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  1. Oh yes my budget is 2k to 3k second hand gear Audio Research SP17 !! Heard good rev about this unit! Mark Levinson pre is kind of over my budget and also which model? Thank you All
  2. Hi All I’m looking for a good pre Amp for my set up hoping for a pre amp that has phono for mc for Ortofon Quintet Bronze mc My setup are Sony XA5ES CD player or laptop and project classic LP with OQB MC Chord hugo2 DAC Pre Amp Mark Levinson 431 power Amp Driving Dynaudio Confidence C2 Any suggestions would be much appreciated Thank you
  3. Location:Melbourne Condition: 8/10 fairly new Price: sold Reason for selling: trying out different Dac Payment: COP Bank transfer, PayPal Extra info: This is a dac and preamp, the remote is rubbing out lightly
  4. Location: Melbourne Condition: near mint Price: $2300-$2100 Reason for selling: upgrades Payment: cash,bank transfer, PayPal Extra info: service by previous owner which was an electronic engineering https://audio-database.com/Accuphase-kensonic/amp/E-303-e.html
  5. Item: JBL 4313 Location:Melbourne Price: 1400 Item Condition: good condition for age Reason for selling:upgrades Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: welcome any Question will donate to SNA if sold Pictures:
  6. Item: JBL L65 Location:Melbourne Price: 2300 Item Condition: very good condition Reason for selling: upgrades Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: rare to see in this condition have original box Pictures:
  7. Perfect this pic is a better angle It now has a 1.5 to 2 mm clearance from the bottom of the cartridge to the vinyl.
  8. Thank you Guru You are right the tracking was wayyyy out I was hoping it s not the second option cause it sound complicate All set now more like how it was
  9. Just notice lately that the clearance of the cartridge from the vinyl is less than 1 mm it looks almost touching it Is there something wrong here?
  10. I would like thank everyone especially Andy and Hiya for all the advice with my TT input I got it finally it all good now After trying everything it all come down to isolated and isolated and isolated Andy I got the idea of what you told me and went and made something up of some porcelain and haft cut ball The cover is off now thank bob m 54 and wimbo Thank you all again
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