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  1. Toothdoc


    Sorry should have withdrawn the sale. I didn't but I ended up using it.
  2. Toothdoc

    Driving utopias

    Oh thanks man.yeah they r roughly both around the 2k mark. And u mean night Hawks right 😂
  3. Toothdoc

    Driving utopias

    I got spendor speakers... A night owl headphone. Just wanted a really good set of headphones. That I can use both in and out of the house. I haven't decided on open and closed as of yet
  4. Toothdoc

    Driving utopias

    Oh that's so good to hear the z1rs don't need some amazing amp... yeah in my mind better to spend the 2000 now then keep changing later on
  5. Toothdoc

    Driving utopias

    Ahh thanks guys. Actually I listened to the utopias in the shop and thought they were amazing. Obviously you guys r right. It's probably not that portable. Was also looking at the z1r although u need a big amp for that too right. By portable I mean just listening in the car during lunch breaks n stuff.
  6. Toothdoc

    Driving utopias

    Thanks guys. I'll definitely have a look at the clears then.
  7. Toothdoc

    Driving utopias

    Thanks man!
  8. @Mike13 what did u like about customs over a 2000 dollar set of iems
  9. Hey guys. Was considering the focal utopias. Had a quick listen the other day quite liked it. I was wondering what is the cheapest dap or portable amp u would consider using which such a headphone.
  10. Toothdoc

    Tannoy Speaker Sale

    @DarkNark Hey thanks man! Yeah looks like an amazing deal.
  11. Toothdoc

    Phone as source

    Thanks guys u have put my mind at ease
  12. Toothdoc

    Phone as source

    Oh right. That makes sense. That's why I didn't quite understand
  13. Hey I read somewhere, maybe here, the phone is not a good source for music even if u have a dac amp connected. Sorry if it's a stupid question but I don't quite understand why that's the case.
  14. Toothdoc

    Picture quality of LED tvs.

    I don't know about plasma but oled has the blackest blacks. Which actually makes everything look amazing. Samsung has a newer tech but I wouldn't bother with that because it's probably extremely expensive. U can get a good oled lg 55 inch sub 2000 now. Which is what I got. But check out the issues with oled. I didn't bother to read much about it myself but apparently there can be some burn in images or something like that.
  15. Toothdoc

    Wall mounts

    Thanks Al!