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  1. http://www.cineytele.com/2019/06/06/dolby-deluxe-y-panasonic-se-colocan-a-la-vanguardia-para-llevar-la-calidad-de-las-grandes-producciones-a-los-hogares/ spanish is my mother tongue and according to the last paragraph the GZ2000 has no banding . If only
  2. As far as I know the GZ2000 is being assembled in Japan hence perhaps the highish price
  3. I’ve pulled these tweeters apart in other models that’s just the dust cap with the slight indentations the actual silk silk tweeter lies well below these hence no sonic differences GLWTS
  4. Apparently one of the best sounds at Axpona
  5. Yes didn’t wanna pay $300 for ac infinity fans when a Kmart does the same for 29$ albeit they look terrible
  6. Can’t believe this hasn’t sold yet ive been using this Marantz Pre for years driving Denon to Wilson Benesch speakers Very very reliable Marantz and built to last
  7. Good lord I didn’t think there was such a market for these things Sorry to the 5 or so who messaged in last 48 hours I’ve been flat out at work item was sold yesterday good luck to all
  8. Yes a dormant vitus phonostage in the rack so there are 4 cords to devices : each one approx 1.85 metres long 2 cords to supply power to the super titan: each one is approx 2.1 metres long
  9. Yes all the cords are terminated with Neutrik at one end ive used it for months on my house normal 240 volts 10 amps electricity supply I’ve never needed 20 amp circuit - I just plugged it into my wall; same wall I use to plug standard appliances
  10. Item: istoek super titan Location: Point Cook - near Melbourne Price: $4k Item Condition: Hardly used . Looks as new Reason for selling: Not listening to Vinyl anymore Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Extra Info: I think these go for 13 k when on sale at CAV . I have all the cables that come with it . Boxes I don’t have Pictures:
  11. Orsons last words or a suburb south of Mornington
  12. I second the Lenehan suggestion . World class quality without the BS nonsensical “high end “ mark up
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