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  1. synthz

    PMC Speaker owners thread

    Damo to answer your question i have tried PMC twenty.24 paired with: Power: Consonance ME800. 30w triode. Pre: Pass Labs x2.5 (solid state) Power: ARC Ref 75 Pre: Schitt Freya Power: ARC Ref 75 Pre: Parasound JC2 On all these combinations I'm still using a 12 inch sub to complement the lower regions. This is personal preference, you might not need a sub. I actually haven't tested my solid state amps with them yet. If you're asking for synergy i think you won't have any problem with PMC paired with any decent amps.
  2. synthz

    Toto - Sydney and Melb in Jan 2019

    I've got my ticket for Sydney show.
  3. synthz

    6h30 choobs.

    Hi Darren I'm in the same boat as well. I'm using a pair of Electro Harmonix ones and another pair that's still a mystery. I have a feeling they bting great sonic mojo to the sound.
  4. synthz

    My system

    Hello George, just saw your thread. Its interesting to hear about your unique solution with the DAC to bring some warmth back by utilising the Oppo bluray player. I find your LM502CA DAC is very strong in the sense that it can bring a lot of warmth to any solid state system, even though it's the only tube device in the signal chain. I've tried it with JC1s/JC2, JC1s/Pass Labs X2.5 and it bring a lot of those tube buttery warmth that i love. Now i pair it with ARC Ref 75/Primaluna Dialogue Preamp, and the signal chain got super great, the one that i was looking for in my head. I also noticed you've put a plinth underneath the DAC, did that give any difference in sound performance?
  5. synthz

    PMC Speaker owners thread

    Room size is quite large yes, larger than typical lounge room I'd say. Sound quality is very good! Quite comparable to the 89,999 RRP however i would love to hear more of my music there and how it would sound with modern context acoustic drums and not in swing/big band jazz format.
  6. synthz

    PMC Speaker owners thread

    Fenestria demo.
  7. synthz

    PMC Speaker owners thread

    Grays Online is an auction side but probably concentrating more on B2B, so companies auction their good in large quantities there and public can bid on it. My speakers were listed as 'ex demo'. No accessories are included with it, so i'm thinking to just grab some IsoAcoustics Gaia
  8. synthz

    Show us your tubes

    Whoaaa.. that is fantastic! Those VU meters are so sexy!
  9. synthz

    Show us your tubes

    I'm really happy reading this reply. ARC has great product diversification and it's nice to see them in great extent through your experiences. From Ref 75 - 150 - 250. How come you are skipping the Ref 160M? Did that just only get launched recently? Wow, using KT150 for drivers on each monos is quite crazy. That's pretty awesome. I imagine more liquid upper midrange and treble would translate a lot in hi-hats, cymbal crashes and swells, percussions?
  10. synthz

    PMC Speaker owners thread

    Long story short!? Thank you Irek. Yeah from my research looks like the 'puk' is designed to be used for book shelf/studio monitors. It's interesting that you're getting positive results from Puk used on floor standers. I think i'm just gonna get the Gaia since i read about your positive experience.
  11. synthz

    Show us your tubes

    Sir, may I ask if that's got to do with horn speakers, or is your amp just that good? (I assume it was built by NASA?)
  12. synthz

    Show us your tubes

    That sounds great! A combo of Ref 75 and maybe Ref 3 preamp in one box, hahaha. No i don't listen loud, it just becomes fatiguing and harsh when it's too loud. (Although tube gears helps in this regards to remove the harshness)
  13. synthz

    Show us your tubes

    The best i've done is 30w (shot a video on it the other day when the amp was having a workout). Great to hear the increase in level upgrades gives you significant returns. One thing that intrigued me though was the fact that you mentioned a key word of 'unexpected', i hope this is still classified as positive experience? Is that like an icing on the cake or added value from ARC behalf perhaps?
  14. synthz

    Show us your tubes

    Hehehe wow you are crazy, i thought your room is much bigger than that. The headroom must be crazy. K02 — I would recommend the Ref 75 highly, and you'll get VU meters also!!
  15. synthz

    Show us your tubes

    Yup it kind of sounds like my solid state into tubes transition story hehehe. I have JC1 Parasound solid-state mono blocks with almost 1Kw at 4 Ohm driving the Dynaudio C2 before, but now i'm only using 75w amp, Audio Research Ref 75 and it's still doesn't have any problem whatsoever driving the C2. I wonder if the Vsi 75 sounds similar like my Ref 75, except yours have a built in preamp inside. (and maybe a DAC?)