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  1. Oh I'm not saying it's a "bad" cable. It's just not very flexible and can be annoying to use 😃
  2. That's what I did. Look on Gumtree, a lot of people went for the Elegia deal (elegia+dragonfly+case) and are selling the cases (and the dragonfly). Same case for Elegia, Utopia and Stellia.
  3. Hehe I was worried too when I watched a video about the new Utopia - I had just bought mine and was afraid the new ones would be better. But na, new ones = carry cases and different type of cables. Still think the Utopia at 3k were the bargain of the year, even without carry case and with these annoying cables.
  4. Cheers but I really just want a DAC. I love too much my head amp
  5. Yeah definitely a bargain at this price! Too big for my office setup otherwise I would have bought it.
  6. Item: A small DAC (Topping, Schiit...) Price Range: ~$100-200 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: I'm looking for a small DAC for my desk setup
  7. Forget about all the government metrics to measure recession... It should be measured with this new metric: "Time to sell Gieseler DAC on stereo.net".
  8. Hey mate, seems like it's a 15V, 22.5 watts power supply.
  9. I discovered this artist not too long ago, loved it! GLWTS
  10. I would try again without the socks in ~100 hours, I had the same with my tube amp out of the box... And it's now perfect
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