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  1. I’d delete this post if I could do so. I resolved this post question. I had to disconnect the Marantz off Ethernet connection and reconnect it to the network using WiFi. Simple to do by sharing my connection details via iPhone. After that the HEOS App on the phone located the device straight away. From here everything became available including Tidal. So it was the Ethernet Connection on the Marantz spoiling the party. Looks like I have to leave it connected it to the WiFi all the time.
  2. Hi needing help to bring up Tidal on my Marantz 1509. I have a Tidal account but it doesn’t give any option to sign in to Tidal on the Marantz 1509 HEOS app. My HEOS and Tidal accounts are using the same email address. Any support will be appreciated Thanks in advance. John
  3. This looks identical to the AA DTI Pro 32 I have that is an awesome external jitter controller. Better quality connector terminals though. The front fascia and button controls and rear connections are exactly the same. I didn’t know they made one with a DAC too. Incredible build quality. GLWTS.
  4. Good luck mate! Some nice gear and people here. Torquay geez cold as...🤠🤙
  5. I’ll take both of these subject to our payment success. EFT by bank ‘pay anyone’ would work for me. I’m in Mernda and can drive down at a mutually convenient time and location. best regards John Read
  6. So the 85% coverage in this cable is inconsequential for household 2.5/5GHz radiation.
  7. Where did you build your knowledge in this field? Have you ever looked at this work? https://upgradecompany.com/?fbclid=IwAR3mI6GvodVD4lN4L93fL9Kz-SzvbkTuEsGSN_5b4dxrAA8dpo996i7MUG4
  8. Hahahaha I assume better coverage equals better attenuation of stray EMI RFI
  9. Of course I wish it was 100% “Tinned copper braided screen, approx. 85% coverage” but it was the best I could find at the time
  10. See here for datasheet https://direct.dksh.com.au/files/product_docs/Y-CY-JB.pdf
  11. Yes it is. lol I bought a better armorclad set from the USA and promptly sent it back before identifying this commercial grade supplier here, Treotham http://www.treotham.com.au/
  12. Yeah so far I’ve upgraded the wire from the sub board to the HT to fully shielded higher current format. Still in the wiring stage at this time.
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