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  1. audio7

    Devialet 130/140 expert pro ci

    Thanks to everyone.
  2. audio7

    Devialet 130/140 expert pro ci

    It will not allow me to get that far. Navigating through the menu is off limits. Initializing takes place then reverts back to standby mode. As long as the power cord is plug in the buzzing sound continues through one channel.
  3. audio7

    Devialet 130/140 expert pro ci

    Thanks for your prompt response Never had this issue before... dead silent is a under statement when it comes to devialet The unit is about 9 months old Currently running all up to date software No current changes to set up, I have tried the other speaker through the channel which has the issue it still presents with a loud buzzing sound- definitely not the speaker or cables, also no sources are connected I have tried all the basic trouble shooting as you have stated. Thanks again
  4. Hi all Just wondering if anyone has had issues with a expert pro not loading, ie can not select sources or navigate through the menu, and in addition to this, a loud buzzing sound coming through one speaker channel Thanks
  5. Hi All Just wondering if it is beneficial in some surround sound set ups to use a different brand centre speaker to the main speakers? Or is it better to stick to the same brand /series of the main of speakers? Thanks
  6. All sources connected to the devialet are processed internally through the on board dac. I wonder if the these players loose any sonic magic. In your experience would you be able to comment on using digital out on these players? Thanks
  7. Hi all I have realised no streaming services sound as good CD play back. My set up consists of devialet pro with B&W CM10s2 to date I have tried the following players. -Ps audio PWT : found it to be very laid back with no get up and go. -Naim CD5XS: Does every thing so well...I ended up dissecting the performance because it allowed me to. I was not able to get lost in the music. I think this would be a great player in the right set up and sounds much better through the rca output. Too forward sounding for my liking. -Rega Saturn R: Very musical,engaging,smooth and unforced sound....best of all goosebumps!!!! I don’t want to be left wondering . The last on the list is Marantz SA-14s1, I’m not sure how this will compare to the Rega.BTW I have ruled out the Cyrus players due to reliability issues I would really appreciate feed back on the Marantz SA-14s1 or any players up to 5k that really standout.
  8. Hi I’m currently using a Cambridge CXU as a CD transport. The result is Ok. I would prefer a dedicated CD player/transport. I’m currently thinking of ps audio PWT or Rega Saturn-R as a transport. Any options on this will be greatly appreciated. I will also take on board other recommendations put forward. Thanks
  9. The B&W 600s2 series work well with Arcam fmj amps...these are high current amps-a good start will be fmj A29. Naim 5si also highly recommended with these speakers. Remember to use a good source. Good luck
  10. audio7

    Devialet 130 pro

    I ended up purchasing the Thor b12f board yesterday.... I cannot believe how much of a difference it’s made. I didn’t realise how much bad power can impact a Hifi system. I still use a Yamaha receiver rx-v3075 in the set up. I have not really enjoyed this receiver, although it’s had rave reviews - always put it down to bad room acoustics and speaker synergy. The background is dead silent, hence it’s strengths really stands out now. All the other equipment is plugged into the board now, including the Devialet delivering great results. I will look into isotek. Thanks heaps for your recommendation - it has really paid off!
  11. audio7

    Devialet 130 pro

    How would this power board compare to a isotek Polaris board.
  12. audio7

    Devialet 130 pro

    Hi Do upgraded power cords and power conditioners make a noticeable difference to SQ... if so could recommendations will be greatly welcomed. Thanks
  13. audio7

    Devialet 130 pro

    I took your advise to turn off the DPM. I cannot believe little tweaks do make all the difference. Thanks again
  14. audio7

    Devialet 130 pro

    Your spot on. I’ve always stuck to B&W for some reason. I’ve been through 683s2, cm9s2 and now cm10s2. I was using a Luxman l590ax11 with different dacs, it only lasted two months before I switched over to devialet. To date devialet has been the most satisfying. I have done a few tweaks tonight and added Roon to the system - streaming tidal. This has really inhanced the system.I’ve got to give to a couple of guys on this forum who guided me in the right direction.