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  1. I love this! Firstly, how many CDs does it hold? Is it one per window? Secondly, is that man carrying an invisible box?
  2. I'll take Pulp Fiction please (PM on it's way) Thanks.
  3. I am still interested, but.... What size are they? Where are you located? and are you willing to ship if I cover the cost? Cheers
  4. Let me know if the sale falls through please.
  5. That rack looks pretty too, @Brad24, did you put that together? I forking love it.
  6. Trace? Is that a pcb track, or perhaps the ribbon cable? what ever it is, it’s before the DAC chips, the sound drops out across all RCA outputs at the same time.. i have ave yet to test the balanced outs, but I’m pretty sure they will be the same.
  7. Update... I found a BDP-95 that was going cheap because it was skipping while playing CD’s. I hoped it would have maybe a dirty lens or faulty drive. Turns out, it’s pretty well the same as my unit: HDMI output is fine, analogue audio drops out. Seems to be happier with the lid off. I’m not equipped to test it further, so I’ll take them both to get fixed and hopefully sell one off to cover the cost,
  8. Hi, i have an Oppp UDP 95, which sat in its box for a long time after I bought it from another member. The analog outputs all appear to be dead. There is some heavily distorted signal after turning it on, it gets clearer as the machine warms up, but it cuts on and out, until disappearing completely. Digial outputs are fine. Seems to be a heat related problem with the analog section. Do I get it fixed, or do I buy an outboard DAC? cheers Garry
  9. Ahhh, “give a man a fish...” Thanks, I was probably overthinking the process.
  10. Hi, I’m a tightarse, but please... I’d like to use a cartridge alignment tool and scales. I can pay a nominal fee, plus shipping. cheers
  11. I’m interested, but potentially I only need 4. Do you mind selling 1/4? Do you have a pdf data sheet on these guys? I can’t seem to get much from the Deccon website. Thank you.
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