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  1. Currently spinning Eagles The Long Run Japanese pressing for the first time and it sounds fantastic. Better than my USA & Australia pressings - which aren’t bad at all. This pressing has great balance top & mids but the bass shines beautifully which is not always the case with some Japanese vinyl I have. Have original Hotel California Japanese pressing to compare later today with my UK, USA originals and the lauded Ken Gray pressing (fantastic). Recently picked up Japanese pressing of Simply Red’s Picture Book - I have Aussie & USA pressings as well - the Japanese pressings just bursts out of the speakers - sounds amazing in comparison. Great sound. My Japanese pressings of Stones Some Girls & It’s Only Rock n Roll awfully thin compared to US pressings. Love the Japanese jazz vinyl I have. Pays to do research. When you get it right you get great sounding records on super quiet vinyl, usually at good prices from the best sellers in the world. The grading, packaging and service from Japanese sellers is great.
  2. Agree, Van’s recent stuff I’ve also enjoyed listening too. So many great albums in every decade from Van.
  3. I love The Stones but I cannot think of any other major talent who has put out so much bad music over such a long period. Nothin much good since Some Girls (I think Black & Blue is better & side 2 of Tattoo You I love ). That is over 40 years of very average music. Their set lists tell the story, barely ever anything post 1978. Lonesome & Blue their best since Tattoo You! Mind you the stuff to ‘78 was phenomenal! Sill listen to on vinyl every week.
  4. Dig the lists Jon. Thank for posting although I will ignore the Dylan dig! Personally I’ve never gotten past Pete Townsend’s “research” on the internet. “Does anybody here remember Vera Lynn”
  5. Same set up as me. I'm very happy with the sound from the Ultra & Master combo purchased a few months back. Use weight too. Everything from rock, jazz, female vocals, Dylan (yes Dylan, Mark) sound really engaging. Benefits well form break in too. Thanks also to Mark from Frank Prowse Hi Fi. Might try a 2M Black Quintet on the deck at some point. Set at 2.0g might try 2.1g and listen for effect. I too was torn between a number of decks and carts but in the end I liked the MOFI synergy etc.
  6. As you know mate, I have the Ultra deck and Master Cart and I’m wrapped. Only downside is I’m buying so many records because they sound so good! I use the Mofi weight too.
  7. Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle like satin and silk Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle like a pail of milk Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, rattle and shake Wiggle like a big fat snake
  8. I use Vinyl Vac 33, cheap and very effective about $30USD. I purchased in the USA but you can order online . Google it and have a look. Works great, clean records very nicely. It is basically just a vac attachment to a wet/dry vacuum cleaner which are cheap from Bunnings. Got a $20 used TT out of Gumtree, ripped the arm off and spin that to spread liquid. I have a magnifier with light to check the grooves of my records before and after. Really reveals how much is in the grooves of even records that look clean. I use Melody Mate liquid, which is great.
  9. Thanks for the advice and thanks Simon at Douglas HIFi! You have lent me the Curious USB cable & Chord Shawline for CD transport before which was much appreciated & they are great cables now in my system.
  10. I have heard the difference quality interconnects can make between a turntable and phono amp. Can anybody share their insight into the effect on sound quality interconnects might make between the phono amp and amp?
  11. The three Miles and Monk in San Fran please . I will take those .
  12. The frustration with the Jaybirds was that some of the features were really good. The sound was very good for what they were & the app with the preset options and Spotify integration was excellent. Hopefully the 4s are an improvement in terms of longevity.
  13. I’ve hard 3 pairs of Jaybirds wireless and all have failed. Would never buy Jaybird again. Sound is ok but they are not reliable for serious ongoing exercise from my experience. Currently use Jabra Elite 65T Wireless and thy are great. Good build quality and sound is fine. I use them everyday when training and they cope with sweat etc. Good fit. Best i’ve Had. $299 JB HIFi.
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