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  1. Further information: For sale is a set of Lypertek Tevi true wireless earbuds. If you're looking at this listing then I guess you know how highly rated they are having a neutral sound signature and just the right amount of bass. I've had both Sennheiser and B&O wireless ear buds and these compare favourably at under a third of the cost. They are in excellent condition, rarely used and come with the original box, case, USB C charging cable and a selection of silicon ear tips. They support Bluetooth 5, aptX and are fully waterproof. Both the ear
  2. Damn- beaten to it. On a positive you just saved me $600 to spend on something else I don’t need
  3. In my own personal experience I've found DACs have made a difference to my system. I started out using the internal DAC on a Bluesound Node 2. It was good and I liked the sound but was a bit lacking. Upgraded to an Arcam irDAC to go along with my (then) Arcam amp and it was a definite improvement. Finally finished up on a Gieseler Klein 2 DAC which has really lifted my system and also brought my upgrade charge to a crashing halt so I can now afford food. So yes, a DAC made a big difference to me and I can thoroughly second Bill's recommendation of Clay Gieseler's DACs.
  4. Good plan if you secretly want to keep it. What are you replacing it with?
  5. Got one of these - astoundingly good and a total bargain at this price. GLWS
  6. Just recently picked up one of these to replace an Arcam irDAC ii and the difference is astounding. It punches way way above its weight. This is a superb DAC - it'll make you smile and is a total steal at this price. GLWS
  7. Further information: Bought on a whim - hardly used. Very neutral set of IEMs that really do punch above their price range. Selling as I have too many sets of headphones and these really aren’t getting any use. I’d say I’ve used them approx 4-5 hrs so they will benefit from some burn in. The MMCX cable in the picture is a replacement as I was not a big fan of the original one. I'll include both in the sale. There are a ton of tips with only the large transparent ones having been used (and cleaned). Some reviews https://www.head-fi.or
  8. Further information: Astell Kern AK100ii DAP in excellent condition. I bought it on a whim but not really used do I am putting it up for sale. I have been using it for streaming Tidal which it does flawlessly. The sound quality is superb as expected. Some reviews https://www.head-fi.org/showcase/astell-kern-ak100ii-high-resolution-single-dac-audio-player.20186/reviews https://www.whathifi.com/au/astell-kern/ak100-mk-ii/review Comes boxed with all the accessories as shown in the photos. I will also throw in a 128 gb microsd card w
  9. Further information: Great DAC which trebles (?) as a headphone amp and bluetooth receiver which, given the patchy internet I’ve had over the last few weeks, has been a lifesaver. It works well as a digital hub. I fed both my Bluesound Node 2 and NAD c516BEE cd player through it and it greatly improved the sound of both. It has two digital and 2 coax inputs. It also has both fixed and variable analog outputs so can be used as a pre-amp alongside a power amp if needed. The headphone amp is particularly good and is the one used in the Arcam A49 amp. It compares
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