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  1. Thanks a lot jamiebosco. It’s an NR1607. It would be just the MultEQ. It’s a bit limited. I will try those placements you mentioned asap. :-) Thanks again.
  2. Yes. Generated by the app. Not sure why it can’t improve them further. May its just what the receiver/app tuning can do or the room?
  3. Thanks a lot for the help. :-) This is using Marantz MultEq. Sound seems ok but vocal sometimes not that great. I will try the tweaks you mentioned and look at the guide. Thanks again :-)
  4. Thanks again Snoopy8. Thinking of going for a current MRX but it maybe new ones are coming soon?
  5. Does 1120 or 720 MRX have Spotify Connect built in or music have to be streamed from Spotify app on the phone/tablet? Thanks
  6. Hi, Just playing with 3.1 at the moment, any idea if these results are generally ok or not? :-) Thank you
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