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  1. I have been very fortunate as a very helpful member, Clive @evil coffered to bring over his Bryston power amp and let me have a listen for a few good hours. I also got to listen to the Melody tube amp which I thought to be very musical. What's clear to me now is that I need a proper pre and power (lots of quality power) to drive the Ella's. Thanks again Clive and please give Lexi a good pat for us. My audio journey continues and wow what an adventure of audio delight! Cheers, Justin
  2. @NoPork sorry i missed your post mate. yes happy to have a listen nonetheless if you're heading over to this side of town. can arrange in PM when you're ready kind sir
  3. @thethrowback the Dukes are a fantastic pair of speakers. In fact, it was the model that introduced me to the brand. If I had the extra cash, it would be the model I would go for. But alas, other priorities in life does not allow for it. Nick as I mentioned in the other thread is fantastic to deal with too. @anandpkumar thanks mate!
  4. Hello Fellow SNA Members, I would like to reach out to see if there might be a kind soul who would be happy to let me listen to any of your power amps? I do not have any preference on type of power amp and happy to listen your your pre power combo too. Reason is that I've been lucky enough to own a nice but heavy pair of floor standers and they are way too impractical to lug around for auditions. All I am asking is for a few hours and happy to pay with beers and tunes ☺️ I am in Lysterfield, VIC. Cheers, Justin
  5. Boozebud discount code: BUD5WEY $20 off for $100 spend on first order only. Enjoy!
  6. Got both of these recently and very happy with them!
  7. Hi Nin, I've got a RX-V3071 if you're interested. I'm only 20 minutes from your suburb Cheers, Justin
  8. for weeks now I have been putting off writing any sort of review due to multiple reasons. one of which was because i wanted to really be familiar with the sound signature, to be sure it was not my excitement and enthusiasm of owning something spectacular clouding my judgement. at the same time, i was also looking for some solid amplification to make these babies sing properly. to be sure it was not a new 'toy' and that i was going to get bored and then start looking again. I am most happy and most contented to conclude the speakers are absolutely marvellous. my experience right f
  9. Item: Audio GD Master2H Monoblocks Price Range: Show me what you've got Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Putting feelers out to see if anyone wants to move on their units. Item must be is very good condition or above. preferably in Melbourne or VIC so that both parties don't have to deal with shipping. Thanks for looking Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  10. @genkifd looking forward to hearing your impressions with the Dukes mate. Also interested to know what you're powering them with? Cheers
  11. Picked this up today. Surprisingly good. Nice spicy kick, a little smokey, nice vanilla and very smooth. Happy dram Thursday.... Or is it Friday? ?
  12. @bruceathome 7th Jan mate. so a little over a month. shipped via FedEx.
  13. ? Thanks peeps. All good. No smoke, no excessive smell of paint nor glue and definitely no signs of digested curry lol
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