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  1. Addicted to Audio own https://www.busisoft.com.au/brands so they actually ARE the distributor though technically they argue that because they are two separate companies they are separate entities and there is no conflict of interest. This is legally correct though in practise of course the shareholders are the same, as are management and directors to some degree. One day Manufacturers will wise up and see that it is better for consumers that they sell direct to dealers and cut out the middle man. Dealers can easily provide warranty service or outsource that to service centres who don't compete on sales.. Win Win except for middle men or retailers masking as middle men and enjoying FAT margins whilst boutique family dealers are marginalised literally!. Will I get banned for saying this since stereo net get ad money from distributors? Hmm we shall see however what's legal and what is moral and good for consumers are often two different things.....
  2. Link says USD $900 now 😞 So much for Drop keeping their prices fair.....
  3. Drop is over is the price still $200 USD or did they up is as they did for the D70 recently?
  4. Great connection and community. Thanks! ❤️
  5. the sonic signature of a fresh cap is less highs and mids?
  6. Hi HiFi HiFive? Music gets me Hi! I am audio engineer, musician music lover. Pleased to meet you all. I play and enjoy all styles of music from classical to jazz, blue, rock, funk, heavy rock. Pretty much anything except death metal and rap crap. Though I admit to liking one Eminem song however I am pretty sure he had a ghost writer onboard and used studio musicians. May we all have smiles as we hear our favourite music in a manner that causes us joy!
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