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  1. @genkifd looking forward to hearing your impressions with the Dukes mate. Also interested to know what you're powering them with? Cheers
  2. Picked this up today. Surprisingly good. Nice spicy kick, a little smokey, nice vanilla and very smooth. Happy dram Thursday.... Or is it Friday? 😂
  3. @bruceathome 7th Jan mate. so a little over a month. shipped via FedEx.
  4. 😆 Thanks peeps. All good. No smoke, no excessive smell of paint nor glue and definitely no signs of digested curry lol
  5. Hello tube gurus, My Willsenton just arrived and I'm setting it up now. Being a tube amp virgin, can anyone tell me what is that brown grubby stuff between the glass and the plastic? Is the tube safe to be used?? thanks!
  6. @Zed Zed what speakers are you running the with the 4ohm tap?
  7. @audiofeline are these filters available off the shelf? if yes, are you able to share a link with me? Cheers, Justin
  8. These are the original Cheviots from the 70s. It has been re-foamed by the previous owner. Everything else I understand is original including the speaker binding post. As shown in the photos below, they are some spots on one side of the cabinet but is smooth to the touch. It is in the exact condition as when I purchased it. I rank the condition as very good considering their age. Previously bought from a member here in SNA and I am selling it for the price I paid. I have it (sinfully) hooked up to a receiver in my lounge to enable safe audition as my music room
  9. @rockeater yes mate, i was seeing how long before someone says this. didn't take long! haha! all good! i won't be doing any modification as I am not a qualified electrician
  10. @LogicprObe my plan is to go for a dedicated circuit if I cannot find a remedy. But first, I was hoping to find the root cause, understand it before I attempt to go into solution mode - it just means I am hopelessly pedantic @rockeater when I had my previous amp, i had it hooked up in two different houses (at different times). i am not 100%. but I believe i only noticed the problem in my current residence. my issue thankfully is not a big thump - that would really worry me! it is more of a slight inconvenience in my first world problem Thanks anyhoo and I will keep your sol
  11. Hello SNA Members, Hoping to get some pointers on what I can do to eliminate the below problem. I know the end solution would be to sought a licensed electrician for advice and subsequently to repair. I just want to be informed (and educated) before I go down this path. I have two seperate areas I spend most of my time. My music room (for dedicated 2 CH) and my lounge which runs a simple HT setup. The lounge shares the same circuit with the kitchen. When the wife turns on the kitchen range hood, my HT audio gets cut off for a quick second
  12. Nooooo! Competition I don't need!! Jokes aside, all the best in your search, they are beautiful pieces as I'm sure you already know 😉
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