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  1. Does anyone know whether JVC still plans to bring in the 7900 projector into the country
  2. PerryV

    2019 projector releases ?

    I would say it going to take JVC a while to fix this issue. Their whole process for managing the new native 4K projectors in terms of pricing, features and release dates has been terrible. They are going to have do something to restore brand loyalty. Worse case scenario would be several month delays in which case people will look at other brands. Even if they continue with the 7900 at a retail price of $5999 you should be able to get one closer to the $5k market as is currently the case with run out models. Anything below $5k price would certainly be attractive in terms of pricing as would then be competing against the epson 9400 model.
  3. PerryV

    2019 projector releases ?

    Reading through the posts sounds as though JVC has problems with their new native 4K models. It will be interesting to see how much of delay there will be for these models and whether they bring in more of the superseded 7900 models or whether they are prepared to lose sales to the likes of Sony and Epson. I am hoping they drop the price of the 7900 machine down to $4k in order to maintain brand sales otherwise they are going to lose market share.
  4. PerryV

    2019 projector releases ?

    9400 model due in April 2019 and is to be the same price as the 9300 model.
  5. PerryV

    2019 projector releases ?

    Does anyone know whether JVC are planning to continue the 7900 model until March and whether there will b pice like in the USA. Same model retails for $3999 there
  6. PerryV

    2019 projector releases ?

    Does anyone have any expected dates and prices for the epson 9400. I’ve been debating between this model and jvc 7700 model. Just depends on price differences. The only down side with the JVC is the lamp replacment costs $500 v $150 for the epson.
  7. What pricing did you pay for the x9900?
  8. Hi Rich Are you are able to send a sample of the 4K acoustic material that you use for your screens.
  9. Hi Rich What is the pricing for the 9300 model and how do these compare to the JVC 5900 model? Any idea when the 9400 models are being released
  10. PerryV

    2019 projector releases ?

    JVC Pricing seems to be released on projectorscreens.com.au N5 = $9400 N7 = $13,000 N9 = $26,000 With those price will look at the 7900 and 9900 models before they disappear.
  11. PerryV

    2019 projector releases ?

    If the N5 comes in at double the price of the 7900, I will certainly be buying the 7900. You be crazy to purchase the N5 at $9k if that’s its price.
  12. PerryV

    2019 projector releases ?

    Spoke to JVC today and pricing will be released to dealers next week. Expect it to be significantly higher than the e shift models. In terms of the 7900 model JVC are planning to run this model until January 2019 at which time they will make a decision as to whether to continue the model (with a reduced price) and dump the model altogether. Suspect the waiting to see how many people take up the native 4K models
  13. Has anyone heard whether Epson is releasing the 9400 projector to Australia and pricing. JVC are taking to long to release details on the N5 and n7 when it comes to price and availability.
  14. PerryV

    2019 projector releases ?

    It would be nice for JVC to hurry and release pricing on the new N5 and N7 models. If it $6k and $8k then people will buy these instead of the Sony’s. Does anyone know whether they are differently keeping the 7900 model still.
  15. PerryV

    2019 projector releases ?

    It really depends upon whether JVC wants to get into a price war with Sony in the true native 4K native. Sony new 4K models will probably start around $7500 so you would hope the N5 is cheaper than that otherwise you are better to stick with Sony as they have the runs on the board for true 4K. This is JVC first entry into this market. This is talk that JVC may retain the 7900 model but I doubt it as they have other cheaper 4K models coming into the market below $3k so I suspect this will be the point of difference in their model line up.