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  1. Further information: 250W class D subwoofer (500W peak), Black Ash finish 10" woofer & 10" down firing passive radiator. 3m QED 'Performance Audio-1' RCA interconnect pair. In excellent condition , small chip on the top front edge of veneer and slight fading of finish on top surface (see image). Purchased about 3 years ago. I had been using this with a Rotel RA1570 and a pair of B&W 685 S2 stand mounts in a big room (5x6m with 3.6m raked ceiling) and it filled out the bottom end really well. However, I have moved house and the HiFi now lives in a mu
  2. It was a little convoluted. It was a little easier for me as I only had one sonos device and didn't need to run a split system between S1 and S2. The app was easy, just downloaded the new 'sonos' app from googly play and then deleted my old sonos app (which is now called sonos S1. TBH I can't remember how i did the hardware, even through it was only 3 weeks ago. I'm pretty sure it was through the new S2 app (although i seem to remember download an additional hardware update app). It did keep all of my playlist and library setting which was nice.
  3. Sonos connect, recently upgraded to S2 software. I have been running this through my integrated amp's DAC via coax using FLAC up to 24/48 and it sounds great. Will de-register it from my account once sold. This has not been used as an upgrade for a new sonos device. I was holding out on this sale until S2 was release, hoping for a bigger overhaul of the app would happen - it didn't. Not that there is anything wrong with it, but it doesn't hav a few things that I would like. I don't have the original box, but is small enough to pack well. Happy to sh
  4. Hi All, Have been following online for a while, and finally have decided to start making tweaks/changes to my system. Had my system for about 4 years, but have since moved house and am mostly happy(ish) with it in the new space. i'm running Rotel RA-1570 and RC-1570. About 300 or so LP's in my collection that play on an 15 year old Pro-ject Debut III (OM10 cart). Digital through RasPi running moOde audio. All running through B&W 685 S2 and a Sunfire SDS10 sub The closest thing to a hifi store in Launceston is JB or Harvey Norman, so I either have t
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