asked this question via PM so I'm glad I can answer here @mloutfie. Short answer is they are both great products -they really are. I will paste my PM answer: Anyway, my situation was I had a failure with the GN and got a great deal on new Stellar so just purchased that (from Geoff at Heynow HIFI). I was also aware it had just won analogue product of the year with stereophile mag if that means anything. It was my first PS Audio product. My review is here: Having said all that, the GN is really good. I'm playing it now and it has be
  2. Thanks Kieron. These are fantastic and I'm seriously having second thoughts. Testing them today to confirm what the tech said re performance and they are amazing. Not sure I'm selling the right phono now, (have a couple of serious buyers at this stage so not fishing either!)
  3. Further information: I had a fault with this excellent phono stage (all on the net so want harp on how good this unit is) so I went and bought the new PS Audio Stellar phono which I am going to keep hence the sale. This unit just stopped one day - as it was also in need of the software update I instead opted to have both the units serviced and updated by the Sound Gallery here in Melbourne that was recommended by Gold Note. There was an issue with a loose connection and blown fuse. Now fixed at a cost of $260 to me. I picked these up today from the Sound Gallery. Softwa
  4. True except for that legal mumbo jumbo of offer and acceptance. They offered, you paid = a contract. Reality is it's just too much to be bothered with. Why not a simple rule then if you purchased an item here, you need to say that and how much you bought it for. It could be a Y/N question after asking price on the required info. If someone says No and they did - burn them at the stake!
  5. Surely they would be better off calling themselves Kurt and Courtney! Even playing a Jaguar.
  6. Decided to add a full dedicated mono set up on the techdas given it's got the room and I have a Linn Akito arm doing nada. Arm board from Italy ( $266 AUD landed compared to $$$ for techdas one!), Ortofon Mono SE direct from Ortofon in Denmark and a hell of a lot of mucking around to get arm on the board (took a fair bit of adjustment as board for a Micro seiki arm and the Linn arm need new holes. Sounds great on the Beatles Mono Masters album. Wish I bought the Mono albums release a few years ago for $400 - they now go $2-3K. Ouch!
  7. Love my sansui - analogue, fun to watch whilst changing settings and provides another gizmo to fool around with! I even used the room eq setup and sounds great. Best part is that it is a piece of cake to use for any source input via the hookup through amp. Do I use it all the time - hardly ever, but when I do it is fun.
  8. Bargain. I had this system for years and that lens is awesome in low light. GLWS.
  9. Thanks again everyone for the interest but this is again SOLD (deposit paid) pending pick up. Special thanks for the eggs tip - worked a treat!
  10. Absolutely the one arm I wish I bought for this. Would be very sweet.
  11. Okay, that was short lived - buyer told by his Mrs "NO". Back on the market!
  12. SOLD pending P and P. Will update if changes after coming weekend. Cheers.
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