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  1. @Fenda geez if that’s actual solid mahagony timber it is sure worth the asking price. Cheers mate this is what I’m looking for
  2. @Ittaku how do you get 768kHz 24bit source?
  3. @Ittaku yes mate, similar experiences here. I tried native Tidal vs. Tidal on Audirvana vs Tidal on Roon. SQ with Tidal on Roon won hands down together with its user interface, stability & information (song, artist & album) @jakeyb77 i forgot to mention i have not tried BS so I cannot comment there. but if you hook up your PC (running Roon) to your TV, you also get album art, band art of lyrics. all customisable like below.
  4. @jakeyb77 Roon is the way to go for large libraries mate. I've used Audirvana for well over a year and never really liked it. I hesitated with Roon because of its eye watering subscription fee. opportunity came knocking one day with Roon and I never looked back (read - i folded 😂) older mac mini's are very affordable these days and can be easily sourced in ebay. you can just pair it with an external HDD and then go the NAS route later if you want. its a small powerful box and can be tucked away (unlike a laptop or your imac). best part is you can even surf the net on your tv and watch youtube with your 2 channel. its just very versatile thats why so many people use it (still)
  5. @jakeyb77 yes Tidal on your laptop/mac mini/imac will unfold MQA and send audio signal to your DAC (regardless if your DAC is MQA capable or not). and yes, you can use your tv as the laptop's monitor. I doubt Audirvana will stop video. Audirvana allows you to try for free so you don't have to pay to find out. All you need is a wireless keyboard and mouse and the laptop connected to both TV & DAC and you're all set to drive it from where you sit.
  6. @mloutfie have you done any acoustic treatment to your room? it will make a big difference if you have not
  7. @mloutfie cheers mate and thank you for sharing. i have done some research myself and sub placement like speaker placement is essential to get the best performance (in relation to where your listening position is) so now big question for you? which one are you selling? 😉
  8. Absolute bargain. Got 3 in my house and works seamlessly
  9. Item: A Pair of Rel T7i Price Range: Show me what you got Item Condition: In Very Good Condition Extra Info: Wanting to try a pair of these because I cannot die not knowing Black only Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  10. Rantan is a great guy to deal with and absolute gent. Buy with confidence!
  11. @RankStranger Hi mate. if you're looking for texture and finesse then the rega elex-r will not the one you'd want. the elex-r is more for dynamics, punch and a more forward sound. great for rock, metal & electronics but i wouldn't use it for any jazz, Tom Waits, classical or vocals centric music. of course, it will also depend on the speakers you put it with. plus the elex-r has no xlr. all the best on your find though, always exciting!
  12. @Lx4man sure is mate. It’s a beautiful piece of history
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