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  1. Hi All I've been lurking on this forum for two and a half years now so thought I'd better get my act together and finally introduce myself. I got the HiFi bug from my father - he had what I think was a decent hifi system from before I was born - Micro Seiki turntable with a Grace cartridge, Cambridge floor standing speakers and a Cambridge P70X amplifier. He had a CD player as well as far back as I can remember so I would guess he bought it around 1983 or 84. I remember "buying" (more like choosing because of the cover) Cargo by Men at Work when I was four or five years old so it would have to be around those years. Anyway I got my first HiFi bits for my 18th birthday - Orpheus bookshelf speakers (I think Aurora?) and a second hand Creek 4140 S2 amplifier, which I ran off a Discman and then a Sony 50+1 CD changer. This was all I needed for quite a few years until the Creek died and it was replaced with a Cambridge integrated amp. I used that combination up until about 5 years ago when HiFi changed from just an amplifier and speakers into something that I was really interested in, coincidentally around the same time I moved from Melbourne to Canberra. I checked out the old Creek and found out it was simply a blown fuse, so it was brought back to life, and I bought one of those Optimus turntables from the recycled goods store at the Canberra tip. It was a slippery slope from there. I sold the Cambridge amplifier and stuck with the Creek, probably for sentimental reasons and it had a phono stage built in. From the Optimus turntable I went to an early 80s Technics turntable, then to a Sherwood direct drive and then to the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon i have now, which I bought about 18 months ago, shortly after moving back to Melbourne. And my Orpheus speakers are living with my parents, having been replaced by a pair of Mordaunt Short Pageant 2 speakers. Well that turned into a bit of an essay... I would say I'm probably in the bottom 2% of people as far as experience with products goes but hopefully I can contribute to the forum more than I have been in the past. Cheers
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