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  1. Thanks for your suggestion Mike! Maybe it would be wise for me to prop up some material to the ceiling in a temporary fashion and audition that before settling on a final solution. Just last week I ordered a miniDSP UMIK 1 and when that arrives I'm hoping to run some sweeps with REW to get a better understanding of the acoustics from my listening space.
  2. I was wondering if any of you guys out there have tried DIY absorption treatment to the ceiling space itself? I am really keen to address the first reflection points on my ceiling, but as it's only 2.4m high and part of our living room, I think suspended clouds would close it in even more. I've been toying with the idea of cutting out the gyrock between two ceiling joists and using dense glass panels (maybe HardieFire Insulation) with a fabric or perforated board, finished flush with the ceiling. Does this make any sense? It'll be a messy, dusty job, but I can't think what else to do. I'm happy to do the work if I get a noticeable improvement! Would love your opinions or possible cost effective alternatives...
  3. Nice work Dave! Thanks for sharing the pics. Sooo... has it made a favourable difference to your room acoustics?
  4. I think all quality hi-fi electronics sound better after a week or so of being powered up. I'll probably get shot down for saying this... but, I found my Node 2 benefited from an AC cable upgrade also!
  5. I'm a big fan of Blu-Tack for levelling and locking down my REL's. As I have timber look plank tiles, that aren't quite perfectly level, the simple and inexpensive Blu Tack solution seems to work the best for my setup.
  6. Hey PKay... Apple Airplay is new to the Node2i. The improved sound quality, for what this review is worth... https://www.whathifi.com/reviews/bluesound-node-2i I'm unsure if they are improving the DAC side of things (currently...er..average ), or other internal layout changes may improve the SQ. Like yourself... using external DAC via coaxial.
  7. I recently purchased a Bluesound Node2... not very iTunes friendly unless you want to use the bluetooth mode. Upon registering my cashback claim, I learnt of the soon to be released Node2i 😞 Hold out and wait for the Node2i if you can... the new Airplay 2 support and claimed improved SQ should be a great option for you!
  8. Sorry to jump in on this thread a bit late... The Stellar GSD is definatatly worth an audition! My dealer loaned me one for a week not so long ago and as soon as I had it set up I had to order one. The fact that it's a lovely dac as well as a preamp with analog inputs and xlr outputs, it just ticked all the boxes for me. So impressed I was, that I auditioned and have now purchased a pair of M700's!
  9. Hey Pete... I'll grab that, cheers!
  10. Yeah, I quite often switch between the digital input on the Arcam PVR and Stereo Direct analog. The analog has a much wider soundstage and warmer sound. Just the other day I pulled my old Musical Fidelity X-DACv3 out of my headphone setup, which I haven't used for ages, and got a noticeable improvement. I'm looking for a more modern dac but i'm unsure how much to spend. $500, $1000 ?... it's hard to know when you are going to reach to point of diminishing returns. Thanks for the warm welcome guys!
  11. An Arcam AVR390 for my centre and high rears and as pre amp into a P429 for my front Silver 2's. I got the P429 recently of the classifieds to give me some versatility for the future. It's currently in bridged mode and probably overpowered for the Monitor Audios. I'm careful with the volume🙄 The bass is super tight and punchy though.
  12. I have the Monitor Audio Silver 2's (pretty much the same spec as Silver 100's) out front of my 5.1 and think they're an awesome 2 channel speaker as well for the price. You're going to need an AVR with some decent grunt though! The Monitor Audio Siver 5 series was discontinued last year so some bargains can be had😁 I recently ordered a new Silver Centre from my dealer in perth and got some considerable discount. Great sound!
  13. After ages of lurking in the background, I thought it best that I come out and introduce myself. I love this forum and the wealth of knowledge that you all share. I love the fact that there are so many passionate enthusiasts and no bickering and nastiness which is all to common on forums these days. My primary interest is in 2 channel hi-fi but I've had to make compromises in my setup to accomodate home theatre. Currently I'm running Arcam AVR390 as a preamp into a bridged P429 powering my Monitor Audio Silver 2's. For my next upgrade I'm looking at the source... I want to improve on my Rotel RCD-12😉 I enjoy many genres of well recorded music, but quality down tempo electronic tunes is where my passion lays. Please don't hold this against me😁
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