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  1. Just bought 8 albums. Bargains to be had here if put time and effort and check against discogs to make sure not rubbish recording. Thanks for the tip.
  2. A bargain that's too good to be true......then don't buy it!
  3. Good effort mate - looks mint.
  4. Great shine @jakeyb77. I use autsol. What did you use to shine up?
  5. I just changed from 4 x Tungsol EL34b's to Gold Lion KT77's. Very noticeable increase in bass and punchiness and I'm very happy.
  6. Anyone driven these speakers with a tube amp? My amp is 30watts into 6ohm.
  7. Are the passives sold @gat474 as the ad seems to be expired.
  8. I have two of these from @ray4410 and they are superb. Bargain. GLWS.
  9. I have the GN PH and PSU. It is superb and buyer won't be disappointed. Matched mine with a Lyra Delos cart. GLWS.
  10. Just to confirm, are these only for sale if you also sell your actives which are not yet up for sale? May be confused but that's how i read the last line of your ad.
  11. That reminds me of this equally awesome invention.......
  12. Wow Entreq have quite the range. The description of their products reminds me of the term "traditional" when describing vitamin supplements. Need Margot Robbie in a bubble bath to provide further explanation....
  13. Isn't there a benefit to somebody thinking of going down a certain path where it seems the only benefit is to the seller of a dodgy product? Many vendors make outrageous claims and I benefit from a bit of input from other peoples opinions, good or bad.
  14. I am currently enjoying listening to this amp as I type. I have just replaced the power tubes to Gold Lion KT77's and my Monitor Audio GS60's are singing like never before. It doesn't lack power. IMO opinion this is a fantastic amp that looks awesome on the flesh. Has a great phono stage and headphone stage. Bargain. GLWS.
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