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  1. cant be phucked selling my kuro - built like abrickshit house
  2. Here’s me going to uni to wind up a Uber eats driver Lol off to the mines !
  3. Well the old krell gear sounded and was built fantastic not like the player build quality of today if replacement lasers are available , Given these were over 3000 when new , 800 isn’t so bad , top panel was vented to allow heat to escape . they don’t make em like this anymore
  4. Demasio dinero para esa modela ademas , se algo se rompe en un ano, tu piensas que se puede areglar el laser? Yo pienso que no
  5. Seems like an excellent price for an amplifier that goes on and on for years .
  6. If Costco can sell them at this price , what on earth is the wholesale price ?
  7. Reading the manual online I notice these have a volume knob for each channel can these be used as an integrated to drive speakers ?
  8. I have a vitus pre and power and this is top 5 amps in the world for solid state you can listen to vitus amps for days on end - very non fatiguing sound
  9. true. but id rather spend money where u can hear a difference , like speakers or amps, rather than on snake oil like isolation devices and earth wind chanellers
  10. Shhhh!! lest someone decide to market it as a discrete isolation device and charge $150 per pad
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