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  1. My 2 cents be careful with Sonos - many reports on forums of the software going nuts and volume goes up by itself had to disable the app and now get up off the sofa to adjust the volume others”ll will chime in on what sounds good . I thought the denon sound bars sounded better than Sonos as did the expensive dynaudio
  2. Film maker mode technicolor mode .."... reminds me of the Darbee craze a few years back I think I can translate it “ High Dynamic range is a disaster with no agreed standards and we are making this shyitt up as we go we have no real technical breakthroughs to eliminate banding , poor motion resolution and tinting so let’s sell you some bullshitt catchphrases and charge more for the new model coming next year Dolby Atmos 4d Mark 2 2 subs to be installed in your sofa and an actuator to be placed in your undies “ It’s a similar scam in home theatre audio: tens of thousands of dollars for processors that have Dirac. Woopty phucking doo- the parts in those machines would struggle to cost a thousand Euros . coming next year we have Dirac Master Mode Excelsior X— specially calibrated by Abbey Rd mastering Engineers who will remind us , again , we’ve been wrong thus far . And of course you will need the $700 calibration mike that cost $2o to make
  3. And yet I’ve seen an e7 series oled at jb hi hoppers crossing that was running 7 days a week in torch mode for 2 years I couldn’t see a dead pixel or any evidence of image retention let along burn in because they had no static logos and continuous varied content OLED is better than plasma for longevity once we got past the 2016 series
  4. According to the guy that designs Dartzeel so should leave solid state amps on in standby mode that small volatage is enough to ensure maximum life expectancy of the caps ive had many friends who left there solid state amps on in stand by and they still work fine 20- 30 years later i leave mine on in stand by and for class A amps I always have a fan blowing onto the amp during playback - looks like **** though ha ha
  5. Which brand is true balanced for av processors?
  6. MY understanding say for the expensive made in Japan Marantz av8805 Amir has shown the 2 channel performance doesn’t measure well but I don’t think he measured its performance as a Blu ray audio processor , which is what most people buy it for but he does have a point : sometimes the “high end “ is taking the piss with the components they use and the prices manufacturers charge . Witness the recent tear down in Greece of focal kanta speaker respect has to be both ways
  7. Ok yes I’ve played many UHD discs on my Panasonic 9000 ; 4ks from Japan , England USA and Australia only 1 UHD disc froze and pixelated on my panasonic 9000 :the American Lionsgate release of MelGibsons Hacksaw Ridge checking on several posts from amazon USA other people had this problem with hacksaw ridge so it was probably due to a replication error , it was the early days of UHD so out of 50 plus UHD discs I have only one caused an issue , so as a UHD player I can’t fault it. Only the rare Blu ray disc causes my panny to choke . Just wanted to know what other people’s experience with this player was like
  8. Maybe u had a power surge .? But your right they don’t make em like they used too:
  9. It’s a well known problem for that model eg. https://www.whatsbestforum.com/threads/oppo-bdp-83-making-repairs.26057/ i would email OPPPO USA and ask them who sell bona fide disc transports ( u don’t wanna just replace the laser ) ( not sure if oppo USA is still selling parts ) ebay has tonnes of parts for this model , I changed my transport years ago its an easy fix but you may want to u tube how to do it and never look into a laser they can blind you oppo usa spare parts email https://www.oppodigital.com/ContactUs.aspx if they won’t send it direct to you they may nominate an eBay seller who sells genuine Oppo parts
  10. Yes I am on firmware 1.6 for 95 % of people this player will probably be faultless I guess Panasonic helpdesk is in the phillipines but last time they insinuated the problem were the discs I had were probably rotted - yet they play on my oppo 103 , I didn’t get the vibe that clef hi fi were keen on advocating on my behalf lol i recall oppo support in America were incredible they really went the extra mile to trouble shoot issues but I wouldn’t be surprised that they pulled the pin on UHD because they knew it was gonna be a monumental headf***
  11. Oh well tried different hdmi cables and it made no difference guess I have to try to convince the Panasonic call centre this player isn’t the bees knees for some problem is the freezing is so sporadic that if they don’t see it in testing they’ll say there’s no issue looking at the OPPO 203 threads at avforums avs and Blu ray .com I see many posts of people having issues with freezing and disc locking up/ pixelating wish this 4k format had gone with another solution that didn’t involve such micron tolerances cause I never had this problem with dvds as the pits on those discs were well spaced out and u didn’t have to baby the discs
  12. If it was a faulty cable one would think the issue would be common but I’m only seeing it on , say , 1 in every 80 Blu rays I play I’ll try changing the cable anyway
  13. I’m having a few Blu rays pixelate and freeze on my Panasonic uhd9000 discs have no blemish then they play on my oppo 103 funny thing is reading at Blu ray.com and avsforum it can go either way as to which player has the most sensitive laser contacted the Panasonic distributor who told me to liaise with Panasonic Australia who aren’t to concerned at the moment I guess this is what happens when you cram too much data into a shiny 5 inch disc or these UHD laser transports aren’t as forgiving as the Blu ray lasers
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