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  1. Thanks grizzly I will start researching all of these. Yesterday I managed to score a shure ml140he for almost nothing so will use it in the interim. Sounds pretty good so there will be no rush to upgrade.
  2. G’day team, I finally strayed away from Dual 12xx’s and bought a Thorens Jubilee (TD147). It works beautiful, however has been used a lot so not as new condition. Just need some advice on suitable cartridges. It came with an audio technica at3200xe mc cart however has a terrible hum. I tried a one of my mm carts and the problem disappears. Given this I’m after a nice mm cart for the thorens. Unfortunately, because I have specialised in duals my shure m91s and v15 iii don’t have regular mounts and can’t be used on this tt. My only cart that can be fitted is a garrott bros k1. It sounds good but when I’m used to listening my sas on the v15 it sounds ordinary. My question is, should I upgrade the garrott bros cart with say a k3 or p77i or look at another brand ? Would love some advice. Note my amp is a solid state 1969 onkyo if that makes any difference. Thanks in advance for your help. Cheers stew
  3. I have the 732's smaller cousin, the Onkyo 725. Very nice amp and I also managed to find the matched Onkyo 433 am/fm tuner. These are awesome retro amps/ tuners. Do yo still have your 732?
  4. Team the planets have aligned! I have managed to track down and order an original spare part! Thanks for the tips!
  5. Team I have a dual stereo, which includes matched reel to reel, tuner, speakers, cv40 amp and 1219 turntable. Recently my amp started to get a crackle in the volume control and the left channel would drop out at low volume. In an attempt to remedy this I blew the dust out and applied some electrical contact cleaner and lube. This did nothing for the volume control. While the amp was off I tried turn the volume up and down multiple times to see if I could free and dust or corrosion. After this process the left channel was cutting out over a greater range, from low to 3/4 of full volume. One way to get the sound out of the left channel was to slightly put a skewed pressure on the knob like you are pushing it laterally.... the second the pressure was eased of the channel would cut out. Does this sound like a broken volume pot? Are they easy to replace? On the dual cv 40 volume control it has a contour and linear feature where you can push or pull the knob to select either option before selecting the desired volume. Are replacement pots still available with the above mentioned functionality? I’m keen to hear your thoughts. Cheers Bunya
  6. Item:Thorens TD 145 Mk1 turntable Price Range: around $500 Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Team I'm keen to buy a stock Thorens TD 145 Mk1 turntable in good original condition. The intention is to keep it in original condition. Cheers Stew Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  7. I have a couple of duals 1219 and 1229 and they are fantastic! You need to be prepared to tinker but they aren’t too hard to get right. I would love a Thorens 145 I have never listened to one. Cheers
  8. Hi for my 1229 and 1219 I use the dual cartridge alignment jig. To check I then use a generic protractor (vinyl Engine) . I have never had any issues and find the alignment jig gets it right from the start. Cheers stew
  9. Team I’m new to hifi and was lucky enough to land myself a really nice dual 1229 with a shure ml140he cartridge. The cartridge had a vn45mr stylus in it but in poor condition. My question is should I try and find a replacement stylus or should I just get a new cartridge for it? What would you recommend if replacement is the only option. Cheers stew
  10. Thanks mungbean I just lined myself up with a pair of e70’s. I’m picking them up today. Cheers stew
  11. Thanks AI.M its now my mission to get some really nice E50's! thanks heaps for the advice! I really do appreciate it! Cheers Stew
  12. Thanks AI.M would other krix speakers such as the KDX main or Symphonix Floor Standing Speakers be worth considering? They seem to have the efficiency you refer to? Do you have to match the ohms ie 8ohm amp with 8 ohm speakers or can you mix them up? If i'm sounding like i have no idea its because i don't... ? I must say I love the look of the Wharfedale e series, how hard are they to find? Cheers Stew
  13. Team I have an Onkyo Model 725 amp, which was made around 1970, and was wondering if you could make recommendation for a decent pair of speakers to go with it? I'm new to hifi and have a pair of old advent speakers from a council clean up. They sound good but I just want to see if there are any better ones suited to this old amp? For those needing details I'm using an Onkyo model 433 tuner (matched with the amp) and a pioneer SPL -110 tt (i have a Dual 1229 on the way). I don't have a budget, i will look at the recommendations before deciding on a budget. I'm not particularly biased towoards vintage speakers, however think they look cool. I guess the main thing is that i get something that sounds good for all types of music ! I have had a recommendation of krix speakers but would like to explore everything before purchasing anything. cheers stew
  14. Hi I recently bought myself a Dual 505 and it had a K1 on it which was a bonus!. I have been comparing the K1 with an AT95E that i already have and its definitely got a better sound IMO. I would love to hear what the other models are like. I would definitely recommend the K1 based on my limited experience and the level i'm at (beginner entry level). Cheers Stew
  15. Team I'm new to hifi and currently have a Pioneer 110 TT which is fun, however, I have been using it for a while and want something where I can easily cue a record. There seems to be a selection of Dual 505's on fleabay and Gumtree and was wondering if they are worth considering? I would love to hear your thoughts? Cheers Stew
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