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  1. The frustration with the Jaybirds was that some of the features were really good. The sound was very good for what they were & the app with the preset options and Spotify integration was excellent. Hopefully the 4s are an improvement in terms of longevity.
  2. I’ve hard 3 pairs of Jaybirds wireless and all have failed. Would never buy Jaybird again. Sound is ok but they are not reliable for serious ongoing exercise from my experience. Currently use Jabra Elite 65T Wireless and thy are great. Good build quality and sound is fine. I use them everyday when training and they cope with sweat etc. Good fit. Best i’ve Had. $299 JB HIFi.
  3. I would like to buy a Premier cable please. Not sure to contact @jamsan direct
  4. Ah! Yes of course, thanks Snoop. I was hoping you would respond. Now I recall I did ask that question when I purchased the SMS-200 and got the same answer - makes sense. Thanks.
  5. Seeking some advise please regarding USB source on SOTM. I currently have the SOTM sms-200 with S Booster power supply. I use Roon and my music library is on a 2 TB Samsung SSD attached to new I7 core Mac Mini (Roon Core). From there the music file travels via router & Ethernet into another room where a SOTM Cat 7 audiophile Ethernet cable takes over and feeds into sMs-200. I’m upgrading to a Curious USB cable and also considering the Curious USB storage to PC cable made for USB 3 (Mac Mini). My question to SMS-200 experts is : is it worth considering usIng the USB on the back on the SMS for the music library , especially with an Curious USB storage cable? It is hard to A/B because the Curious storage cable will not work on both devices. Any thoughts please on sonic pros & cons of the direct music library (using Roon) into back of SMS-200 over a network connection. I shifted from NAS storage to SSD when I upgraded my Mac Mini (Room lightning fast now)
  6. I’m a buyer if you would consider posting?
  7. Interesting, I’m also the owner of a CXN using a SOTM SMS-200 Neo and considering upgrading to the Grob. Can anyone tell me how the process works in terms of time frame from order of receiving please?
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