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  1. I got 2 pairs of these for my Herron Audio phono stage, and like MGO described, these are fantastic tubes. They make the music sound livelier and fuller, transformed my Herron to a beast! Highly recommend these tubes.
  2. Thanks for the heads up! Very nice selection of vinyl.
  3. Thanks for the reply Phill. I'm still seriously considering, will send you a PM if I do decide to buy. Right now my only roadblock is that I need a preamp, check my Naim manual to see if the Naim Nait XS can be used as a preamp.
  4. haha you guys are evil! I'm now trying to see what I can sell to afford this. @Phill, will you be selling a matching pre-amp? Also, would you ship to Tasmania or is this collection only?
  5. Why must you tempt me so?????? I was just looking at the Vitus ad and think if an OAD came along I would grab it and....... 🙄
  6. Wow bargain alert! I paid $1,800 for mine last year and it's a great amp! (without the speaker cables, which is a $400 value) Don't think you'll have problems driving a B&W602, I'm driving my Harbeth SHL5 with it.
  7. Nice collection! Can I have the following please? Billie Holiday Songs For Distingue Lovers Classic Records LP, RE, 200 $50 Dusty Springfield The Look Of Love Classic Records 12", Clarity 45rpm $35 Ella Fitzgerald Ella Fitzgerald Sings Songs From Let No Man Write My Epitaph Classic Records LP, Album, RE, RM $50
  8. I used to own a pair of the original Vandersteen 2ce Signatures, and I can vouch for their exceptional quality. This is one of the true bargains in hi-fi, and at the price the seller is asking, it's a no-brainer. I bought mine 2nd-hand at double this price and I still felt I had a good bargain. Wish I was in Queensland, I'd grab these in an instant.
  9. Thanks to this thread, just bought and received 2 of these power distributors. At $30 each, was a no-brainer. It's even cheaper than those no-name power distributors you find in hardware stores. Thank you for starting this thread!
  10. Wow, bargain price! This is a good entry point for someone who wants a taste of Naim. (but no way a 5si is going to come close to a 82/250) 😄 GLWTS!
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