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  1. I wish I had hung on to my Spica TC 50s
  2. THanks Bronal and Stereo Coffee. I went ahead and bought one. ( Vincent Sa T7). Not a total disaster, but as you both warned , far too much gain. Volume knob rarely gets above 8pm and that, coupled with their hopless remote volume, has made for a frustrating time so far. Sound quality is promising however, with moments of "magic" ....but most of my listening experience has been fine tuning a very sensitve volume control to find an ideal balance between inaudibilty and being simply shouted at. Rothwell attenuators look like the go.
  3. Thanks Bronal. Much appreciated. I'll keep you posted.
  4. Currently have a Quad 909/99 combo for many years but getting an itch to try a valve pre amp. But have been warned about impedence inputs/outputs, which i dont understand having no technical knowledge whatsoever. Thinking of a Vincent SA T7. Would this be a disaster? Or can anyone recommend other pre-amps. Would also like to hear from Vincent owners out there .
  5. Further information: A genuine classic with its unique dampening trough technology. I purchased it new in 1984 . Comes with Townshend's own "Excalibur" arm and a 7 year old Denon 103 R MC cart that has had very little use. THe turntable also has had very little use in the last 20 years. Looks great and a demo will impress. There are a few minor scratches around the arm base and one of the three sorbathane feet is begining to perish. May eventually need resetting on new isolation feet. I have spare trough fluid and a spare belt. Even have the original Gestetnered A4 folded "instruction manual".....worth the price alone! And a box. PIck up/cash preferred but may contemplate/negotiate interstate courier . Price includes $20 donation to Stereonet. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  6. Thank you deanB. Yes! The 5xs was on my list. Once. A friend has an all-Naim system. Paid a fortune 30 years ago but with only a few minor upgrades along the way, he still has the best domestic Hi Fi set up i have heard. My BCD1 was so plagued with problems that they actually gave me a replacement(!) which was okay for about 18 months, then.......... So i replaced the motor and laser and traded it in on a Marantz SA 14se which was recieving rave reviews at the time. After 2 years i'm still waiting to "get used " to it. Plays sacds fine and the dac inputs are handy but cd sound is distilled, etched , pristine and lacking "flesh" and energy. The Audio Solutions offer is very tempting.
  7. Had a Bryston BCD 1. Motor/Laser mechanism gave me so much trouble over the years that I finally got rid of it. Now I miss it like mad. Anyone recommend a RELIABLE CD player with similar heft and in-the-room realism?
  8. Wow yes! Worth quite a bit more these days than a Rock turntable. BTW is that your ID 19 in your profile pic? Actually, no more motor car questions . We'll get booted off this forum.
  9. Good point audiofeline......in fact i will include the link to the HiFi+ article posted by Ian McP along with my ad....Emphasising, of course , that this is background only as most of the article refers to the Rock V.
  10. Great link, Ian McP. Thanks, I might include this in my "for sale" notice.
  11. Hi Rockwombat, pretty much the same as mine...also in pre-sale mode Photos of mine elsewhere in this thread. Interested to know what the two verticle "prongs" are, just to the left of the base of the arm. I haven't got that. Also i never had the dedicated "merlin" power supply, which seemed to impress somebody else in this thread.
  12. Hi t-mike.....just to set the record straight , that photo is not of my turntabke . I believe that is a Townshend prototype model. The turntabe i bought new in 1984 looks like this.......
  13. Thanks Audiofeline. In my case i purchased it new in 1984 for around $3000,( the turntable itself+the Excalibur Arm+the optional plinth) which, now i come to think of it, was a sh..tload of money in those days. More money than sense? Linns wth an SME arm were around the same price. A couple of friends went the Linn way , but I've never regretted buying the Rock as i like its more solid and punchy presentation. As for the suggestion of needing to "educate" potential buyers; I can see where you are coming from but I believe this is a "niche" product. If you dont know about it and its history, then you probably won't be convinced. e.g. noboby is going to be interested in that Armstrong Siddley Sapphire in your garage unless they know the car and have always hankered after one.
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