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  1. @Hydrology hi mate, could you share your experience with the wharfys so far. how do they sound?
  2. I had the privilege to listen to the H390 a few months back and it provided a long lasting impression. Very good amp!
  3. @rantan hey Lindz, i'll do you a deal. you buy it, i will test and inspect for you 😂
  4. Tried Roon over the long weekend and I've got to say I really like the user interface, ease of use and speed. best part is the boss loves it too. have used Audirvana for over a year now and truth be told , the interface is really not done well and is slow in comparison. Most interesting part is that Roon actually sounds better than both Audirvana and Tidal's own app. It shouldn't but somehow it does. I'm gonna try it to the 13th day and decide.
  5. I moved into a much smaller room a few weeks after I bought this in late 2018 and hardly played it after that. It is an absolute beauty and it pains me to move this one on. Zero scratches on sub body and speaker surface. Minor swirls on the display panel from cleaning. Sub works flawlessly. Comes with extended Neutrix hi level cable. No box so local sales only. Unit is about 5 years old. Advertising as EOI to see if there would be anyone interested.any questions please ask via PM. Thanks for looking.
  6. I purchased this in April 2018 and have had it serviced shortly after (potentiometers cleaned and lifting cue serviced) Lid has the usual swirls and 2 deeper scratches which can be polished off. No cracks on the lid. No chips on the plinth corners. Counter weight and anti staking weight are all originals. Ground wire upgraded to thicker gauge & with spades. RCA cables not included. Cart and needle is in good condition as far as I can see with the naked eye. I've personally put in about 100+ or so hours only. As the cart came with the turntable, I am not able to say how many hours has been on it before. Previously put up for sale but buyer pulled out last minute. I've kept it ever since. I have no box for it so local sales only Any questions please ask via PM. Thanks for looking.
  7. Thank you @Chanh i shall give them a try too
  8. @Chanh I couldn’t agree with you more mate. I treated my second reflection point only a few days ago and imaging+sound stage went up another level. can you describe how they have improved your existing setup? cheer Justin
  9. @Chanh looks very good. any difference in sound?
  10. what is people genuinely need to offload gear to get money to pay for food and rent? one should still buy but with increased caution.
  11. @SBM what is your listening space like? do you have a lot of reflective material like glass close to your speakers? can you treat those surfaces? i will hold off buying /upgrading gear or cables until you have some sense on what part your listening room/space is contributing to the harsh highs you are hearing.
  12. @audiohippo awesome room man. wish i had that kind of space and design cues! truly jealous! BTW, what laser alignment tool and what lighting did you install on the walls behind the speakers?
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