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  1. Looks like A2A will stock the limited Focal Radiance.
  2. IMO, 4.4mm is the better connector. Could look into the Dunu DUW-02, comes in 2-pin and MMCX and allows you to quickly swap connectors. Aliexpress with coupons, or wait for a sale, and it should come around the $100 mark.
  3. That's some serious gear. If that's what you call small, anything larger might be close to a CanJam Brisbane.
  4. Sadly learnt elsewhere that the owner, Reinhart Kreim, has passed.
  5. The running joke is that the Focal headphone cables are from the same manufacturers as used in cheap IKEA lamps. Go get yourself a set of aftermarket cables as advised earlier.
  6. Perhaps this, if it's still available?
  7. Lithium batteries degrade over time, after which, you'll have to look into replacing it or the entire headphone. For me, I'd rather get a decent wired headphone (or two or three or ten) and a bluetooth module. You can then replace the bluetooth module with whatever the latest bluetooth spec is (Qudelix-5K with aptX Adaptive, LDAC, AAC, aptX-HD support today, something else better tomorrow).
  8. Affinity Audio/cables? https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Sony-Pentaconn-4-4mm-Balance-to-4-Pin-Balance-XLR-Adapter/174176660266
  9. Could experiment and play around with EQ'ing a bit to see what your preference and the "treble flaw" to you. Then order one of these inexpensive cables with a filter https://diyaudioheaven.wordpress.com/headphones/passive-filters/. Schematics are provided on that site too for those keen to build their own.
  10. yeah, that: https://www.wagneronline.com.au/power-leads-iec-c13-right-angle-to-mains-plug/ac-power-leads-iec/power-240vac/power-lighting/9904/fl/ https://www.wagneronline.com.au/power-leads-iec-c13-r-a-to-r-a-mains-plug/ac-power-leads-iec/power-240vac/power-lighting/acl115-46729/969232/pd/ And something thicker than the 0.75mm2: https://www.wagneronline.com.au/ac-power-leads-iec/power-240vac/power-lighting/acl406or-2r-65996/9904/pd/ https://www.wagneronline.com.au/iec-c13-cable-with-90-degree-plug/september-2016-clearance-2/wn-archive-2016/new-products/acl406or-2l-70097/987864/pd/
  11. PayPal doesn't pass on CC info to the merchant but rather if your PayPal account is a U.S. one or AUS, IIUC. I have two, one all transactions are in USD. Also, you can use travel SIM services such as Truphone if you needed a U.S. mobile number for SMS verification.
  12. Yes, April 23rd to be exact, was when I signed up to Qobuz. Straight after they reversed the decision to disable payments via PayPal. But I've always had a U.S. PayPal account.
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