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  1. I feel your pain. Inner West pressed ceilings are beautiful but such a hassle when anything needs to be up there
  2. @Naim man I'll grab those kef ls50s if still available...just hope that Audionerd was after the S520s
  3. Not that many Sydneysiders here... Seems most are from sunny Melbourne
  4. Hi there. Still for sale? What is the location?
  5. Hi all from Sydney, Long time lurker, first time poster. I listen to music all day mostly in headphones, and I came here to do some research on headphones. Equally I feel the need to upgrade my home setup. Currently running: AMP - NAD C 375BEE, CD Player - NAD C 546BEE, Speakers - Cambridge Audio S30. Not plunged into the vinyl pool yet I've been eyeing off the KEF LS50s as my first purchase. Watch this space! si-to-tha-mon
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