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  1. Hi all, I’ve purchased a Parasound amp last week (classic 2250) and I would like to get my first pre amp to go with it. I don’t really know much about them but I think I wouldn’t mind getting something that doesn’t have the Parasound name one it. Will be using the pre amp with Martin Logan electrostatic speakers and a pair of quad cone speakers. Requirements would be that it’s got optical in - would be using it with Sonos. Budget would stretch to 1500 dollars and looking at buying 2nd hand... Have you guys got any buying advice or ‘mistakes’ in the above? Cheers!
  2. Item: Martin Logan motion 40 Location: Toowoomba Price: 1400 Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: Too many speakers Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: For sale are my Martin Logan 40's. Speakers are in very good condition except for 2 small dings in the speaker grills created by my lovely family members. There is a very small spot in 3 places on the veneer. I've added some pictures of this. If you wanted to replace the speaker grills I was quoted 150 dollars each. I concider the price I've put on these reasonable and deducted the price of the grills. The speakers have been used with an av -receiver as part of home theatre for front Left and Right. Gorgeous speakers with a lovely sound. These retail for over 3500 dollars. I have the matching motion 50xt in the same colour. If you were interested in the whole set I can provide pictures and a price. The centre speaker is in absolute mint condition. more info on these beauties here: https://www.martinlogan.com/en/product/motion-40 Pictures:
  3. I'm interested too. From Toowoomba, driving past Brisbane on Saturday if not sold...
  4. Sorry about the delay Ivan. I’m not using a preamplifier as I don’t really see the point yet. Im going straight in to the amp from the standard Sonos connect. From the amps LFE to the sub which is set for 70hz and at about 40 procent volume. For HT I’m using a different system all together.. Apple TV straight in to the AV receiver. So so far it seems like I’d be better off getting a second, more powerful sub because of the room size... do I still do the subwoofer crawl for the second sub with the first sub in place?
  5. Hi Ivan, I'm using a NAD amp 275BEE and 2 Martin Logan electrostatic Speakers (EM ESL). Cheers
  6. Current system is made of Martin Logan speakers. its a 7.1 System. I’m just a bit unhappy with the subwoofer and the way it sounds compared to the rest of the system. I guess I’m trying to find out how to improve it. My thinking was to buy a better subwoofer, just don’t really know which one and what size. Ive done the subwoofer crawl so I guess it’s in the best location.
  7. I've got a pair of those as well. I'd sell them but for slightly more...
  8. Cheers. Budget would be up to 6 grand. I do like the second hand market over new...
  9. Ceiling height is standard (2300mm?). excellent. Thanks for all the info so far. Didn’t expect you could mix and match subs... will be looking at a bigger model than. Quite the fan of Martin Logan gear but i guess for a subwoofer it wouldn’t matter all the much hey? Cheers
  10. I've had a pair of Martin Logan Sources with similar issues. Had a look how much it would cost to replace the panels: got quoted around 2300 for the panels including shipping. apparently there's a lot of issues with them getting damaged in transport by plane so it's recommended to get them shipped by boat which takes about 2 months. They were going to produce the panels about 2 months after I enquired and were going to be the latest sort and upgraded panels..
  11. Sorry about that. Room is not treated and is rather large (8*7). Budget up to 2k. Using a Velodyne EQ max 12 now.
  12. Looking at upgrading my subwoofer in the near future. Have read a thingy here and there about smaller woofers being quicker to respond and larger woofers being punchier. Is that correct? I will be using it 50-50 home theatre - music listening. What would you guys recommend from experience? Cheers
  13. Item: Martin Logan 40 Location: Toowoomba Queensland Price: 1500 Or Swap for something of interest Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: used as surround speaker/ have another pair Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info:I am moving on my Martin Logan Motion 40's. Speakers are in very good condition and are about 1 year old. Have been used with an av -receiver as surround speakers and have never really had a workout.. There are no dents in the grills, the cabinets look mint although there's a small white spot on one of the speakers. It's hardly noticeable and happy to get some pictures if need be. Would like to replace them with something interesting (either a pair of Martin Logan motion 15 or 35xt or a different set of floor standers). I have a second pair of the motion 40's otherwise wouldn't sell these on. Gorgeous speakers and love their sound. I do not have the original boxes but I can either take them to pack and send OR I can pack them myself - I can do a good job Thanks for reading Pictures:
  14. Hi all, new to the forum and looking forward to learning new things and sucking up experience. I’m a big fan of electrostatic speakers and home cinema in general. Really like the the sound of Martin Login and DALI so far. looking forward to listening to a lot more brands and finding out what else I might like. If there’s any recommendations for ‘similar’ brands I’d be keen to hear!
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