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  1. andy g

    FS: Cables Lot1

    Hi Wld like 2 pairs of the osborn rcas. One pair if thats all you have left. Postage to melbourne. Thanx Andrew
  2. Am interested in purchasing this. Whereabouts in melbourne are you. How old is the unit..still under warranty
  3. I agree with ihearmusic. Osborne eos elite was phenomenal at recent hi fi show. The look on peoples faces when he switched from large speakers to this tiny thing...priceless. Definetly worth an audition. Nothing of similar size ( and sadly some floorstanders) didnt compare to the beautiful sound this speaker produced on resoanbly priced gear.
  4. Can i get some photos of the broadband absorbers. Are they grey/charcoal in color also
  5. Was lucky enough to scoop this sub up. Came away very impresses by the demo. Yet to do a proper demo in my home.The larger svs subs must be deadly
  6. Hi Happy to purchase the sub off you. Wherabouts around melb are you. Do you still have receipt/warranty etc Thanx andrew
  7. andy g

    Getting out of hifi

    They insist i keep buying ear science powerbox...dont know how they know that
  8. andy g

    Getting out of hifi

    Raising young family also.. considered selling but glad i didnt Put all my expensive stuff in storage but 6 yrs later have it out and now enjoying movie nights with my kids. Also getting back into 2ch once their asleep. Am enjoying turning my kids into audiophiles and teaching them about different music and artists