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  1. guys sorry for the late replies. I was not getting notifications. Speakers are currently SOLD pending pickup and payment. I will update soon.
  2. Yes its pretty decent. When I get my MiniDSP mic back I'll do a sweep and share.
  3. Yes they are Transmission Line. Regarding the tweeter, I had discussed potentially using a ribbon tweeter for this pair, however on discussion with Edward he advised me that he could use an improved tweeter to for the better resolution without some of the ribbon downsides. Apologies I do not know the exact part that was substituted, but they sound great and very cohesive.
  4. Item: Adelaide Speakers Valve Series Location: Footscray, Melbourne Price: 1500 Item Condition: As New, few months old only. Reason for selling: Change of direction to bi-amp Klipsch horn-loaded arrangement Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: As new Adelaide Speakers Valve Series with upgraded tweeter and caps in a beautiful dark walnut finish. Efficient 10" woofer and 6" mid and dome tweeter. 1120 x 300w x 415d 100L Transmission Line design. Speakers are basically just broken in - ~100 hours on them. As new condition. Speakers are high sensitivity, very dynamic and easy to drive (was using with 15W OTL Amp). Bass extension is good even with low power. Hits a great balance between size, sensitivity and extension. Great soundstage, very clear, and amazing speakers for the cost. Pictures:
  5. SN, I am working on my HiFi setup, and as you can see in the pic, I have a lovely rustic room, however it is mostly Brick and Timber Floors etc. Not ideal. With the horn-loaded CornScalas, they sound beautiful, but I believe have some mid and high range harshness. Expected from horns, but likely exaggerated. Part of me thinks "Okay, big wool rug on that shiny floor, and some dampening at the first reflection points on the sides". Another part of me thinks "Actually measure the room properly before rushing in to make sure you know what you're aiming for" So a couple of questions: 1. Do you think measurement and analysis is required? Or are there some basic rules of thumb that I should follow (I don't want to get stuck in an analysis paralysis measure-fest, but I want the outcome of improving my musical experience 2. If measuring is the way to go, REW seems the ticket. Does anyone have a suitable Mic I could loan in Melbourne to give me a feel for measuring before I jump right in? (There's a six-pack in it :))
  6. Im interested in peoples thoughts between Zu Omen Mk 2 and the Adelaide Speakers Valve. I have not heard either - this is more from a design/philosophy standpoint. Zu Omen Mk 2: Single full-range driver with a tweeter, basically no crossover, famed for their 'live/forward' sound. Impedance is 12 ohms with lowest drop to 9 which is good, 97dB sensitivity. Proponents say the single FRD eliminates phase issues, gives good soundstage, and really lets you feel the dynamic range of music. Detractors say it's all marketing, they measure poorly, and ignore relevant convention for the worse. Real polarising speaker. Adelaide Valve: 3 way system, Edward believes he has nailed the crossover design, 96dB and 8 ohm impedance. Transmission Line design. Out of these two, I feel like the Zu is the risky one that people either love or loathe, Adelaide the safer more conventional bet. FWIW - I'm not trying to be a signal measuring audiophile, just want to listen to sweet music that sounds good and not chop/change setup. Any advice?
  7. The room is quite large (front of house used to be an old shop) - its probably 6m wide and 5m deep. I have been doing some research on Zu Audio Omens and they seem a contender - though I am unable to hear any. Adelaide Speakers do have a valve specific model, at around 96dB and a 3-way design, which is likely a contender as well, however I haven't found anyone with this specific model to have a listen. I'll take a squiz at the Wharfdale.
  8. Hi guys - first post and hoping to draw some of the vast knowledge of this community! Over the last 2 weeks I have built a 15W OTL Valve amp and a 300B based preamp (Transcendant Sound kit products, Son of Beast and Masterpiece respectively for those interested). Pics below. They sound great on my Aaron ATS-5, but starts to struggle when really pushing, particularly on complex loud music. I am looking for some speaker recommendations that will suit this relatively low power amplifier - 96dB+ efficiency and relatively stable 8ohm impedance preferred. I listen to a wide variety of music, but a lot of it is hard rock with a lot of density etc. My room is quite large - about 6x6m. So far I have read a lot about Klipsch, with their horn loaded designs etc and listened to the RP260 and RP280 which I enjoyed. The heritage klipsch (La Scala/Forte) look great but out of my budget. I have also found Adelaide Speakers who have a specific Valve range for this particular purpose, however have not found and reviews or owners of this particular line (http://www.adelaidespeakers.com/valve.html). There is also a large school of thought advocating single driver, full range speakers due to the high efficiency and lack of crossover - if there are any shopfloor examples of this approach I would be interested to hear them. Let me know any thoughts or tips. Target price is the $2k mark, but I’m happy to spend less or stretch etc.
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