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  1. wow, those are some fantastic pictures! How did you take them?
  2. That's a real bargain! Someone's going to be very happy.
  3. Wow, bargain price! This is a good entry point for someone who wants a taste of Naim. (but no way a 5si is going to come close to a 82/250) 😄 GLWTS!
  4. Thanks for the replies guys! So back to my main question - if the problem were to be the coil (or something else), do you think Garrott Brothers are competent enough to fix it reliably? He's considering his various options like VAS and Soundsmith, but Garrott is nearer so if they can do the job...
  5. A friend of mine has a Transfiguration Proteus that needs repair. The right channel went silent after some "pop" sounds while the left channel still functions perfectly, so he suspects it's a problem with the suspension. Since the owner of Transfiguration has passed away, a possible repairer would be Garrott Brothers. Has anyone used them before to do cartridge repair (not retip), and are they reliable with high-end carts? Any advice or feedback would be greatly appreciated. 😁
  6. Excellent price for fantastic speakers!!! I bet these will be sold before the weekend's over.
  7. I really hope you sell this soon, because the more I look at it, the more I'm tempted to just buy it. What a beautiful pre/power combo! If it's half as good as you described, it'll easily replace my current Naim system. *ARGH!!!!!!!! get thee away, temptation! 👹
  8. wow this arm is a work of art! Almost tempted to buy just to display it. 😎
  9. Fantastic bargain! Those speaker cables alone are already worth the selling price. You basically get the amp for free! 😂
  10. Amazon AU's music listings tend to be confusing, so I think a lot of people, including seasoned veterans are confused when they have such a sale. If you see a listing like this in the sale section, it probably means that the CD is discounted, but not the vinyl. Whatever is listed at the top is the one on sale.
  11. This is a nice combo at a nice price. Someone's gonna get lucky!
  12. PM sent with intention to buy. Thanks.
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