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  1. They will fall off... Especially in summer. Second time round I stapled the adhesive labels into the plaster of the walls and ceilings. Haven't yet found an effective way to properly secure the labels to the Dc2 panels hanging above my seating position-had one just fall from my roof on Friday. With wavewood panels I glued mdf panels onto the spongy backing then stapled the adhesive into that...no problem with those
  2. lll take em Pm Sent with intention to buy.
  3. Gone thanx for ur interest
  4. eggshell acoustic foam 10 pk--black brand new never used tiles 50 x50x 36cm. bought a few from ebay but never used any of them...threw all of them out except this...cost $50 dont be comparing these to vicoustic/primacoustic panels but for what it is its ok for the back of a home theatre room or for up and coming streamer/broadcaster in a small room. pick up only--Mill Park Vic
  5. I had one of these...good all round player..the ability to play both sacd and dvda was something i used alot. Good luck with the sale. All your gear reminds me of a time when i had all day to read brochures and the latest sony pulse magazines. Again..good luck with the sale
  6. Still available. Going out on the curb this weekend
  7. free to good home. in good condition. middle partition has been removed to accommodate larger receiver or power amp. some of the back panelling has been cut to allow for cabling and ventilation (barely noticeable with gear inside)..pretty sure i have a extra panels will look for them before pick up. measures 151x56x56cm.
  8. hi there, been on this site for about 18 months..now time to say hello. initially happy to find another site apart from ebay/gumtree to search for gear but have genuinely been impressed by the sense of community, knowledge and helpfulness people show one another. have dealt with some excellent sellers and received help from some of stereonets regulars..so thank you all. Recently finished upgrading my 15 y.o system to dolby atmos( a format worth the upgrade) finally have some hdmi outputs and hopefully now no upgraditis for another 15yrs.. hope to list some items in the pay it forward section soon thanx
  9. Hi Wld like 2 pairs of the osborn rcas. One pair if thats all you have left. Postage to melbourne. Thanx Andrew
  10. Am interested in purchasing this. Whereabouts in melbourne are you. How old is the unit..still under warranty
  11. I agree with ihearmusic. Osborne eos elite was phenomenal at recent hi fi show. The look on peoples faces when he switched from large speakers to this tiny thing...priceless. Definetly worth an audition. Nothing of similar size ( and sadly some floorstanders) didnt compare to the beautiful sound this speaker produced on resoanbly priced gear.
  12. Can i get some photos of the broadband absorbers. Are they grey/charcoal in color also
  13. Was lucky enough to scoop this sub up. Came away very impresses by the demo. Yet to do a proper demo in my home.The larger svs subs must be deadly
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