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  1. I heard these great sound , Sensible pricing and very well made in Italy
  2. Experimented tonight with some good quality RCA cables disabled HDMI audio on my Panasonic 9000 UHD player to connect via multichannel analog outs - to see if there’s was an audible improvement by using the AKM dacs. Speakers are Wilson Benesch with Denon POA amp ( the one with the three UV metres that weighed a tonne ). Wilson Benesch Torus sub my pre is a marantz AV8003 circa 2008 which from memory uses cirrus logic DACS there was a slight improvement in sound quality by using the AKM DACS but nothing to justify the headf*** of having to buy 6 RCA cables , lip synch delays and lose bass management afforded by HDMI audio. But at 50 maybe I’m tooo old to hear the differences
  3. My Oppo 83 passed onto to me from Fred flintsone still works LOL
  4. The HD- DVD’s have rotted because they were presssed by the Notorious replicator Cinram from North America . Warner Bro’s sacked them because of their high failure rate . Cinram soon went bankrupt .Cinram was also involved in press8ng titles for fox and universal in the early Blu ray era . Nowadays all American Blu rays are stamped in Mexico (god help us ) of my over 1000 Blu rays I have had 2 or 3 rotted and they were from UK and Germany not a bad failure rate . I’ve gone back and played all my 2007 and 2008 Blu rays and none have rotted (Touch wood )The oppos have better Ram and buffering to cope with small scratches from the zillion players I’ve compared including the xboxOne. just like in the vinyl era the worlds best Blu rays and UHD’s are pressed in Japan . Marvellous quality control . Even the way the apply their scratch resistant top coat is absolutely perfect I wonder where JB hi fi gets all their BD’s and UHD’s pressed cause it’s not stated on the disc of back cover . if I was rich I’d import all my BD’s and UHD’s from Japan . Even the silk screen printing on the discs is without peer .
  5. I don’t know what sources were used for the UHD but I hope they didn’t use the same masters that were used for the original trilogy Blu ray
  6. American Ash , Fraxinus Americana the king of woods for baseball bats. If I was the young woodworker I used to be I’d snap it up!
  7. Yes this move to 180 gram vinyl etc was nonsense , there was none of this shitt in the 1970’s and they sounded fine. Thick vinyl needs care in cooling down we can make perfect vinyl but who will bother paying the extra wages ?
  8. Today’s vinyl has dubious quality control compared to the glory years of Japanese pressed vinyl wait till u come into the world of non fill, off centre pressings, warps and dished records Made me kiss vinyl goodbye years ago and go to sacd I mean analog mastered vinyl has a special rich sound but I couldn’t be bothered with modern day quality control (and Japanese pressings have become too expensive ) I estimate that I was sending 3 or 4 out of 10 records back to acoustic sounds
  9. Yes I saw a 3 chip TRUE 4k DLP christie projector and it was a sight to behold
  10. Be good to see an actual TRUE UHD DLP projector instead of pixel shift DLP chips been touted as true 4k its not like the true 4k DLP devices sold by Texas Instruments are 50 times more expensive than the 1080p chips it’s insulting that in 2020 that we keep hearing , across the board from multiple manufacturers , of “new true 4k projectors “ and after reading industry “reviews” we discover it’s the same old pixel shifting scam
  11. If modern pre pros /. Receivers like Denon and Marantz are using analogue volume control that’s news to me if it’s true then I understand why 7.1 analogue outs from players still exist and I retract the question
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