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  1. silencer13

    FS: Creek Destiny CD player Version 1

    Just wanted to point out it's Creek, not Greek. GLWTS.
  2. silencer13


    I used to own one of these. It's a very musical-sounding CD player that punches well above its weight. A huge temptation, seeing that I'm also in Hobart. Unfortunately I got rid of all 3,000 of my CDs years ago. GLWS! Shouldn't have too much trouble selling at that price.
  3. silencer13

    Viability of Record Mailers at Aus Post

    This is an awesome idea! I hope it happens. $10 postage paid for a single record and maybe $13 for a double is the sweet spot for me.
  4. silencer13

    Record cleaning fluid - best?

    After reading so many recommendations on Melody Mate, I decided to try it and ordered a bottle online. I have to say, it's a fantastic product! I used it on a disc that had lots of pops and static, and it all magically went away. Tried it on a few other 2nd hand discs I recently bought and very pleased with the results. As a bonus, it even came with a hand-written thank you note from Nigel and free candy! Definitely buying more! 😍
  5. silencer13

    Hi-fi stores in Singapore/Shanghai?

    Yup, most shops in the Adelphi don't open till around 11am, and they close at around 7pm. Of course, the smaller one-man operations will have more "flexible" working hours. The best times to visit are weekdays at around 3pm. You'll get most of the shops open, they've had their lunch, and it's just before the evening crowd. For high-end headphones, there are 2 shops at the ground floor - Jaben and AV-One (if I remember correctly).
  6. silencer13

    Hi-fi stores in Singapore/Shanghai?

    For Singapore, you can find many of the good hifi stores in a building called The Adelphi. It is located at Coleman Street (right in the city), if you're taking the train just stop and City Hall MRT station and walk around 5 minutes.
  7. silencer13

    The iPhone Xs and Xr release

    From what I've read so far, the 2nd SIM slot is only eSIM. Do our Telcos even support eSIM?
  8. silencer13

    The iPhone Xs and Xr release

    Thanks for verifying that. That's really what I don't like about it, depends too much on your luck. And things like battery life are pretty hard to prove.
  9. silencer13

    The iPhone Xs and Xr release

    Hmmm.... if they really do swap for a brand new one, I might consider getting an iPhone. Wonder if there's any way to confirm this.
  10. silencer13

    The iPhone Xs and Xr release

    Do they give you a new phone these days? I remember back in my iPhone 4 days they gave you a refurbished one. That was what ultimately made me stop buying Apple. I took such good care of my phone and battery, but when it needed repairs they insisted on replacing it with another phone that was very obviously abused by the previous owner. The battery life was terrible.
  11. silencer13

    Buying vinyl

    I bought a pretty expensive Metallica box set from a Russian seller and it went quite well. Probably better to gauge by their seller ratings.
  12. silencer13

    Buying vinyl

    I started buying from Discogs around 3 months ago, so far made around 6 purchased worth a total of $1k+. So far the experience has been good. It's a fantastic avenue to buy discs which would otherwise be hard to find in these parts, especially if like me, you live in Tasmania. The only caveats are that 1) The disc conditions can vary. Some sellers say NM/M- but their discs can be in pretty bad condition. I had one who listed the cover as VG+ but the cover was very obviously water damaged, how could it even be VG+? 2) Most sellers ship untracked, and shipping most times can take as much as 3-4 weeks 3) US postage rates are crazy high, almost not worth it to ship from there unless you're buying a lot or buying something very expensive. Most of my purchases have been from UK and European sellers, where shipping to Australia has been very reasonable.
  13. silencer13

    curious cable - USB .8 - thoughts

    I've been using Curious USB Cables for 3 years and I agree with your findings. My other USB cable was a Gourd Audio, and the Curious is miles better. The sound is cleaner and clearer, imaging is better and it feels like a veil has been lifted. The guys at Curious are also great, when one of my cables was spoilt, they even sent a replacement. Fantastic experience with them.
  14. silencer13

    Enjoying this table tonight.

    Nice! All great choices. 😁