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  1. Thanks all, appreciate the views. By LR I meant fronts - sorry for the confusion. As a thought experiment, I was simply curious as to what would happen if someone bought a TOTL HT AVR (i.e. Denon AVC-X8500H) and wired up HiFi towers (i.e. Focal Kanta No.2). Would the difference in stereo playback be dramatically worse than a proper HiFi stereo amp?
  2. Ladies & Gents, I'm curious of any anecdotal tales of HiFi lovers who have purchased premium LR speakers and then found themselves amp-less, resulting in them hooking up directly to their existing HT AVR. What was the experience like? Was it passable until you purchased a proper stereo / monoblock amp? What was lacking with the sound? Or did you purchase your LR speakers, and choose not to hook your rig up at all until you had proper amplification? I know HiFI LR -> HT AVR is far from an ideal scenario, but I'd imagine it happens fairly often in the world of HiFi (especially with newbies) so keen on hearing others experiences.
  3. I'd recommend the guides published by RTINGS - they are quite comprehensive!
  4. dbau

    From headphones to stereo

    Welcome. Practice patience and audition as much as you can in order to minimise expensive mistakes!
  5. Congrats, that's a really solid price. Not sure if this has been suggested earlier in the thread, but to minimise the risk of burn-in you can configure the OLED Light setting to be lower than the default values for each picture mode (which in theory should improve longevity). Have a look at calibration guides around the web.
  6. dbau


    Mac user here. After testing Roon, JRiver and Audirvana I decided to settle on Roon. Managed to get a bonus 3 months on Roon + a Tidal HiFi 3 month voucher thrown in for the price of a standard yearly subscription after liaising with Roon's Sales team. Happy days.
  7. dbau

    Steven Wilson

    I was also there. Absolutely phenomenal performance!
  8. I own a pair and this is ridiculously good value! GLWS.
  9. I recently purchased the Focal Elex (a Massdrop exclusive model which essentially sits between the Focal Elear and Clear) and am thoroughly enjoying every minute with them! My only gripe is the stock Balanced Cable is a little short (6ft / 1.8m) and struggles to get to my preferred listening position. Hence I'm in market for a ~3-5metre 4Pin XLR Balanced Cable replacement. The connector the Elex uses is the same as the Elear and Clear, so any cables suited for those models will fit the bill. I'm a little overwhelmed at the number of different custom cable options there are, so looking for recommendations as to what brands to go for. Primary requirement is length, but I'd also like something with good build quality and aesthetics. I'm based in Melbourne, but happy to deal with international suppliers too. Recommendations appreciated - thanks in advance.