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  1. Hi All, trying to work out what settings are appropriate in the chain of Digital to analogue. I'm playing a mixed bag of digital files (94kHz to 192kHz/24 bit) and spotify from a computer. I've enabled the player in windows to do 24 bit. Next up the DAC is connected with a USB cable and I have set the DAC under settings/audio in windows 10 for 94/24 (a happy medium?). I've matched the settings on the DAC to 94/24. Could someone explain what my best bet is in regards to setting up 'the chain' of devices when I listen to certain things (spotify, HD tracks,...) and why? Thanks heaps!
  2. Further information: Bought new 3 months ago. 9 months warranty remaining. Perfect condition - used for 2 weeks as part of home theatre system. Upgraded to a bigger amp. Have original box and can ship. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  3. haha, thanks. Had it as a child and had to buy it again. Childish but I’m not ashamed...
  4. Further information: Bought these from Kelossus roughly 6 months ago. Devine sound, enjoyed them very much. Condition since collecting them 6 months ago has not changed. They have been sitting in my listening room covered with plastic bags as the cats would love to have a go on them. Listened to them roughly 10 times - speakers are in near new condition. RRP for these is roughly 5K Will not ship these - happy to assist with delivery to Brisbane, Sun and Gold Coast. Link to advertisement from 6 months ago:
  5. Used to have a pair of these. Top price for an awesome set of speakers! Good luck with the sale
  6. You should upgrade to the 3.6 !
  7. Queensland - Brisbane region is fairly difficult to sell out-of-the-box speakers. I’ve got my fingers crossed.
  8. They’re a very impressive speaker. Extremely well balanced sound and great bass extension. Definitely a bargain at $1500. The last owner kindly provided me with the manual. It’s included with the sale.
  9. Thanks LPG, will fix up the specs first thing tomorrow.
  10. You always need some luck when you’re shipping unfortunately. There’s never 100 % certainty nothing will go horribly wrong.
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