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  1. Does this have RCA inputs and outputs as well? Are these pics of the actual unit? Thanks BTW. There is a very large empty space between the pictures and replies in your ad.
  2. Item: Ming Da MC-2A3 Tube Pre-Amp Location: Sydney East Price: $950 REDUCED TO $790 plus postage Item Condition: Very good with remote control Reason for selling: Surplus Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank TT A great sounding pre-amp. Clean, extended and powerful. Built like a tank. Uses 2 x 2A3 tubes, 2 x 6SN7 (Sylvania chrome tops), 3 x 6922 (Russian 6N23P Silver Shields and an Amperex ECC88), an El34, and another 6SN7 in the power supply.
  3. MGO

    FS: Phl Audio drivers

    These are great sounding speakers: dynamic and expressive.
  4. From the Spec sheet it is 0.7 inches Peak to Peak. Which is 17.8 mm.
  5. Hello@PixelPlay , Thank you for the PM. Please let me know how interested you are. Don't want to inhibit other inquiries. Thanks MGO
  6. Item: Altec Lansing 416-8B Woofers Pair Location: Sydney East Price: Sale Pending: $800 for the pair plus postage. Firm. Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Trying other drivers. Need the cash. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank TT These Altec 416-8B woofers are legendary and are considered by many aficionados to be the best woofers ever. AlNiCo magnets and lightweight cones provide great sound: clarity, tone, bass and high efficiency of 98dB per watt. See spec sheet: http://greatplainsaudio.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/416-8B_LF_Speaker.pdf The ones for sale were sent to California to be reconed a couple of years ago and have the Waldron cones from 1974 in prefect order. Closely matched. They have the 16" frames Sound great! 416-8B_LF_Speaker.pdf
  7. Their frequency response is 30 Hz - 3 kHz. Fs is 35Hz. THIELE/SMALL PARAMETERS : fs: 35 Hz Re: 5.0 ohms Qts: 0.40 Qms: 5.7 Qes: 0.43 Vas: 310 l (11.0 ft3 ) SD: 0.124 m2 (192.4 in2 ) Xmax: 7.6 mm (0.30 in) VD: 942 cm3 (57.7 in3 ) Le: 1.75 mH o (Half space)2 : 2.9% Pe (Max)1 : 600 W continuous pink noise
  8. Tase, thanks for pointing out that omission. Width: 630 Depth: 520 Height: 820 Weight is approx: 55 Kg
  9. Item: JBL 2241-8H 18" Woofers in Pro Cabs Pair Location: Sydney Price: $800 with or without cabinets. Pick up only. Item Condition: Woofers in pristine condition. Reason for selling: Not enough space. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD, Bank TT These are highly efficient 18" woofers 98dB per watt with 600W power handling. Hugely dynamic with great slam and clarity. Pro cabinets nicely made (I think by Krix) in reinforced and braced MDF. Speakon Pro connectors. With grills (not shown). Width: 630 Depth: 520 Height: 820 Weight is approx: 55 Kg https://www.jblpro.com/pages/pub/components/2241.pdf Key Features: 600 W continuous pink noise power capacity 100 mm (4 in) edgewound aluminum ribbon voice coil 30 Hz - 3 kHz response 98 dB sensitivity, 1 W, 1 m (3.3 ft) SFG magnet structure with patented Vented Gap Cooling technology
  10. Item: Burson Audio AB-160 Buffer Location: Sydney East Price: $275 plus postage (RRP $550) Item Condition: Perfect Reason for selling: Not being used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank TT This Burson Buffer is a highly regarded an all discrete solid state device. In perfect cosmetic and functional order. Has a rare perspex top lid. Bottom Line: The Burson Audio AB-160 is a well conceived and well made add-on product that, exactly as advertised, unlocks higher levels of inner detail, transient clarity, and dynamic expression. For those who care about the fine points of sound reproduction, the AB-160 will be a worthwhile investment. The AB-160 provides what Burson terms a “high sensitivity input buffer (HSIB)” which is a very high impedance (and thus high-sensitivity) FET-based input stage that is extremely easy to drive and that, Burson claims, “effectively allows our buffer stage to match up to any input or output signal drains.” The AB-160 also provides a modest 3 – 6 dB of gain, thus making good on Burson’s promise that its audio buffer “will increase signal transmission efficiency between all components, unlocking the potential of any system.” As you’ll learn in this review, these statements on Burson’s part are not mere hollow marketing claims; they’re actually a pretty accurate synopsis of what the AB-160 is and does. FEATURES •Dual mono circuit design with extremely short (“less than 6 cm” or 2.36”) signal paths. •Features high sensitivity input buffer (HSIB), which is a very high impedance, high-sensitivity, FET-based input stage that is extremely easy to drive. The circuit is fully balanced and operates in pure class A mode. •In keeping with Burson tradition, no integrated circuits (ICs) are used anywhere in the AB-160, since Burson passionately believes that ICs sound inferior to discrete high-quality semiconductor devices. •Low noise, regulated power supply featuring, again, discrete (not IC-based) regulator devices. •Resonance free aluminum (RFA) enclosure is precision milled from 6mm slabs of aluminum. By design, the case panels each have different resonant frequencies and together form a rigid enclosure that doubles as the heat-sink for the AB-160. The entire component offers exquisite, camera-like fit and finish (though the AB-160 is far more physically robust than any modern-era camera we have seen). •High quality parts and construction methods are used throughout, including a “high quality PCB” and “Elna Audio graded caps, carefully matched high quality audio transistors, DALE military graded resistors ...” All components are hand-soldered. •Wide bandwidth design: Burson quotes a frequency response specification of 0 – 220kHz (-3dB). •Low noise design: Burson quotes a signal-to-noise ratio of -120 dB. •Dual, switch selectable inputs (RCA version). Inputs: two stereo analog (single-ended, via RCA jacks) Outputs: one stereo analog (single-ended, via RCA jack) Frequency Response: 0 - 220kHz (-3dB) Gain: 3 – 6 dB (selectable) Signal/Noise: -120 dB Output Noise Level: 0.015 mV Dimensions (H x W x D): 3.15” x 7.09” x 9.84” Weight: 12.125 lbs. Price: $549 (RCA version), $599 (XLR version)
  11. Do the horns have a 2" throat? What dimensions are they? What are the woofers? I currently have JBL 2450 compression drivers on 2380 horns. Crossing at 800Hz actively. I wonder how different the Everest horns would be?
  12. Item: Line Magnetic 845 Tube - single Location: Sydney East Price: $300 plus postage Item Condition: Perfect Reason for selling: Replaced with WE Replica Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank TT This Line Magnetic 845 is for sale because its sibling tube had a catastrophic accident. I replaced the two with Western Electric Replica Shuguangs. So this one is an orphan and for sale. It came new in a Line Magnet 518 amp I bought in Nov 2017. These tubes are made for LM by Psvane. I inquired about replacement pair with Bill Mclean the importer and was quoted $1200 for a pair! So I thought 1/4 of that for a single used tube is a fair price.
  13. Some mods done: Bypass caps on most critical signal and and power supply capacitors. Signal path resistors upgraded to Kiwame. Coupling caps are Mundorf Supremes. Fuses have Telos Quantum treatment.