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  1. Jhames

    homecast HT8000 pvr, problem

    Hi members, I am using a Homecast HT8400 PVR (and an HT8200 its OK) I am quite happy with the 8400 but it will not turn off after recording. This happens after preset recording and does not respond to sleep setting. I don't have access to a firmware update...but perhaps that would fix it. Some information as to compatibility between 8000, 8200 and 8400 would be helpful.
  2. Firmware Files... I am looking for active links to the HT8000 8200 8400 firmware. There are some old links on the Forum...any current links. Many Thanks
  3. Jhames

    Homecast HT8000 Firmware

    Hi Members, I found this forum/topic with references to Homecast HT8000 firmware download. This information posted has changed since last post in 2016. I tried the links and could not find one that was still active. My unit is a Homecast HT8400 it does not switch off after recording. I was hoping an update to the firmware may resolve this problem. Does anyone have access to firmware for these older models? Thanks