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  1. The Church - Gold Afternoon Fix. Excellent pressing and great dynamic range. What an awesome band live. RSD20 "Gold" release. Looks orange to me. Think the work experience kid must have mixed the colours.
  2. Pretty sure the current Akito tonearm is version 3b. I purchased a new one in Dec 2018.
  3. Hmmm - came here to see what an idiot the op was, left realizing fetch can do 4k. I have been watching 720p on a 4k TV for at least the last 3 years! Pass me your crown.
  4. I was wondering what Fremer had to do with Footy?
  5. My favorite store in Shibuya. Wife was happy to spend ages downstairs at Jins getting glasses made up while I was upstairs at Recofan. I could spend hours in that store. The staff, as is the norm in Japan, were exceptional. What a shame. The dude who ran the store in the article served me on my last visit.
  6. I decide on what I want and research it to death but usually only on the net. To be honest - I rarely audition, save for some speakers I was after last year but even that is compromised as it was always at the store and not my equipment. Anyway - to the point - asking for a discount, well that depends on where and what I'm purchasing. I would say the easy majority of my gear comes from the classifieds on here. Most of the stuff for sale here is an absolute steal - a huge discount on new. If it is something pretty expensive, I might ask to include shipping or even drop it off to
  7. Most of my interconnects and my speaker cable are Zonotone. Great Japanese brand. GLWS.
  8. Speaking of bad pressings, I love those choice albums that I don't even get a chance to know how bad the pressing is simply because the bloody spindle hole is too small!
  9. New to me this arvo and all I can say ............ the bass!!!!!
  10. Absolutely you can do this - I just never got around to it as didn't bother me nor affect anything. As can be seen in the pics, the foot hangs there no problem and when sitting with the weight on it, again no issue. This is a great tip though for any threaded out screw hole though. 👍
  11. Mr Miyagi would be proud - annoys me you not in Melbourne though! GLWS
  12. Yes gents, it is very difficult to let go but my wife was hassling me for what a wanted for my 50th last monday. Was hoping just to tour Europe but that died in the butt for obvious reasons. She was getting stroppy so to shut her up I said a Techdas Airforce V - There was a very good deal from Sonic purity for 3 month old demo with Kuzma reference 313 arm, full warranty etc The things we do to keep the peace!
  13. Further information: This is an unexpected sale due to upgrade. I love this turntable and it plays extremely well. I actually thought I would never sell it but it will otherwise go to waste with a new tt on the way. I begin this journey in December 2018 by purchasing an LP12 in excellent condition. This is an early model but the plinth is immaculate. This is what attracted me to it. It came with an as new lid which is still in great condition with on the slightest of dust marks if you look really closely. As the purchase was primarily for the actual plinth, I looked at
  14. Sorry to hijack but I really want to know if you got the the S Class with the share trading? If so, what shares?
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