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  1. It’s that syrupy like honey sound of arc tube, mine is only a vsi75 and I’m hooked when I first auditioned mine, I have an SS luxman and a rotel, cannot compare.👍👍👍
  2. The new p3 is standard with a 24v motor, but you change the speed manually, but if you buy the ttpsu you can change the speed through the power supply, check out lifestyle Northmead website they have the p3 on special.
  3. Rega phono pre should match your tt very well.
  4. I have the same luxman as yours running a Rega p3 24v with elys 2 cart and ttpsu power supply on my second setup and they sound awesome, the luxman pre have an excellent phono stage that matches Rega very well.
  5. Hi, check out classic hifi in Newtown.
  6. Hi Grant, it is a Rega rp10 with an Apheta 2 cartridge on a skeletal setup and an after market dust cover.
  7. That upgrade itch that needs scratching.
  8. And suddenly the upgrade itch came along, I was just going to audition it , but the addiction is too strong, awesome sound👍👍👍
  9. SRV ultra disc one step pressing👍
  10. The p3 24v with elys2 is an amazing deck, they sound awesome.
  11. Rega rp10 with apheta 2 , two weeks old, upgrade from p3 24v, awesome sound.
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