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  1. I'll have to admit, even though it's no longer available on AliExpress... if the "Deluxe" version they're selling is the voltage-selectable version, and if it's also the silver transformer (lvl3) version...
  2. Haulien

    Audeze LCD2C

    I don't think it would... not for the LCD2C anyway... the LCD4 headband is similar in design to the headband on the LCD2C where it already has a suspension strap. The Lohb strap was made to basically do the same thing (before Audeze decided to do it). See pictures below to compare. First is the LCD4 carbon fibre suspension headband. Second is the LCD2C plastic/leather suspension headband. Third is the stock suspension-less LCD2/LCD3/LCDX headband. Fourth is the stock LCD2 headband with the Lohb Suspension Strap. ----------------------------------------------------- For reference, this is the carbon fibre LCD4 headband, with its suspension strap. .... which in design is quite similar to the LCD2C headband, with it's suspension strap from factory: .... this is a normal LCD2 headband (notice it has no suspension strap) (note that the stock LCD2/LCD3/LCDX headband is different in design to the LCD2C/LCD4): ... and this is a normal LCD2 (not LCD2C) with the Lobh strap:
  3. Haulien

    Hello from Perth!

    Heyo! I'm an audiophile from Perth hoping to see more local thoughts on audio gear. Thanks!