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  1. Richard from Audio Salon (audiosalon.com.au) is the local AU distributor. I'm not sure if there are places stocking these to allow an in-person look / audition though.
  2. From another thread, maybe@andyr can build one?
  3. @QuinnInSydney, how about 2 Rythmik L12s? Small and compact enough and will likely fit in that space, or small enough to move around and find better placements in your room. If visual symmetry is really important, block out that space and have the sub behind it. But then again, the TV isn't centered and you don't have two large clocks 😉
  4. Plus, doesn't cost much to purchase one and try it out. Offload it if it's not for you, or you find something better later - I'm sure someone else will be interested.
  5. https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/nobsound-3-in-1-out-xlr-audio-switch-review.11062/ I don't own one, but doesn't seem to add it's own distortion / sound signature. Can't comment on the build quality though. Failing that, perhaps ask @Gieseler Audio to build you one?
  6. I've read that the higher end models (HEK, Susvara) are built better. But yeah, for that kind of money, you'd expect that... Would be curious to know of what your, or anyone else's, impressions of the HEKSE and/or the Susvara compared to the Utopia and Stellia.
  7. Curious to know what direction you're talking... sticking with headphones? Or moving onto nearfield monitors?
  8. Adaptors? seller:affinityadapters makes some pretty decent ones. Audeze to Utopia, 3.5mm to Utopia etc.
  9. You probably haven't been to the other subforums - speakers or components. 3k is nothing...
  10. @elisix_ nice! So are you still keeping the 800S and Sony Z1R?
  11. https://addictedtoaudio.com.au/products/focal-utopia-reference-high-end-dynamic-headphones-b-stock https://addictedtoaudio.com.au/collections/sale/products/focal-stellia-reference-high-end-closed-dynamic-headphones-b-stock
  12. Just need two face masks, one for each headphone cup... or wear a shower cap... 😁
  13. Yeah, Oppo got out of the audio and headphones business. Drop purchased some of the Oppo PM IP and have developed the Drop + THX panda - same drivers as the PM-3 with different tuning.
  14. Stretch it a bit more... Focal Elegia... will last her all the way through University...
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