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  1. Better the 3D upgrade board just taxes the DSP chips and creates more heat
  2. I’m out of doing a room treatment at the moment due to COVID Michael , funds are sparse
  3. What I was quoted about a month ago martini Xhd is available in black or white 100 Mm thickness $270 per pack , and there are 3 panels in a pack, price includes GST- minimum 3 pack order 75 mm thickness $275 per pack , 4 in a pack , minimum 3 pack order of course with freight companies jacking up there prices maybe it’s all more expensive now from memory Autex acoustic panel products were considerably more expensive, presumably as a marketing tool. I saw their phenomenally priced 3D acoustic tiles and they looked ghastly. Scam pricing imho CSR MARTNI also have an XXHD range which I’ve never seen csr martini is made in Sydney and its about 2 weeks turn around approx once u place an order
  4. Yes Sayers plumbing coburg can order in all the CSR martini products from Sydney . Their prices were very reasonable . But Covid up-ended my plans csr martini have minimum order quantities i also went to the Autex experience centre in Melbourne where I was greeted by a pompous teenage prat. All she could do was brag about how she only deals with exclusive architects and designers , but could lower herself to deal with a pleb like me. Autex acoustic products are priced like Jardan furniture, another wwannk company who price their furniture is if they were Picasso’s. its polyester ffs
  5. They probably overprice everything cause they know hagglers are gonna haggle I personally can’t bring myself to haggle but now that I know the RRP has been inflated to accomodate the hagglers , I have no choice
  6. Does anyone remember what the av8805 marantz was priced when it was first released in Australia ? another couple a years and qualify will price it like a Lyngdorf
  7. The other factor, other than greed , for the escalating prices of 2 channel and home theatre gear 1. worldwide inflation cause by insane levels of money Printing by every central bank. Despite the BS the reserve bank tell us , inflation is rampant 2. GOLD. There is gold used not only in binding posts but in Other components . As the price of commodities goes up manufacturers have to pass the cost on. And gold has gone up a lot in recent years . I bought some Magico Q5’s some years ago . I thought they were expensive . When I look around at prices now , I’m glad I don’t have to buy now
  8. So sad that by the time Denon release a worthy successor to the AVP-a1hd I will be in a nursing home reading penthouse
  9. Buy this one when you can because it sounds BETTER and is cheaper than the newer M28 https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/nad-m28-seven-channel-power-amplifier-review.15939/
  10. Yep as Phil Leonardo would say “whadever happened there?!?”
  11. What are these made of ? Polyester ? Rock wool? Fibreglass ?
  12. no blu ray player does and this one doesnt
  13. Not a bad price for an exceptionally made , hand built Made in Sweden speaker with top shelf crossover components or you could spend this money on junk made in China like monitor audio
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