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  1. Yes Jason. Still available. Interested?
  2. Philips EL84 tubes. I bought them NOS about a year ago. Now don't have an amp to put them in.
  3. Hi Peter Thanks for the message. These tubes are NOS never used. They are between a 12AX7 and 12Au7 in gain and can be substituted for both as many have successfully done before. Yes I can sell you a pair for $135 or say $240 for two pairs. Postage will be $10. Please let me know what you'd like to do.
  4. One of the output transformers has gone to heaven. I'll be back home on Monday to have a closer look at them for codes etc.
  5. Price is per pair. All date coded 6131 For sale are these great sounding Western Electric 420a /JW 5755 NOS tubes which when coupled with an adaptor (included) function as a superior 12AX7 or a 12AT7. NB. The height of the tube plus adaptor, to its base, is about 66mm. This is a little taller than the usual 12ax7. They are much better in many ways than other 12AX7s I have tried, including: Mullard, Telefunken, Amperex and any Chinese tubes (Psvane etc). The most obvious improvements came in bass drive a
  6. DH Labs Silver Sonic XLR D110 AES/EBU Digital Cable 2m The Silver Sonic D-110 is a precision 110 Ohm AES/EBU type balanced digital interface cable. 110 Ohm digital cables are most often used to carry digital audio data from A/D converters to digital tape transports in recording studios. They are also used between CD transports and D/A converters in home hi-fi systems as an alternative to the more common S/PDIF 75 Ohm coaxial interface. 110 Ohm cables are terminated with XLR connectors. The Silver Sonic D-110 wa
  7. Excellent sounding capacitors at a fraction of equivalent of current production cost. Would need to spend 100s to buy equivalent. NB. These are the Russian K75-10V version with superior dielectric than the non-V. Very rare if not impossible to buy now. Great for all crossover needs, Zobel etc. 4 pieces and I have others too. PS. Also have K75-10 - 6.8uF http://www.enjoythemusic.com/diy/diy_logo_sm.gif Capacitor Musings Part 3 Article By Jon L. Russian K75-10 Hybrid Paper and Polyethylene Terephthalate In Oil Capacitor http://www.enjoythemu
  8. Have used these excellent capacitors in crossovers and in Zobel networks. They are excellent. Description: 33uF 600V Mundorf Supreme EVO Oil Capacitor. 66 x 67 mm approx Mundorf M-CAP Supreme EVO Oil are metallised polypropylene film capacitors based on the innovative EVOLUTION winding technology and offers further developed dynamics over the standard MCAP EVO. Its main feature is its unusually narrow and high capacitor winding. This geometry produces two acoustically perceptible advantages compared to traditional, easier-to-manufacture MKPs. One advantage is that the shortest
  9. Reference quality CD and Blu-Ray play in excellent condition. Little use as video play and has great sound quality! Has analogue out with XLR and RCA connectors, HDMI etc. Comes with remote, original packaging etc. Built September 2018. PANASONIC DP-UB9000 Premium Blu-Ray Player A New Benchmark in Premium Picture and Sound Quality The UB9000 reference-class Ultra HD Blu-Ray player uses Panasonic's unique chroma and HDR processing technologies to reproduce images with cinema-level quality at home. Ultimate picture quality is combined with a structure and com
  10. I have single ended signal from my pre/XO. Can I drive this amp with its XLR inputs without degrading the signal?
  11. Nothing wrong with posting in different places, as long as it isn't sold twice. IMO
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