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  1. Check out the website, http://wilson-benesch.com/torus-infrasonic-generator/ Shows the internals... very impressive!
  2. A couple of extension cables with 3.5mm termination (one end female and other male)?
  3. No probs. I'm now curious to read what you wrote to cause that kind of reaction and being flagged as a 'troll' lol. But yeah, like with most forums these days, always some weird and interesting characters.
  4. FWiW, Amir didn't review or measured the A22, someone else did (Wolf-X700). It's not yet released and no one sent one in. https://l7audiolab.com/f/review-and-measurements-of-gustard-dac-a22
  5. Purchased a WFT-3D a month or two ago but finally managed to find time to unbox and hook it up. It is a little on the larger side though (and seems quite hollow/empty inside - not that I've opened to take a look). Any ideas which DAC chip it uses? I like that it has an optical out so feeds DAB right through to my existing DAC but just wondering if I should just use line out instead.
  6. Yep, @vong is ready to represent Australia now.
  7. Looks like that only applies to the 15" models (S1512 and V1512). The other models have the IPAL in the model (S1812 vs. S18 IPAL; V3612 vs. V36 IPAL).
  8. Oh, we're up to S1512, V1512, and V1812 now. Not sure what the difference is between the ones ending in 12 and 10 (which was what I saw a year ago).
  9. V1510 and S1510 have been out for a while now, but those are really good prices! Thanks.
  10. Ah, didn't know it was also supported on mid-range AVRs. I agree though, would be nice to have support for both the pro calibration kit and the app. I'm not even sure why Audyssey decided to phase out the pro calibration kit when competitors like Anthem's ARC and Dirac still allows advanced calibration via a mic and PC software.
  11. I think it's created to replace the older Audyssey pro calibration kit and assumes you have prior knowledge... Also, pro calibration support was only available in the top end devices, with the MultiEQ App now, it brings support for calibration to lower end models as well.
  12. FWIW, the "after" graph isn't accurate. It's Audyssey's guess as there are no measurements taken post-correction.
  13. Try this for reviews: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dmholdings.AudysseyMultEq&showAllReviews=true
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