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  1. FS: Rega Planar 3 turntable - without tonearm

    This is so pretty, I don't have enough records to justify this, but it's so nice.
  2. FS: Rega P1 (2017)

    Hi gzman71, do you still have this for sale?
  3. FS: Dali Zensor1 speakers like new price dropped

    hi jupiterzhao, are these still available?
  4. EOI: REL T5 Subwoofers x 2

    Considering, considering. Definitely got some good reviews. My understanding is that the REL is brilliant for music, and this is a great price.
  5. Hi New member from Sydney

    Welcome, welcome. I've found SNA to be a nice bunch of people so far.
  6. Wow, so pretty. Someone is going to get the audio deal of the year on these. Best of luck with the sale.
  7. Best budget sound bar

    I did some decent research into this, and I liked the Yamaha YAS-107. Or, the Yamaha YAS-207, which comes with a dedicated subwoofer was also quite liked. Unfortunately, neither of those were on sale (discount) when I went shopping, but Bing Lee were selling the ATS-1060 (the same as a YAS-106, with a different model name) for $180ish (+20% off eBay voucher), so that was $150ish all up. Sounds great for $150.
  8. New member from Sydney

    Thanks guys, I didn't think people replied to these, so I really appreciate it.
  9. New member from Sydney

    Hi everyone, I'm a new member from Sydney. I'm pretty new to the audio world, this all started when I thought to look at the back of the gigantic unplugged bookshelf speakers beside my TV, about a month or two ago. Anyway, it turned out that the bookshelf speakers were almost certainly White Van speakers (Audiofile by Jelich?), and the receiver that we had broke. Since then, I've bought some Dali Zensor 5's and a Yamaha RXV483, and I stumbled upon this website where people were selling used subwoofers of some proper quality. I thought I'd just buy my subwoofer and vanish, but everyone I know's gotten tired of listening to me talk about loudspeakers and I've enjoyed all the reading I've done this entire time, so I might stick around a fair bit. 😅