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  1. Pioneer Lux Man

    SOLD: JBL XPL140A Speakers & Custom Stands (Brisbane)

    Collected and paid for today - staying in the SNA family which is great.
  2. Pioneer Lux Man

    FS: B&W vintage DM6 Loudspeaker, circa 1975

    Great speakers - mine are on my 'keepers' list for sure! GLWTS
  3. Pioneer Lux Man

    SOLD: JBL XPL140A Speakers & Custom Stands (Brisbane)

    Sold pending collection & payment.
  4. Pioneer Lux Man

    SOLD: JBL XPL140A Speakers & Custom Stands (Brisbane)

    Yes - I'm the 3rd SNA custodian - but one of the the others has owned them twice!
  5. Pioneer Lux Man

    Acoustic Energy Radiance 1 Stand-Mount Monitors

    Should be OK - I have also used them in a larger, open sided room and can demo this as well as in the small room. They really do have a big sound for a small box.
  6. Item: Acoustic Energy Radiance 1 Stand-Mount Monitors - Antique Ash Location: Tennyson, Brisbane Price: $650.00 Item Condition: 9.9/10 Reason for selling: Too many speakers Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Owned from new in 2015 and used as second system speakers. Still have shipping carton so can be sent Australia wide at buyers' expense. Can be demo'd at Tennyson, Brisbane. These speakers have amazed me since the first time I connected them. Big base (therefore AE recommends use without a sub) for a bookshelf/stand-mount speaker and quite a detailed top end. Also amazing how much power you can run through them. I originally bought them after listening to the more expensive Acoustic Energy Speakers and then giving these a go just to compare. Original local RSP was $1995 (USA price shows US$1200 in the article link below.) They have bi-wire capability and nifty magnetic grills. The review below gives an accurate representation I think - the closing summary adds: Using a pitchfork to shovel snow is a bad idea. Employing a speaker in a different manner than envisioned by its designer is an equally inappropriate pastime. The Acoustic Energy Radiance 1 speaker was designed for small rooms (Seller: Mine were in a 4m x 4m room) and for use without a subwoofer. If you have such a space you will discover the Radiance is capable of producing beautiful music in it. If you try to employ the Radiance in a larger room or on a desktop with or without a subwoofer you may find it less to your liking. “Horses for courses” is an old equestrian British saying. The Acoustic Energy Radiance 1 is a heck of a fine filly; just choose the track she runs on carefully. http://www.hifiplus.com/articles/acoustic-energy-radiance-1-loudspeaker-tas-196/ Tech Info: The Radiance Series offer some of the most cutting-edge developments currently available in loudspeaker technology. Aluminium drivers with dual-wound aluminium voice-coils. Heat creates distortion in loudspeaker drivers - we dissipate as much heat as possible through our cone assembly meaning you can listen louder, for longer. Curved cabinet construction - Minimising harmful standing waves and vibration through the enclosure. This means lower colouration, more natural sound. Specifications: · Type: 2-way, reflex loaded · LF/MF Driver: 130mm pressed alloy · HF Driver: 25mm Neodymium Ring Radiator with DXT · Cabinet: Curved, braced 15mm MDF carcass · Frequency Response: 50Hz to 45kHz ± 3dB · Power Handling: 150W peak programme · Impedance: 8 Ohms · Sensitivity: 88dB for 1 W at 1M More Info · Dimensions (HxWxD): 320 x 185 x 255mm EA · Weight: 8kg EA Pictures:
  7. Item: B&W CM6 S2 Speakers (satin white) & Matching Stands Location: Tennyson Brisbane Price: $2200.00 Item Condition: 9.9/10 Reason for selling: To many speakers Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Hard to let these go, but new arrivals mean they have to..... Lots of online info if you are not familiar with them. From a personal point of view these are right up there with the best bookshelf speakers I have owned and their real strengths are detail & sound stage. Grills are magnetic attachment which is nice as it leaves the fronts 'blemish' free when removed. Owned from new and I have the boxes for both the speakers and stands so can ship Australia wide at buyers' expense. Can be demo'd in Tennyson, Brisbane. Stands come with both metal spikes and rubber insulator 'domes' and the speakers can be attached to the stands by the factory fasteners. The CM6 S2 has been replaced by the B&W 705 speakers that sell (RSP) for $3499 + $899 for the stands, so this set is basically half the price of buying the new version. Tech info: Drivers: 1 x 25mm aluminium dome tweeter, 1 x 165mm Kevlar cone bass/midrange Crossover: 4000Hz Frequency response: 50-28kHz ±3dB; 45-50kHz -6dB Impedance: 8 ohms (min 3.7) Sensitivity: 88dB (2.83V/1m) Power handling: 30-120 watts unclipped (recommended amplifier power) Cabinet: Bass reflex (rear port) Dimensions (hwd): 403 x 200 x 285mm Weight (each): 8.9kg Pictures:
  8. Item: JBL XPL140A Speakers & Custom Stands Location: Tennyson Brisbane Price: 700.00 Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: Too many speakers.... Payment Method: Pickup - Direct Deposit, Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Bought these about 6 months ago from an SNA member who bought them off another SNA member - so let's keep the ball rolling - nothing like keeping it in the family! I have run these with a couple of 100w vintage amps (Accuphase E202 & Luxman L-58A) they they responded well. (Can demo with these amps also.) These are very well reviewed speakers and the whole XPL range held in high regard. Speakers have been refoamed so are good to go for at least another 10 years. I really think at this price these are a bargain for the sound they produce. Overall condition is very good for their age - only a small hole in one of the grills - but they look better with them removed anyway.... Due to size/weight they would be 'hardish' to ship, but can drop to local Pack n Send for shipping. (I have had bigger speakers shipped from Adelaide to Brisbane this way without issue.) Using the previous, previous sellers' pictures (and some text...) so the full system set up you see is not mine. http://www.hifi-classic.net/review/jbl-xpl-140-24.html Specifications Type: 3 way, 3 driver loudspeaker system Power Handling: 125W Recommended Amplifier: 500W (maximum) Crossover Frequency: 900, 4000Hz Impedance: 6Ω Sensitivity: 88dB Bass: 1 x 200mm cone Midrange: 1 x 75mm titanium dome Tweeter: 1 x 25mm titanium dome Dimensions: 772 x 337 x 302mm Weight: 24.94kg Year: 1989 Pictures:
  9. Pioneer Lux Man

    SOLD: FREE: Linn LP12 bits and pieces

    Hi Tim, Second in line if the above pick-up falls through - can collect as Bris based and not too far from 4060. Cheers, Richard.
  10. One lucky buyer - love these things....
  11. Pioneer Lux Man


    These things really rock - if you where thinking about a new bookshelf/small stand speaker 'do yourself a favour' and grab these. I'm still amazed each time I plug mine in and turn it up a 'little'.....
  12. Pioneer Lux Man

    SOLD: FS: Sansui Receiver/Amplifier 441

    Lovely piece of vintage gear - even the pics make me smile! GLWTS.
  13. Pioneer Lux Man

    Vintage Stereo Techs Brisbane?

    Thanks Tezza - will check this out as well.
  14. Pioneer Lux Man

    Vintage Stereo Techs Brisbane?

    Thanks - got the info - will follow up. One of kids lives near there, so distance not an issue.