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  1. Further information: Price drop Fantastic high torque direct-drive turntable. The TTX-1 delivers versatility and control thanks to an illuminated output bay, a built-in BPM counter and interchangeable S-shaped or straight tonearms. I was attracted by features including the super-high torque motor and S/PDIF optical, coax digital outputs, which I used to record directly to computer sound card. This well-made turntable weighs over 13kg and was Numark’s top of the range model at launch. The overall condition is good with lights, tonearms a
  2. Further information: Ortofon moving magnet cartridge with Nude Fine Line stylus. The cartridge was supplied with my ex-demo turntable and has less than 50 hours on it. I have not mounted or used the cartridge. Offered at less than half the price when new in store! The 2M Series of cartridges is designed for precise and accurate retrieval of the information in the record groove. The Ortofon 2M Bronze is second from the top of Ortofon's moving magnet cartridge range. The 2M Bronze shares the same body as the top of the range 2M
  3. Good to meet you all. Looking forward to sharing discussions on 70-90s reggae
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