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  1. Would be nice to show how much of a reduction each one does - AU8 on it's own, the Delta NR cable on it's own.
  2. If it's the NR cables with built-in filters in the IEC connectors, then it's also helping here...
  3. What cable is being used? Is that one of the newer NR products?
  4. Drill a hole in the wall and put it flush. Spray paint the grill white or whatever the colour of your walls are to blend in.
  5. You sure about that? I'd go with a Y-splitter into two headamps that way gives each user the ability to control their own volume. Something like JDS Atom for it's compact size, price, and seems to measure well.
  6. Are these cables shielded? Also, any ideas what connectors are used (XLR)?
  7. I think @Decky was referring to the U.S. plug and socket.
  8. The one in the wooden box is the one with the SMC connectors, v1, I believe.
  9. Nice little thing. I'm still using mine. If anyone wants an extra gaming controller, I have one for sale. GLWS.
  10. Ah, thanks! Found some more materials online, mostly seems to be based on research done 40 years ago.
  11. What's the reasoning behind removing mid-range compensation? Any references or links you could point me to?
  12. Right, I mean two of these mounted horizontally side-by-side. Would work out shorter (2 x 30.5cm) than the SuperCinema soundbar (124.5cm) and fits the requirements of 2 channels.
  13. Something like a GoldenEar SuperSat 3C (C for horizontal tweeter arrangement)? Get two of those and mount them side-by-side.
  14. @M5SRT, any updates after trying those placements? I've just recently started playing around with the MultiEQ app myself so would be interested in your findings.
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