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  1. You didn't tell me you had a set of L250s for sale.....
  2. There is a brand used by the antique restoration guys called 'Howard'. The cleaner is an orange oil and is amazing - a few coats and they look great. Then the magic begins - the 'Restor a Finish' is an oil with a 'tint' added - shades from dark to light - the veneer will come alive with this. It also removes scratches and even heat or water marks - I'm not kidding. You can seal with a wax if you want. These cabs took a day to do with soak/drying time and I was able to wander off and do other stuff in between.
  3. Item: Celestion Ditton 551 Speakers Location: Brisbane Price: $550.00 Item Condition: Excellent for the age Reason for selling: Too many speakers to hang to these. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal friends, COD Only Extra Info: This set of 551s came as part of complete system I bought to get a hold of a rare Luxman TT. The speakers were in pretty good overall condition, but one tweeter was dead, so both have now been replaced with SEAS 19TFF1 tweeters that are a perfect fit and even allow fitment of the original Celestion marked trim rings. Both original tweeters are included in the sale. While waiting for the tweeters the crossovers were recapped (by Speaker Bug), the front fascia repainted in the original colour, by roller, to match the original finish. The cabinets have been cleaned & oiled and have come up a real treat - probable the best condition 40yo cabs I've had. (There is only one small mark - as per the photos.) The grills are an 7/10 but would be an easy recover, or even make a complete new set and keep the originals as they are very 70's. The tech bits are all on the web along with reviews, but in basic terms these are a three way base reflex, front ported speaker, made in the UK in the late 70s, are 720h x 395w and 328d and weight 25kg each! Obviously local (4105) pickup is preferred, but I'm happy to drop to my local Pack & Send - who I know quite well and would do a good job packing them onto a pallet or skid. HiFi Shark pricing shows most good condition 551s in the A$700 - $1000 range, but I think I'm realistic in my pricing due to fitting the SEAS tweeters and re-capped crossovers. If you after a vintage three way that gives a great sound and looks sensational, then these might be the ticket. Can be demo'd with 24hrs notice. Pictures:
  4. I have listened to these actual speakers with Mhel's set up, as you see it in the photos, and they are sensational. I would have taken them home there & then but they were just a bit too large for my apartment listening room. They are a bargain at this price!
  5. One of the best value for money speakers on the market - huge sound for $300! GLWTS!!
  6. Item: Technics SL1200 Mk2 Location: Tennyson, Brisbane Price: $650 Item Condition: Good + some refurbishment work done. Reason for selling: Bought a Pioneer PL 70 Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, PayPal + Costs. Extra Info: Great condition/operational SL1200 Mk2. Plinth has been refurbished in new auto paint with clear coat finish. All internals have been checked and everything works as it should. Perspex cover is new (aftermarket version) and is lift-off style without hinges. Pictures are of the actual unit and attest to the condition of the unit. Would also sell without the headshell & cartridge (near new Shure Stanton 500 Mk2) if not required. Can demo at Tennyson 4105. Please note - item will not be shipped - pickup only. Pictures:
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