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  1. It doesn't sound like you're down a lot. Depending on your amps current ability, and the power handling of your speakers, some EQ could go a long way.
  2. Things are covered well by others posts. With the barn doors etc insulating walls etc is pointless. And the rooms on the other side of the walls aren't critical spaces. The only potential benefit is additional plasterboard on the ceiling if there is an upstairs bedroom etc. Eg 2 layers of 16mm. 7.2.4 is a lot of speakers in a small room. Overall reverb, especially with carpet will be low in a small room (most home rooms are small in acoustic terms) plus as others have pointed out the current walls, windows and openings are beneficial. In terms o
  3. I'm thoroughly enjoying this! And so far only on Spotify. Popped up on their recommendation a couple of weeks ago. Like the rest of his albums, I'll be buying this one too. On the original topic, still waiting on the Metaxas repair but dropped in some Electrocompaniet AW180 monoblocks. A little less crisp in the bottom end, and the issue I was hearing seems to be only picked out with the Metaxas. So not sure what to blame. The Metaxas reproduces pianos much better in the lower end but the extra punch seems fatiguing on a long session. The AW180s, I could run 24/7. I fo
  4. Yep, don't forget Huawei. Globally Apple is about number 3. The growth is in Huawei, which is amazing considering the bans that have impacted sales in the west. https://www.counterpointresearch.com/global-smartphone-share/
  5. I've already suggested at least checking out the three Electrocompaniet integrateds on here second hand. There are two ECI 3s and an ECI 4. I haven't heard them but run a couple of Electrocompaniet power amps. I recommended an ECI 3 with Lenehan ML2 Reference, all second hand, to a mate as a starter system and he's very happy and has my system to compare to. The rated power my seem low on the ECI 3, but they dump a lot of quick current for dynamics compared to lesser amps. Eg one of my other power amps is 100W but drives my speakers way better than the 130W Yamaha, a di
  6. All I can say is when I moved up from Yamaha and away from auditions of their lower end range it was like a wet beach towel had been removed from the front of the speakers.
  7. There may still be an Electrocompaniet ECI 3 2nd hand in the classifieds on here. They were $5k retail and $3.5k on sale. I admit to being very underwhelmed hearing anything Yamaha in the sub $3k range, dull and no dynamics. Many 1970s and 1980s stuff can be better for under $300 second hand. EDIT: two for sale at the moment and an ECI 4 as well.
  8. It shouldn't be this hard. It is in part because specs are often hard to come by or not well defined. I'm rather cynical in that it is to many in the industries benefit that this is so. No good if we could simply just read the specs and buy exactly what we needed to match gear perfectly to our needs first time.
  9. That covers some basic pointers, but high current often refers to peak current as well. I have these, and the max current is in arc welder territory but they don't follow the rule of thumb about doubling power for halving resistance. https://www.theaudiotailor.com.au/products/electrocompaniet-aw180-mono-block-power-amplifier-pair Based on their 250W at 8Ohm this would give just under 6A. Or just under 18A at 2Ohms. But this rating is for continuous power and in part relates to thermal overload. However the peak output per channel is over 100A
  10. Not sure about Sony, but if you do turn the TV on mid disc you may get an annoying pause in music output while the HDMI handshakes given audio is also passed via HDMI. Personally I haven't bothered playing an actual disc in years. All sitting on network and streamed to my DAC. Surface or phone becomes the display. My DACs are actual DACs rather than CD/Bluray players after being disappointed with my Oppo 205 output for music.
  11. Thanks Dave, you're right. I'm too used to summing incoherent sources from my day job. And in broadband, image sources essentially even out too as incoherent. And I'm often dealing with much larger distances where path lengths become more similar. This has got me thinking. I should build myself an image source model of a room for low order reflections that keeps track of phase. Time domain could be simplest and the most fun. Would pull out frequency domain too. Basically just multiple summed signals with filtering and time delays.
  12. That is kind of what happens with floor and ceiling reflections anyway. They provide image sources, and then images of the image sources for near infinity and the points can approximate a line source. Assuming both floor and ceiling are reflective. I think this is probably a reason why speaker heights at half ceiling height may be a bad idea as it would be an extreme case of symmetry creating a proper line source approximation. Speaker height, vs seating position and ceiling height all influence vertical sound stage. Especially between instruments etc with different frequency ran
  13. I nearly got some made up but what I wanted came up second hand. I found a fabrication place that also made trailers. The RHS sections and wall thickness of what they had in stock were a good match and stands were in the waste/offcut range.
  14. I have an Oppo 205 and haven't used it for music since buying a Gieseler Audio Konverter. And also have a Gieseler Audio Klein III fed from an Oppo 103. These DACs kill the 205 which is the best of the Oppos. I have the Konverter set to take coax off th 205 for movies and music occasionally. But music is nearly all off a USB streamer (Microrendo) into the Konverter. You do get a quality drop passing from Spotify etc into the Oppo and then to the DAC. I use the 205 to output analogue in movies to surrounds. I don't bother with HT bypass on the front analogu
  15. I've found some Gumtree $100 1970s integrated stereo amps from some not very great manufacturers can outclass $3000 AVRs.
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