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  1. Item: Nakamichi BX-2 Cassette Deck Location: Sydney East Price: $50 pick up only Item Condition: For repair or parts Reason for selling: No cassettes to play Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal This Nakamichi looks to be in nice condition except it doesn't work. The lights come on but none of the buttons actuate their function. Also the Play-Pause sticker is missing - a minor thing. Pick up only in Sydney near La Perouse.
  2. Item: Wireworld Supernova 7 Toslink Optical Digital Cable 1M Location: Sydney East Sale Pending: $190 pp RRP $349 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank TT Probably the best Toslink around. Glass 338 fibres. Excellent condition, never stressed, bent or stretched. First owner from Lifestyle store. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Key Features • Toslink plugs • Micro-polished 338 Borosilicate glass fiber optic conductors In theory, digital audio connections are supposed to be less sensitive to cables than analog connections, but cable polygraph tests have shown that the audible losses of digital and analog cables are actually comparable. Even Ethernet connections, which are perfectly reliable when saving files, tend to degrade the fidelity of streamed music and video in comparison to a local file source. Wireworld has invested in decades of research, testing and development to create digital audio cables that overcome those losses to provide substantial upgrades in musical realism and enjoyment. Over a wide range of applications and price levels, Wireworld digital audio cables advance the art of preserving the natural tone quality, spatial imaging and exciting dynamics of live music. Supernova 7 Toslink Optical A reference-quality optical digital cable, which utilizes 338 Borosilicate glass fiber optic conductors. The superior glass formulation and micro-polished ends provide improved clarity and dynamics that will thrill the most sophisticated listeners. Specifications Design: 338 strand Conductors: Borosilicate Glass Note: Micro-polished ends, Toslink plugs
  3. Item: Western Electric 420a >> 12AX7 or 12AT7 Tubes with Adaptors NOS - 3 pairs Location: Sydney East Price: $135 per pair plus postage. Without adaptors $110 Item Condition: NOS perfect Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank TT For sale are these great sounding Western Electric 420a /JW 5755 NOS tubes which when coupled with an adaptor (included) function as a superior 12AX7 or a 12AT7. They are much better in many ways than other 12AX7s I have tried, including: Mullard, Telefunken, Amperex and any Chinese tubes (Psvane etc). The most obvious improvements came in bass drive and resolution. Greater timbral information and texture is evident throughout the mids and bass. Glorious textural information not experienced with any of the tubes mentioned above. Dynamics are scary. Clarity is excellent. Designed for very low microphonics… The WE 420a "features special cathode springs which reduce microphonic response. This characteristic is controlled by a "microphonic stability" test for balance in which the tube is tapped at shock levels of 400 - 600G." Very fine wires (springs) just above the top mica can be seen in pics. The specs are a little different from a 12AX7 which has an amplification factor of 100, 12AT7 is 60, and the Western Electric 420a is 70. I have tried the Raytheon 5755 equivalent and as expected the Western Electric sounds better and is reliable (the Raytheon is not). WE is the real deal! I guarantee these will be keepers irrespective of the tubes you are using. Happy to demo against Mullard and Psvane or your own tubes to serious buyers.
  4. Marcus, A great achievement! Well done. Look forward to hearing it. Might bring my Stereo Coffee over for comparison. Mark
  5. Which Acrolink is it? And plugs? Would you be able to provide a photo?
  6. Item: AudioQuest's King Cobra interconnects 0.5M Location: Sydney Price: Sale Pending $120 including postage Item Condition: Excellent with original packaging Reason for selling: Not long enough anymore Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank TT Our All-Time Best-Selling Interconnects: Built With PSC+ Copper, AudioQuest King Cobra Provides Extra Detail, Excellent Clarity and Explosive Dynamics AudioQuest's King Cobra interconnects are one of the greatest values in audio cables today, an affordable cable built to a standard far greater than the very reasonable price might suggest. King Cobra's unique combination of ingredients creates a cable that easily outperforms cables that are vastly more expensive. One look at King Cobra's cross section and the differences between King Cobra and traditional audio cables becomes immediately apparent. King Cobra uses AudioQuest's best copper, PSC+, and its performance is through the roof! King Cobra's PSC+ conductors are exceptionally pure solid-core copper conductors treated with Audioquest's proprietary Perfect Surface Plus process which eliminates high frequency artifacts and distortions for a clearer view into any recording. King Cobra's solid-core conductors improve conductivity and eliminate the distortions that plague stranded cables, giving King Cobra a big, powerful and coherent presentation. The TripleBalanced Geometry, which uses a single PSC+ conductor for the positive and two for the negative, lowering the noise floor and improving the ground plane. Each PSC+ conductor is then inserted into its own air tube; air tubes minimize contact between the conductor and the insulation improving conductivity, which gives King Cobra bigger, airier and more transparent performance. The positive conductor is then welded –using 8,000Amps- to the RCA connector. This means that from tip to tip, King Cobra has no breaks in its signal path. The positive conductor is literally one piece of copper from tip to tip. This welding process offers a smoothness and transparency for the audio signal that no soldered connection can possibly achieve. All this attention to detail would be for naught if King Cobra wasn't shielded, so King Cobra has a foil shield & drain wire which keeps RFI & EMI from distorting the delicate signals contained within. AudioQuest cables are legendary in audiophile circles for their neutrality and resolution. For 28 years, AudioQuest has worked tirelessly to achieve sonic neutrality in all their cables, regardless of price. Ensuring that music flows unchanged and uncolored requires removing the myriad distortions that occur when a signal flows through a cable. To accomplish this, AudioQuest bypassed conventional cable design and focused their efforts on both the physical properties and sonic characteristics of the conductors and connectors, as well as every other material used in the creation of their cables.
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