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  1. Not so expensive in a short length but cant tell you how it sounds yet.
  2. I wont be any hurry i think will just enjoy.
  3. Thanks @DrMikeOz Looking forward to hearing Abbas's magic. Curious if you have an opinion on the different chip sets in regards to output stages ? Am running a F2A11 SET amp that i hope compliments the PCM 58 chip.
  4. Yep am excited. I am curious about burn in times from other 4.1 or Abbas DAC owners? Excited is wanting to tube roll before its had a chance to settle in let alone arrive😊
  5. Hopefully my 4.1SE will arrive in the next day or so, currently moving around in Aus post according to tracking. Looking forward to it. But curious to hear how it developes with use.
  6. Authy is good use it for other sites and accounts
  7. The DAC U SE I have ordered is PCM 58K (this might make it a 4.1), I think the 63k is no longer available? Look forward to your comparison on the 2.3SE. Whent the Abbas route for USB -SPDIF for know just to see and for cost was a factor, but when I need two inputs will go the Mutec option. Thank you for the comparison. Hope to get there eventually. ?
  8. Just wanted to add to this. Abbas's blog would indicate he is no longer accepting order request through that site, he is so busy. My understanding from his blog is that he lists on ebay what is available from month to month if you miss one month try the next, confirmed in recent emails he is accepting orders from what he lists on ebay, "...Now we make only serial product from the foto" definitely demand outstripping supply, but he is very prompt on his emails and I can only look forward to sampling his esoteric Audio.
  9. Windows 10 but am not currently using as a server to main system. Really just for back up and storing/organising digital files. Am interested to set it up with Linux to make it worth while and will read some more. Not adverse to building a more dedicated server to integrate into my main listening system but as I mentioned its been a while and had varying success with a server build from www. computer audio now style if that indicates how many years ago I did that. Will do some research in preparation of new release. BTW the Kii's look terrific and sound also from what I read. I have som
  10. Thanks for the link will give it a read sounds interesting. J river on a NUC is about as far as I got after audio cards etc and thought it may be time as the tech changes so quickly.
  11. Interesting website with what looks a great product any other user experiences out there? Keen to hear as have been out of computer audio for a while
  12. Thank you, a lot of interesting comment on the use of external clocks for this unit! I am curious if anyone has replaced the internal switch power unit to an external LPS and found that it improves the performance ? I know, I know it would null and void the warranty if done on a new unit.
  13. Thanks @MattyW I was going to message you on your Mutec thread to find out, but went off on reading up on the Mutec. With my choice of the PCM58 chip I wondered if the Abbas USB to spdif convertor might be the better (bigger warmer) option and have had clarified that 2 inputs on the 4.1 is not an option, it is a half case chassis . I did make this decision based on immediate use that is PC USB so might try the Abbas for now (?) and look out for a Mutec they do sell pretty quickly. The transport option I am working on so not so pressing for me to have 2 inputs immediately.
  14. Thanks for your reply. I Might have to look more closely at the Mutec for multiple inputs as a way of using transport and streamer options
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