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  1. @thunder 99 Yes it will. It has excellent media playback capabilities (unrivalled by any other UHD player). I use mine strictly to play UHD backups via network / USB (full menus and all).
  2. Looking to buy UHD discs (preferably with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos or DTS:X soundtracks) to begin the collection for a Oppo 4K player I've recently acquired.
  3. Fair call, probably for the best. Let us know if you change your mind
  4. Are you sure? Pretty sure these are ~30kgs each so 2x interstate would be more than that.
  5. PM sent. I'll take them if @judge25 doesn't grab them first.
  6. You really can't go wrong with any Focal headphones.. GLWS!
  7. Ah yes, indeed it is. Thanks for clarifying.
  8. Unrelated, but I'm curious: How do you have a white Apple TV? Is that a special edition or skin? GLWS!
  9. Hey mate, recently sold the same unit. You may want to add warranty info / actual unit pics. GLWS.
  10. Item: Denon AVR-X2400H 7.2ch Receiver Location: Toorak, Melbourne, VIC Price: Sold Item Condition: Used, but stellar Reason for selling: Just upgraded to the flagship Denon AVC-X8500H Payment Method: Pickup - COD Only Extra Info: Selling my Denon AVR-X2400H AV Receiver, which I purchased and imported to Australia in March 2018 from Amazon Germany. This is an excellent receiver which supports all the latest formats (Dolby Atmos, DTS X, Dolby Vision, 4K passthrough etc) and can handle 7.2 channels. Only selling because I upgraded to Denon's flagship model. I had been using this in a 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos configuration and it surpassed all my expectations. AVR is in excellent condition from a smoke / pet free home and includes the remote, an AM antenna, an FM antenna, the power cable (Euro so will need a simple Aussie adapter), the Audyssey calibration mic and stand and some documentation / stickers. I don't have the original box but can put everything in a box upon pickup. Note there is no Aussie warranty as I ordered this from Europe and Denon only have regional warranties. Pickup only from Toorak, Melbourne due to weight. Looking for quick sell before Christmas. More details about this model: https://www.au.denon.com/au/product/homecinema/avreceiver/avrx2400h Pictures:
  11. Thanks all, appreciate the views. By LR I meant fronts - sorry for the confusion. As a thought experiment, I was simply curious as to what would happen if someone bought a TOTL HT AVR (i.e. Denon AVC-X8500H) and wired up HiFi towers (i.e. Focal Kanta No.2). Would the difference in stereo playback be dramatically worse than a proper HiFi stereo amp?
  12. Ladies & Gents, I'm curious of any anecdotal tales of HiFi lovers who have purchased premium LR speakers and then found themselves amp-less, resulting in them hooking up directly to their existing HT AVR. What was the experience like? Was it passable until you purchased a proper stereo / monoblock amp? What was lacking with the sound? Or did you purchase your LR speakers, and choose not to hook your rig up at all until you had proper amplification? I know HiFI LR -> HT AVR is far from an ideal scenario, but I'd imagine it happens fairly often in the world of HiFi (especially with newbies) so keen on hearing others experiences.
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