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  1. Lucky you! At least you managed to own a Nakamichi tape deck. As a teenager, the best I could afford was a NAD, but it was a pretty good deck.
  2. WOW! Back in the day, this was THE tape deck everyone wanted to own.
  3. haha! I thought I was having one of those dreams where you could see the future. 😂 GLWTS, great speakers! I would be first in line if they were the actives.
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong, but did you post this ad before, or am I having some deja-vu? Seem to recall a very similar ad not too long ago (with similar damage).
  5. The 2 items were a Woo Audio DAC and a Woo Audio transport if I'm not mistaken. So that line itself - "Woo Audio components" could have been read to mean the DAC and transport. That and the fact that the 2 pictures removed were very plainly the DAC and transport in one pic and their manuals in another, and I don't blame other person who was thinking it was all in the sale. But anyway, let's not derail the sale, it's a good headphone amp and headphone nonetheless. Apologies to Analysis for the off-track discussion.
  6. haha! Can't blame him, those pics were quite misleading. I see the 2 misleading pics have been removed. 😋 GLWTS, it's a nice setup. Would buy it if I wasn't hunting for an electrostatic amp for my Stax.
  7. I used to own one of these. It's a very musical-sounding CD player that punches well above its weight. A huge temptation, seeing that I'm also in Hobart. Unfortunately I got rid of all 3,000 of my CDs years ago. GLWS! Shouldn't have too much trouble selling at that price.
  8. This is an awesome idea! I hope it happens. $10 postage paid for a single record and maybe $13 for a double is the sweet spot for me.
  9. After reading so many recommendations on Melody Mate, I decided to try it and ordered a bottle online. I have to say, it's a fantastic product! I used it on a disc that had lots of pops and static, and it all magically went away. Tried it on a few other 2nd hand discs I recently bought and very pleased with the results. As a bonus, it even came with a hand-written thank you note from Nigel and free candy! Definitely buying more! 😍
  10. Yup, most shops in the Adelphi don't open till around 11am, and they close at around 7pm. Of course, the smaller one-man operations will have more "flexible" working hours. The best times to visit are weekdays at around 3pm. You'll get most of the shops open, they've had their lunch, and it's just before the evening crowd. For high-end headphones, there are 2 shops at the ground floor - Jaben and AV-One (if I remember correctly).
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