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  1. Got a number but I'm away until Monday. Will call when I'm in front of my own TV.
  2. Although some of the bookshelf beat a number of floor standers.
  3. Hi Mert from Sydney! Kiwi here, got stranded with a lovely Aussie wife, kids, dog etc. But it has a few benefits over Levin anyway. Although come March etc, Auckland looks attractive with Americas Cup happening. Simon
  4. Sorry, not called yet. Been chasing down a mobile number as no one is at their desk post Covid.
  5. And another thought to completely flip things. Run your Marantz as surrounds , preferably off a dedicated stereo amp to improve them a level. And buy lesser but matched fronts and centre for movies. And take preout off your AVR to the surrounds if running a second stereo amp. As surrounds the different sonic character isn't really an issue. Run as small speakers and this will be less again in your AVR settings. And feed them full range for music, and ideally off a stereo amp. I also know some AVRs have dual modes where surrounds can be set as stereo pair in another zone. I sometimes use my surrounds as mains for music on albums with blown base for iPods etc since the roll off smooths the lower end out. I'm able to easily flip the couch and face the other way. Leave enough cable as the surround and stereo orientation of the speakers may be different. I have dedicated amps for front and surrounds. WRT to orientation, surrounds often point to behind listener and 90 degrees to the front, stereo is as you were but flipped to rear wall. You may find older format big speakers beam to much at higher frequencies compared to smaller modern surrounds. For surrounds, the old school trick to counter this is to point them at the rear wall, assuming it is close.
  6. Same as what Old Man Rubber said. I don't need or run a centre. Partly as I couldn't afford to match the amp and speaker to go with it. I've tried even lower model centres from the same manufacturer and couldn't stand the miss match. My surrounds are lower spec and not full range. And with a very basic amp in comparison to the mains. And integrate well. If you have one, the centre is probably the most important speaker to integrate well. Luckily stereo does the job well/better unless you need a centre to fill in when away from the stereo sweet spot with multiple seats and locations around the room. If you get stuck and need a stronger phantom centre from stereo, it may help to bring your mains closer together.
  7. Thanks for the pics! The RX3 is actually what I wanted for years. Disliked the RX8 when it came out, but think it has aged well and looks better now than then.
  8. Thanks mate, I'll call Monday. He's well above their help desk. If there is anyone with a solution it's him. Or anyone with sway for a software update, it's him.
  9. All good! If I can flatten the learning curve and save you some cash, happy to. I also started out more HT focused and realised music is my bigger focus. The Gieseler Konverter has HT bypass, but for the the quality drop of using the Oppo DAC wasn't worth the convenience of having my fronts running off the Oppo volume control. You soon learn the relative volume settings to balance. HT bypass doesn't relate to DACs though (so basically all current Gieseler products as Clay stopped making preamps). It is is an amplifier or preamp feature, which is why the Konverter has it as it is a DAC/Pre combo.
  10. I just had a look on ours and surprised to see that in the sound settings there isn't an option to limit the pcm to stereo only like my old Panasonic. I had been planning on using optical in the same way as you since the Samsung does not recognise the ARC on my Oppo as the Panasonic did. Haven't progressed as down an amp at the moment. What model TV do you have? There is a guy at Samsung I can call.
  11. Too much reading for my dyslexic self but seems like similar to some of my own experiences. Weakest link currently would seem to be the Yamaha AVR. My RXA 2030 certainly was, stereo music was poor. And DAC was no match for a 2007 Panasonic Bluray player or a decent 20 year old computer USB sound card. I'd go for a good basic integrated amp where the money has gone on analogue only. No boxes with internal DACs etc. You could do very well with something older. Some Electrocompaniet ECI 3 on ebay recently in sub $2k range. I own two Oppos. A 103 and a 205. If you want to use them as a stereo DAC don't bother. The 205 is the best and goes for stupid money. Save you money and get one of Clay's Gieseler Audio DACs. I have one of his Konverters which is a DAC/Pre and the DAC smashes a 205. I occasionally use the 205 coax PCM to feed the Konverter which is how to get the best stereo out of the 205 (short of aftermarket mods). However quality is best driving the Konverter with USB from a Microrendo etc with one of Clay's power supplies. Or as a stop gap, USB off a Surface running off battery. The Konverter also makes a $90 Sony Bluray player sound amazing via coax/Toslink etc. I find the 205 comes into it's own when used as a prepro instead of an AVR etc for decoding channels to analogue preout for a basic HT. Connect to a stack of integrateds etc and smash an AVR for HT. Or as a Bluray player, ARC processor off TV to do HT of Netflix etc, running HDs with movies etc. The above is why I own two Oppos. Very useful machines that can be the hifi HT bridge. They also send down mix stereo via PCM while decoding multi channel HT. I actually run HT fronts via the Konverter rather than HT bypass off the 205 as the quality is still better and only use the analogue out of 205 for rears/surrounds etc and don't need a centre speaker. Also the Android App for the 205 never worked properly and has been deleted. The iPhone App works fine.
  12. Blackcoffee, the above is what I get the Oppo to do which while technically a Bluray player it works as a preprocessor. Most TVs can do this too and convert output to stereo only. Projectors that function as TVs can too, but probably not if they are essentially monitors.
  13. Had similar issues a while back. I found that depending on how Netflix is controlled, phone app or TV the options seemed to change but can't find them now. Solved a few other ways. Used HDMI to carry audio to TV or Oppo Bluray (either using ARC off smart TV or Chromecast plugged into Oppo HDMI input for Netflix) and used either to down mix to stereo output over optical or coax to DAC. Haven't used Fetch but disappointing it doesn't do this. Don't yet own a projector, looking at Samsung's laser ultra short throw. Seems it will have the down mix capability based on their TVs.
  14. My wife's got the Tiguan, she's happy. I'm happy in my wagon!
  15. Love my MY16! And the MY08 a courier van wrote off. I can recommend being the 2nd owner and letting the 1st take a $90k-$100k hit over 4 years on a fully optioned one.
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