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  1. rodders3

    Optonica RP-3500 turntable - eBay purchase

    Looks awesome. Congrats. Interested to hear what you think when you have played it.
  2. rodders3

    Hi from Hobart

    Thanks @Upfront for the kind offer. Lived in Melbourne for the last 18+years! Down twice though next couple of months for 30 year school reunion (cannot believe this - where did the years go?) and family "late" christmas early Jan.
  3. rodders3

    Hi from Hobart

    Yes @mmmargherita, I'm a Tassie boy from way back. I think you're thinking of the Old Cornish Mount. Sort of a Tudor looking pub. The place I worked was down the road a bit towards town. At one stage it was a strip club as well but got arsoned (probably by the owners!). Fond memories!!!
  4. rodders3

    Hi from Hobart

    Good man Nick spending your coin on hifi gear. In the late 80's I had saved enough from working at a bottle shop at some dive pub in Liverpool St (long gone now), to walk into Qantum and drop $1400 on a yammy CD player. People thought I was crazy. Enjoy your studies and hifi journey.
  5. Hi @cafe67. My speakers weigh 27-28 kgs so in reality I could have gotten away with Gaia III's (they are rated to 32kgs). Nobody had in stock and I was offered a good deal on the II's which are rated to 54kgs. As my speakers were near the top of rating on III's then I could get away with the II's. As for the carpet, it is not that plush and so ditched the idea of spiked dishes you can also buy for the Gaia's to sit on. They are literally a disc with spikes and the Gaia sit on them. They were around $345 for 8 - insane!!!!! I note they were also not used at the Pullman show and that carpet is similar to mine.
  6. Looks great @rayh, Isoacoustic Gaia not cheap but great upgrade and not as costly as new speakers.
  7. You must be an extraordinary bloke @Whites with great taste! I too was really tempted by the Osborn's at this years show. Wonderful bang for the buck.
  8. This month I had the pleasure to got to my 1st and 2nd hifi shows - in consecutive weeks no less. At the Pullman I was really taken by the Isoacoustic Gaia's. Purchased some Gaia II's from Melb Hifi for $730. Soon worked out that the threads did not fit my Monitor audio GS60's and found Convoy Int in Sydney as distributor. So I contacted them. And again, and again - probably all up 6 phone calls. Ended up with mailing three sets of threads before i got the right ones at long last (M10 1.25 thread). Once my fault, once their fault. to their credit, mail was received next day between Sydney/Melb. Have just fitted them which is really easy with the right thread! The cost of 8 threads is insane though, another $153. Wow. I am often a suspicious bloke with claims made even if I hear them as think it could be a number of things to make sound change. My speakers just sound awesome. So much more open and "real". I cannot recommend them enough. Without the HIFI show I would be none the wiser and be missing out. Anyone else purchase based on the shows?
  9. rodders3

    Harbeth HL5+ Whoah...

    I'm more fond of the girl myself but to each their own!
  10. rodders3

    Linn new product launch

    If anyone went to the HIFI/AV show at Como, wasn't this the selekt they used in the Linn room? Looked pretty well made and the volume lights on top were fun.
  11. rodders3

    Harbeth HL5+ Whoah...

    Yep... ditto. It was a nice setup and sound. A good room albeit bloody dark in there!
  12. Cheers Grizzly. Saw those yesterday as well - called heli something. I have managed to find the best, although costly, solution. Found the importer of Isoacoustics is a company called Conroy in Sydney. Sent them an email and then rang them after they replied. Seems the problem is that Monitor Audiio use M10 threads. IsoA supply M8, M6 and 1/4. M12 is supplied with Gaia I. IsoA however do make bespoke threads at M10 for MA. Cost $72 for 8 little threads but without them I have a world of pain. Any other MA users out there be aware you are up for more cost. Maybe the new MA speakers may fit but when I rang the guy said there was a note on his system for MA so may apply across the board. It will cost you more!
  13. Thanks mate. Did that already. Looks to me I need M10 or M12.
  14. Well I did a bit of shopping around an I have ended up with the GAIA II's. My pricing above was based on III's from Selby HIFI. Also thought about carpet spikes and that all came up to $1050. Ditched the carpet spikes as complete rip off for what it is and rang Melbourne HIFI who didn't have III's but did have II's. All up $730. Got day at home so eager as all get out straight to my speakers and undo everything. Disaster - the bloody threads are too big on MA's. AAAGH!!!!. Thinking of ways to shim or buy something so screws from GAIA fit.
  15. Damn it...... now I'm thinking blow it, get the Iso's. All up it will cost $1050 without negotiating. Very tempting. The Herbies are going to be just under $400 with the insane postage.