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  1. Why do you need 2.1 may I ask its really of value for gamers only
  2. Between the Yamaha Cx-a5200 and marantz av8805 on perusing the owners threads in various forums you will hardly hear anyone complain of bugs or issues . They work as advertised you want misery? Grab a JBL synthesis Or a modern arcam https://au.yamaha.com/en/products/audio_visual/av_receivers_amps/cx-a5200/index.html
  3. Everyone’s customer service from the major brands isn’t what it used to be
  4. Further information: Under the watchful eyes of Gladys Kravitz at paramount studios, this Hitchcock thriller has recently been restored in 4k resolution from the original vista vision negative Bonus Features: The never before seen DNR’d version using Paramounts proprietary software-debacleXPRO Original Audio tracks have been cautiously removed So you don’t have to endure tape hiss. if you like your movies with no film grain from large film formats, this may be for you imported from deep discount USA which took 6 weeks to get here by boat ordinarily I would use this as a coaster or binned it but you never know who wants these things can be picked up in person from Deer Park or point cook vic Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  5. They are reliably well made, made in Japan amps. But I wonder how it relates to the 100 volt issue . The inference was 240volts isn’t as good compared to 100v . Enquiring minds want to know. assuming you just meant Japanese gear is reliable , I agree.
  6. There were a few of these for sale Here I. The 2 channel classifieds in the last few months and I don’t think they sold you could PM the sellers
  7. Can’t wait to see Lawrence in 4k unfortunately postage times from USA to oz have been super slow of late . For obvious reasons I’m at day 45 waiting on Parcels from Deep Discount is any retailer from US using air freight to oz ?
  8. Sorry I meant to post the specs of a typical power amp as he wants to go OPPO to power without a pre
  9. A word of caution when considering using your oppo 205 as a pre amp ill post some comments from Bob at avsforum son the Oppo thread and as an example the input impedance of a musical fidelity 2 channel amp
  10. Unimpressive build quality compared to the glory years of the AVP/ POA series
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