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  1. Did 8 Mic positions. all 60cm apart Position 2 and 3 i had the mic 6 inches below the 1st position Position 4 and 5 i had the mic 6 inches above the 1st positon Im watching dumbo tonight so hopefully it sounds amazing ! If you get a chance have a look at the attached pdf let me know what you think of the results A few peaks with my surrounds in the mid to upper freq. But theyve always being there. I think its the room Sub has a peak after 500hz but it rolls off way before that anyway 25thJune2019Calibration8MicPositionsRearPanels.pdf
  2. One more question. Ive noticed ARC sets all my channel levels at 80dB ? Thats according to REW SPL meter w/ a calibrated Umik Shouldnt ARC set all levels to 75dB? ie 30 dB less than reference level (105dB) is 75dB
  3. Interesting. I only have a 3 seater lounge. So 5 positions has being enough. I might try doing more. Problem is you need to space each position by 2 feet from memory. That makes it hard to find new positions. My previous runs have being spot on. Really good sound. The problem is either , raising the mic 6 inches and lowering it 6 inches as recommended or im thinking it could be the acoustic foam i placed over one side in a 2m x 2m area. Ill do another run today with more positions. If no change ill remove the acoustic foam .
  4. Hey guys. Im about to run Genisis for the second time. First run i did a week ago. I followed some suggestions from the anthem website. WHENEVER POSSIBLE, vary the mic height for the 2nd through 5th positions, with two measurements being 6 to 12-inches below the 1st position and the other two measurements 6 to 12-inches above the height of the 1st position. This method provides ARC with a more three-dimensional view of the room and its acoustic signature. Do you guys do this when adjusting the mic? 6 inches below then 6 inches above? I tried it last week. Sounded off. My centre channel sounded overly loud . and even my mains didnt sound as good . How do you gys position your mic ? with one 3 seater , i do an X . First the centre , then right side back , then left side back , then right side front then left side front
  5. I use these as rear surrounds. They really do sound good . Ive used them in a small room for music as well. Nice sound.
  6. Ill take the BURMESTER: Incredible Audiophile SoundSelection SACD $25 
  7. Luqman Hamza - With this Voice $25 How much is postage to gold coast? Thks
  8. No 8 Nordic sounds. Ill take it if its available?
  9. I want these so bad. Ive being looking for decents subs for yrs. Im almost willing to drive from gold coast to Melbourne for these lol almost.. I tried paying a friend to drive from syd he wont do it 😢😢😢 sucks..
  10. Still available? Im trying to organize a friend to drive from sydney to pick them up. I really want these. Anychance they would fit laying down in a kia rio hatch with the seats down?
  11. Postage with tracking? Ill take it as long as i dont have to pay paypal fees. Can we do bank transfer?
  12. Months later i know, but i thought id let you know that all the distortion, harsh noise i was experiencing wasnt due to the AVM60 or my speakers /system. It was my room acoustics !! Reflection I invested in some bass traps and quality panels as well as other side DIY treatment solutions. and everything sounds great now ! Superb actually. live and learn i guess lol So sorry about all the whinging i did back then lol I had no idea room acoustics made such a difference.
  13. BT120-80 Are these sold? If not would you consider post? Courier ?
  14. Interesting for sure. But not really clear as to wether its possible or not. Some comments said yes /maybe others said no Android software has limitations so kodi player etc end up downsampling the file..How are peeps testing this? How are they able to know what samplerate and bitdepth a flac file is playing at? I dont see anywhere where kodi player displays this info? Or vlc etc?
  15. Hi Im after some advice regarding high res digital audio and android media players available on shield. I have a collection of 24 bit audio. I recently migrated the collection to shield. I saw a graph that suggested vlc , kodi player and other Android media players only play 16bit audio Do you know of any m/players available on shield that do allow for 24bit audio tracks? Or do you know of any kodi addons that have 24bit audio streams? I have found some good addons but like usual they dont state if theyre lossless or mp3 or 24bit Same with most players. I find it frustrating that even vlc refuse to say if they do allow 24bit or not. Im not the first to ask i did google it. It seems like vlc and other like to keep this a secret for some reason?
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