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  1. Fair enough. I might leave it sorry mate. I was going to get Living Colour to get over the $50 Mark. If the pending orders for The National fall through let me know.
  2. If they are still available I'll take the two The National (Boxer/Trouble) and the Living Colour LPs. I am in St Kilda so can swing by.
  3. Would I be right in assuming an ht bypass can't easily be retrofitted?
  4. Thank Eggcup. I imagine the only way to test is to plug a power amp in?
  5. Totally agree. I had planned to get separate pre and power amps but I just didn't find a combination to beat the elexr near the price. Will let you know how I go with the tube amps.
  6. Hi al I did like the Elicit. Does that meant the ht bypass separates the pre-amp and power amp in the Elicit?
  7. Thanks Zaphod. I am a big fan of precise and efficient advice. One more question on point 3: is there a disadvantage if the tube pre-amp and Elex R pre-amp run in series before hitting the Elex R power amp. That is, will the ambience added by the tube pre-amp be flattened by the Elex R pre-amp?
  8. HI all I recently purchased a Rega Elex R integrated amp. I am really happy with the sound but would like to experiment with a tube pre- or power amp. My question is does anyone know if I can: 1 - Add a tube power amp to the pre-amp output and use the Elex R as a pre-amp only 2 - Feed a tube pre-amp into one of the Line-in jacks and use the Elex R as a power amp only. If so does this bypass the Elex R pre-amp. I've added a photo below. Grateful for any advice.
  9. HI all I just found this forum and it looks like a great resource. I've recently bought my first real HIFI set up and realised how much fun there is to be had down this rabbit hole. I am using a Rega P3 turntable, Rega Elex R integrated amp and Focal Chorus 706 speakers. I like indie rock and blues for the most part and my set up seems to work well. I'm now looking at adding a DAC to make the most of my CD collection which is slowly being burned across into FLAC files on my laptop. I'm also keen to see how the record collection sounds through a tube amp. Look forward to meeting you all.
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