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  1. Have a browse of some reviews. If you’re after better treble extension you’d need to up a price tier to Dunu SA6 but they Balanced armature so not quite as much slam. You’d be up near $700 but worth it if you can stretch to it. Good review link here
  2. Don’t subscribe through the App BTW. You’ll pay 30 or 15% tax App/Play store tax. Desktop sign up
  3. Looks like it’s flopped over the finish line and is now laying there for all to subscribe. Nice interface, will do some more listening today. Buffering isn’t too bad. Lots of 96Khz albums and smaller but updating amount of 192.
  4. It’s launched here in AU officially, same price as Tidal. I’ve been doing some A/B and Tidal still sounds marginally better across more genres to my ears. Benefits of smaller files sizes for cellular too.
  5. Further information: I bought this to use as a travel DAC and occasional blutooth DAC but I've had a change of heart and I'm going to grab an Earmen Sparrow instead, mainly as I have no self control. This landed on Apr 12. Bought from Shenzen Audio. Will forward the receipt to buyer. Disclaimer, I've removed the shrinkwrap to make sure it's all legit. It is. Brand new so has the full warranty in place. Specs Dual ES9218P DAC; 3.5mm Single-ended and 2.5mm balanced output Bluetooth 5.0 Qualcomm CSR8675 chip; 91mW@32Ohm Single-Ended; 160 mW@32O
  6. Hey @PassionForSound It's the Clairvoyance I ordered, they're made to order by the looks of it. Probably a few weeks yet. I'm currently rocking some Dunu SA6 which i'd be happy to loan to you once the Thieaudio arrive then vice versa. Great work on the channel btw and happy to support. Want to sell the Blessing 2 Dusk as new so dont want to crack the seal. Sorry buddy
  7. Further information: Selling these brand new unopened Moondrop Blessing 2 x Crinicle: Dusk. I ordered them from Shenzen Audio as a little treat to myself. In the time I was waiting for these to arrive (which was quite a few weeks) I thought I'd treat myself even further and went for some ThieAudio Clairvoyance, significantly more expensive but I was on a self gifting roll. For the money, there's zero debate these are the best you can buy and are always categorised with kilobuck IEMs. No sense in me opening them so they are vacuum sealed from factory and ready to roll. I'll email o
  8. Further information: Campfire Audio Polaris 2. Immense V shaped sound and enough rumple to emulate a sub. Absolutely awesome with EDM, Hip Hop, modern Pop etc.. Not used them in quite some time so moving on to put the funds towards something exciting from the Chinese IEM scene. Purchased from Addicted to Audio in 2018. Moderate to light usage. Loads of tips including some Spinfit CP100. Priced to sell Photos:
  9. Further information: Selling my LCD-2 Closed back. Bought these but never migrated over to them. Have open backs and IEMs that I use more. These may have been over my ears about a dozen times. Absolutely immaculate, no stress on any area. Boxed up as they arrived. Happy for you to audition if you bring your own gear (outside of the house or meeting point) Purchased from Minidisc July 2019. Have receipts etc. Happy to post at agreed cost or pick up available from Sydney Northern Beaches. Photos:
  10. Further information: Immaculate condition and not used a lot. Used as a DAC for a little while, then very occasional listening with my CA Solaris. Purchased end of 2019 from Minidisc (seem to have lost a year somewhere). All boxed as per pictures below. Receipt in box. Practically as brand new. Sounds great but not enough juice to drive my Audeze LCD-3. It's never really left the Dragontail adaptor so zero stress in the USB connector. Photos:
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