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  1. Wonderful speakers. Mine are in Dark Apple and I don’t think I’ll ever sell them.
  2. Your order is a bit off. The E series is not superior to the D/C. E series is roughly equivalent to the C60 series which replaced the E. The C80 series is superior. In other words, from the mid 2000s, the C80 series were the flagship speaker series, and from 2014 the C10 series is. It gets a bit more complicated when you start considering Jamo’s THX D series line the is still sold (like the D500).
  3. The S series are the entry level Jamo's. Generally, the higher the the first digit, the better (S807 is better than S650). However, the S series pales in comparison to the C and D series. The C series replaced the D series in the 2000's. The D range include some of the 'classic' Concert series (i.e. the D590 is also known as the Concert 11 and the D830 is also known as the Concert 8), along with subwoofers, centers, etc. The C series started being released in the mid 2000s, and includes different grades similar to the S series. For example, the C80 series are stunning s
  4. Provided your Onkyo reinstates it’s previous power state when power is restored (I know Yamaha receivers do), you can use the trigger output of the Yamaha and one of these to turn the Onkyo on and off in sync with the Yamaha: https://www.audiophonics.fr/en/power-supply-kits/audiophonics-trigger-12v-230v-slave-power-supply-device-p-10661.html
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