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  1. Lol let me get this straight, your asking if it’s ok to hook up a extension cable to the power board ? Who ever told you that there will be a problem is a complete idiot. Of corse you can why the hell wouldn’t you ? Don’t get me started on these OCD audiophiles that spend hundreds of dollars on power cables, not remembering that the house is already wired up with basic power cabling. Thinking that a $300 power cable is going to give them some sort of performance increase is just completely retarded. So basic answer is yes provided your cable is rated to the same. I don’t see anyone running 3 phase or 15 amp to there audi systems lol unless it’s a PA system
  2. There is no setting for that. If i set the fronts to full band it allows the sub be set to double bass I set all my speaker lvls to -12db and the sub to 12db Just have to crank the volume more from -30db to 20db It’s kinda solved my problem i guess[emoji53] Unsure if this is the right way to go about it.
  3. Considering I mention it’s a life line I can assume you already know it’s from a AV receiver. But as for type it’s a onkyo tx-rz820 Input Voltage on the crown amp at .775 V Lfe output lvl at full 12db Speaker lvls at 0db Normal main volume set at -30db Would this be the reason ? Should I turn down my speaker lvls and set the main volume higher?
  4. Hey all I got a Crown 1500W for my subwoofer and was wondering if there’s a way to rase the line level for the LFE because to get anything decent out of it I have to run the amp volume at almost 100% causing all sorts of crap through the sub The noise goes away if I crank it down to about 50% but I barely get anything coming out of the sub. Would boosting the LFE line with a preamp or something help me here ?
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