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  1. Find a proper hifi shop and let you ears guide you with a demo. Take a range of music and a movie you know well and compare. Some research did blind tests of groups of random students, hifi journalists, musicians, audiophiles etc where each member of the group ranked speakers from best to worst. Individual preferences varied, but on average, each group ranked the speakers best to worst in the same order. Let your ears guide you. I would compare a proper 2 channel set up (not an AVR running 2 channel only) vs home theatre for same budget.
  2. My only advice is make sure this is actually what you need and want. Many of us started this way, but realised we actually prefer good quality stereo which does very well for movies too. For music AVRs will always struggle. And the pluses with good stereo also applies in movies. We could have saved a bit of cash by starting with stereo first. The same budget on 2 channels all round can get a lot better result than the same budget spread across 6+ channels. It is also common for people to run both an AVR and stereo system where the front speakers are driven by the stereo amp. Meaning you can combine later.
  3. Thanks for advice everyone. Ended up on Aussie Broadband 100/20 for same price as cable and getting about 90 download and 20 up. Noticeably a bit slower than cable but may go for one of the new faster plans when available. No lock in contract which is good. And was having issues with ftp server issues and remotely accessing equipment. Rang the Australian based call centre, the woman there was awesome, and got sorted in minutes. By default they run an extra level of security/protection they had to turn off.
  4. Not sure we're disagreeing. Depends on what look is permitted. I was just pointing out that not all ceiling speakers are equal, the badly designed ones however do just beam straight down and aren't really ceiling speakers. Good uses of them, probably beyond requirements here, is where you want good coverage over a large area for ambience without having it too loud anywhere which can be achieved with multiple pairs and a clean look.
  5. Thanks! Glad I'm not going nuts and sorry if you now notice things you didn't before. My suspicion is still sitting on a room mode that the DB sets off in the home recording room.
  6. Only in the same way that standing next to the bracket mount is louder than when standing further away. But some ceiling mounts do have a wider dispersion pattern than others so you can get a more even sound rather than ones that are just standard speakers. I've spent time comparing them at trade shows and use spec them where they are needed. Some are also steerable in their directivity. There are specific directivity patterns and responses for room edges, corners and middle of the ceiling.
  7. Keen to find out too. I found the ones with beefy enough material for 38kg bookshelfs had zero interest in jobs that small. Ended up making the $2500 from the speaker manufacturer good value.
  8. Depends on the directivity pattern. Some 'ceiling' speakers are just standard speakers stuffed into a ceiling mount.
  9. Hope you can't! It's been driving me nuts as the album is otherwise one of my favourites. And so far it seems either I'm really sensitive to minor issues or by some fluke my speakers/room and headphones both have a problem with the same input.
  10. They will. That's engineering. I'd hope they aren't as blatant as some I've heard in the sub $30k region.
  11. Yes but depends on the builder and power of the brand (ie what profit margins and price tag can they maintain for various amounts of compromise). There are certainly some big names trading on their brand while some less known names build better less compromised speakers for less. Some hifi stores trade on this. Won't sell or show some other brands until they know you can't afford the brands that cost a whole lot more with their % take. I recommend finding perfectionist builders that aren't big names. I have heard plenty of compromised $20k speakers.
  12. Generally increased clarity, realism and holographic imaging. However sometimes going from $8k to $30k, you can get same or worse speakers and a lighter wallet.
  13. And you find that the winemaker moves around a bit and sometimes the winemaker used by some big brands actually has their own brand too which is just as good or better for less
  14. I recommend wool between the ears, don't over do it as lots of people have too much.
  15. I'm a firm believer in good 2 channel first. Ditched my first HT as I couldn't stand the quality and replaced it with stereo and am slowly rebuilding. Have now made it to 4.0 and ditched AVR altogether for quality reasons But for movies the issue in this room is that no one is in the stereo sweet spot to get strong movie dialogue. This is a setup that would definitely benefit from 3.0 with centre channel. Not my usual recommendation. Solved for 2.0 though if you can move the couch, at least just for movies!
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