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  1. Still waiting to hear from Paul. Thanks to all those interested. I'm back at work now, so will update during the day.
  2. I'm just waiting to hear back from Brabs. If he hasn't been able to work out a solution, I'll offer it to the next person in line from my PMs (Paul).
  3. Item: Nvidia SHIELD TV GAMING EDITION Controller + Streaming Media Player Location: Adelaide Price: $160 plus postage Item Condition: Used: I am very careful with all my gear Reason for selling: Using other streaming options Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: 2017 model, 16gb, complete with adapter and in box. Pictures:
  4. The Xbox is great for Atmos, but is awful if you need to change between Dolby Vision/HDR and non Dolby Vision/HDR. 4K SDR is treated as HDR and lessons quality. Apple TV 4K is best overall device.
  5. Thanks for the response, I’ll try that.
  6. Thanks for the reply. I've discovered that You Tube does use a sharpening algorithm and increased contrast as a type of click bait.
  7. I've been mulling over this issue for a while now, and thought I'd ask you guys (and girls) if you had any answers for me. I've also done a search and can't find any threads specifically discussing the issue of variable 4K quality on different platforms. The main question, there will be others later, is... why does 4K on You Tube look so much cleaner and precise than 4K presentations on all other platforms? If I watch something in (supposed) 4K on You Tube it is always as I would expect 4K to look, whereas 4K on Netflix, Amazon, Stan and VUDU is good, but doesn't have the same (almost) jaw dropping clarity of a You Tube video. Before we go any further, here is the gear I use (all cables are good, and high speed NBN of consistent 95mbs): Hisense 75N7 Yamaha 3060 Apple TV 4K Nvidia Shield All devices are connected via the 3060 Other questions I just can't find answers to: 1. The Yamaha 3060's recent update included Dolby Vision, but the Hisense isn't compatible. The ATV sends Dolby Vision instead of HDR to the amp when watching Netflix. Does this make any difference? Can it be changed if needed? 2. If this is causing an issue, is there a way to only send HDR from the amp to the Hisense? 3. How do I ensure that I am allowing all video to pass through to the TV to allow it to do the upscaling, as I believe the Hisense is capable of doing a better job? 4. When I visit a You Tube channel which supposedly is showing HDR content, is it actually in HDR or just brighter 4K? The TV doesn't register a HDR signal from You Tube. This is when trying on both media players. The TV does receive HDR signal from other platforms on both the Shield and ATV. Thanks for any help. Oh, and before anyone whinges that I've posted this on a couple of forums...I just can't find answers to these questions, so I'm covering all knowledge bases. Cheers
  8. Hi everyone, I'm mainly here for the AV section and am looking forward to learning and discovering new information from you all. My set up consists of: Hisense 75N7 Yamaha RX-A 3060 Paradigm Elite E80 IW (LCR front) Paradigm Pro P65-R (x4 in ceiling for Atmos) Paradigm Atom Monitor (rears) REL T7 Subwoofer Nvidia Shield TV Apple TV 4K Cheers.
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