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  1. Finally got around to putting together a proper tube head-fi setup (after DMing several SNAers for their advice). RME ADI-2 (2nd Gen), WA22 (2nd Gen; rolled a new KR Audio rectifier tube I just received), Focal Utopia (Nordost cable), Van Hulen XLR / IsoTek power interconnects. Pretty happy - this is my first tube experience and I'm a believer now!
  2. Wow - amazing price! I have 2x of the ported PB-3000 version - which use the same driver - and they are excellent subs. The SVS app functionality via bluetooth also lets you play with parametric EQ and integrate them superbly with your system. I would say GLWS..but you won't need it at this price!
  3. FYI this is just some existing member's referral link. All members get a unique code they can share with their mates and then both parties get +30 days if the new user signs up. Like with any referral program, it probably makes most sense to ask any friends / family that already use Roon first, rather than use a random referral code.
  4. Bump! Still looking for these if anyone has a pair.
  5. Item: HDFury Diva or similar HDMI splitter/audio extractor Price Range: Neg Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Needed for a setup with a new OLED and an older AVR that doesn't support 4K passthrough natively. Video output on switcher must support 4K Dolby Vision passthrough.
  6. GLWS - I have one of these and they are exceptional endgame HT AVRs. Ironically, mine also overhangs from my HT cabinet, but my cabinet is fairly ordinary so I've learnt to live with it
  7. Still available. Happy to pack and send (at buyer's expense) for those that are interested but interstate.
  8. Item: Focal Utopia or Meze Empyrean or Sennheiser HD800S Price Range: Neg Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Looking for high-end cans because one can never have enough headphones!
  9. Item: 2x Focal Cub Evo Subwoofers Location: Toorak, Victoria Price: $700 Item Condition: 9/10. Used but excellent condition. Original owner, both units purchased locally (one purchased in April 2018, the other in Feb 2019). Pet / smoke free home, used in a bedroom setup at moderate volumes. Discarded original boxes. Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - COD or Paypal (+Paypal fees). May also be open to Pack and Send but preference is pickup and these are heavy. Extra Info: Powered Subwoofer: The Cub Evo powered subwoofer features a down-firing 8" polyfex woofer powered by a highly efficient, high power 200W Class D amplifier for deep, dynamic bass. The compact bass-reflex enclosure also features a front-firing streamlined port for optimal bass performance. The sub enclosure is made of MDF and features four integrated large rubber feet for very low vibration and resonance. Controls: This Cub Evo powered sub offers volume level control, a variable low-pass crossover (40-200Hz), and a phase switch (0°/180°). All controls are located on the rear-panel of the powered sub. Connections: This Cub Evo features a stereo RCA input. The left RCA input can be used as an LFE input when connecting a receiver with an LFE output and internal crossover. When using only the left LFE input, make sure you set the sub's low-pass crossover to the "LFE" setting. The powered sub's detachable 8' AC power cord will need be plugged into an AC wall outlet. Mounting & Placement Options: By placing Cub Evo powered subs in opposite corners, the room resonances will be excited in a more linear and predictable way. Not only will bass perception be optimal, but this location will also make it possible to boost the bass level by 6dB. If for practical reasons you are not able to place the subwoofer in opposite corners, experiment positioning them in different places within the room until you find the best spot. Integrated rubber feet provide safe placement on your floors. Auto On/Off: The units will automatically power on when it senses an audio signal and automatically power off when there is not audio signal for approximately 20 minutes. User Manual: https://www.focal.com/sites/www.focal.fr/files/shared/catalog/document/sibevo_cubevo_usermanual-notice.pdf Item includes: 2x Subwoofers & 2x Power Cables(AU). Kindly note original packaging discarded. Photos:
  10. Even his prior posts on SNA are direct copy/pastes of legitimate posts from other forums: Exhibit A (vs his post on SNA) Exhibit B (vs his post on SNA)
  11. Item: I'm after 3x ~2m audiophile grade HDMI cables that are 18Gbps capable for UHD / 4K / HDR. Something silver plated like AQ Carbon, AQ Chocolate, Wireworld Chroma 7, Wireworld Ultraviolet 7 etc Price Range: Neg Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Require shipping to Melbourne.
  12. I bought @Tarzan's HD660S and am enjoying them a lot. Also have Focal Elex and Elegias (closed) that I alternate between. You really can't go wrong with either the Elex or HD660S for open cans. Is there a shop near you where you can maybe demo the HD660S the Clear (closeish to the Elex IMO) to see if you prefer the Senny or Focal sound?
  13. Item: Curious USB Hugo Link (280mm) or similar short USB A to Micro USB audio cable Price Range: ~$100 Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Recently bought a Chord Mojo from another SNAer, looking for a high quality USB A to Micro USB cable.
  14. @PicoWattsonGreat to hear! What are your impressions of the Mojo?
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