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  1. @Peter the Greek for example:
  2. @Peter the Greek there will always be a 'better' device. from the many post on this forum, i gather that PC is not really the way to go. i ran mine on an macbook air during the trial and it sounded very good to me. however, there are other options (sotm-sms200 comes to mind immediately) and it depends on your budget, how interactive you want you want it to be (like a screen on the device showing album art for exampl), what outputs do you need and so and so forth
  3. @Peter the Greek so long as you have a 'core' (laptop is my case), you can use the remote on multiple devices and its all connected to your WiFi. I had my ipad, iphone and a 2nd laptop running as remotes. @DarkNark i really did like the ease of use of Roon and it also sounded better to me (vs direct laptop on tidal). FWIW, I have a hard time manoeuvring in Audivarna and the fonts were so small, everything didn't seem as interactive as Roon - but thats just me. However, all in all, the tight arse in me found it hard to justify the $500 price tag.
  4. Much as I enjoy the convenience of streaming music, this is exactly why I still buy cd/vinyl. My friends think I'm nuts and old fashion. And yes I am a millennial.
  5. Natalie Merchant’s San Andreas Fault is still giving me the wow factor after many plays
  6. I would stretch my budget to 18k and take the Dukes from Hulgich Audio... hypothetically speaking when I have 18k of course [emoji38]
  7. having seen and heard the amp personally I can vouch it is in immaculate condition as described. buy with confidence with an honest seller! GLWTS!
  8. How do you keep the bamboo plinth from rolling around? Do you puncture the squash ball first before assembling it this way?
  9. Zanders, if you get a chance can u show me how those sorbothane feet looks like? Thanks!
  10. Hi Folks, Probably been asked a million times here but I am not so familiar with this part of the forum Am looking to get some professionals to mount 2x 55" flat screen TV on the wall. Would like to have a GPO installed behind the screen and cables routed behind the dry wall to connect to other components. Could anyone make some recommendations on who I should contact? Preferably someone you've dealt with and had good experience. I am based in Eastern Melbourne. Thanks in advance Justin
  11. @GGoOrz congratulations on your purchase! many hours of listening pleasure to come my friend! btw, i wouldn't beat myself up too much about missing the elicit that come up on sale. the elex-r is plenty power for the 21s you got. enjoy! @Audiofix Hi Andrew, where can I some Spendor speakers? I am in Melbourne.
  12. I have paired my elex-r with pmc twenty5.23 and it was very good
  13. @everyones_shadow if you do not mind listening to Chinese songs and since you can enjoy Teresa Teng then i can recommend the below. they are great female vocalist and easily available from streaming service like Tidal or Deezer. Or you can try listening to them on You Tube to get a taste. 1. Tsai Chin 2. Sandy Lam 3. Priscilla Chan (Not Mark Zuckenberg's wife!)
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