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  1. Price reduction $2150 Happy to audition on pick up.
  2. Item: MCA 20 Two channel power amp Location: Sydney 2196 Price: $750 Condition: Very good- perfect working order Reason for sale: NLR Payment method: pick up cash Extra info: comes with original packaging. Happy to audition on pick up.
  3. Item: B&W CM10s2 Location: Sydney Condition: cabinet damage which has been touched up. Apart from this they are in very good condition. Please refer to photos. Reason for sale: NLR Payment method: pick up cash Extra info: comes with original boxes and bases, which are currently in storage. I do recall there are a few chips on one of the plinths. The speakers work flawlessly and I am happy to audition on pick up.
  4. I’ve had the Luxman l509x for almost 2 weeks now, approx 160 hours of running in time. This amp is extremely powerful and remains in control at all volume levels! Currently running B&W CM10s2. Totally different to the Luxman 590 ax11 i had previously owned in terms of control and clarity. I strongly recommend you audition this amp. In my opinion this amp excels in all departments. Good luck
  5. RCA input. If you choose to deal with Devialet directly , your consumer rights may be compromised. Dealers / importers / repairers can not assess the units internally, therefore one cannot get a independent opinion on faults. The Retailer supposedly tested the unit and claims there is no fault. He doesn’t realise he is not a Devialet technician, and is now carrying the liability, this has been noted in an email which Fair Trading sent to me. There is more to this, that is why I am taking the legal path and case is currently active. Devialet responses are always delayed and emails constantly interchanged between consultants.
  6. The amp was sitting on a wall unit in free space...plenty of room around it. Even with no speakers connected with the volume turned up to half way temperatures of 65 degrees were reached. Due to so many configurations the unit is capable of, everybody’s outcome will be different. I can confirm with line level in the unit does reach these temperatures. People should be cautious with dealing directly with Devialet regarding repairs,as it may effect their consumer guarantee. My advise is only deal with the retailer/ importer or authorised Australian repairers unless the product is out of warranty. I don’t think the type of speakers play a major part, it’s more so the settings and the source. This has been my experience.
  7. Thank you for your advice.
  8. Ambient temperature approx 24degrees , it still works although it’s a safety hazard it gets ridiculously hot...cannot be touched more than 6 seconds. I am dealing with a dealer who’s arrogant level is 10 out of 10! I’m surprised this guy is still in business, this guy is not phased by the law and has encourage me to take him to court. I would love to mention the business name but I will refrain from this for the time being. He Does not even know the product that well, it’s all about profit with him. What is the best way to deal with dealers like this?
  9. I’m not sure if the amp has a fault. The dealer currently has the amp in his possession, and said there is nothing wrong with it. I gave him instructions regarding the settings and using line in with a CD player , shortly after received a photo with Spotify on the display window and the temperature of the unit. After reluctantly following my instructions I think the he realised how hot the unit becomes and my concerns about safety regarding heat. I have requested a refund on the basis of safety and the lack of a local distributor dealing with warranty claims. The unit is only two weeks old. It took me over two months to get a replacement unit when the one prior to this completely ceased working. Devialet support is quite bad at the moment as the Australian distributor have wiped their hands clean. All warranty claims are dealt with in France.
  10. On the display it actually reaches 65. I think more so when using analog in. Ex distributor do not respond to calls. The dealer which the unit was purchased from is irrational and extremely defensive. Never there to help the customer.
  11. Spoke to Devialet customer care they have informed me up to 65C is with in operating parameters, and I believe this is the temperatures internal amplifiers. Radiating through a solid metal polished chassis is much hotter. My one reaches 65c when using rca input. Only found this out after my son almost burnt himself. The Melbourne dealer cannot do anything to help my situation. I finding this quite strange.
  12. Hi. Just wondering if anybody has experienced high level of heat radiating from the Devialet 140 pro chassis...cannot be touched for more than 6 seconds. This is of great concern to me. I would like hear from anyone that has an opinion on this. Thanks
  13. It will not allow me to get that far. Navigating through the menu is off limits. Initializing takes place then reverts back to standby mode. As long as the power cord is plug in the buzzing sound continues through one channel.
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