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  1. Cool. Thanks. That's about the level of amp I was expecting to need given I'll be using the MF for the fronts. I've also had recommended Anthem 520/720. It looks like any of those will do the trick. My preference is for second hand to maximise bang for buck. I must admit I like the look of the Marantz amps. I have a soft spot for Marantz as my first proper amp was a Marantz PM50.
  2. Thanks for the suggestions. I've started a new thread for my amp question.
  3. I'll be streaming Netflix and Prime through an Xbox One S. I'll also start trying some 4K Blu Ray through the Xbox. While picture quality is pretty good through the streaming services I find the audio to be pretty average. The projector set up will be mainly for movie nights one or two nights a week. I use my 65 Oled for day to day viewing. As I start to upgrade i guess i'll need to start paying more attention to my sources. I currently stream Tidal through an Airport Express and optical link to my amp. It would be nice if the new amp offered easier and more consistent streaming.
  4. I've just bought an EPSON TW9400 and so need to upgrade my old Onkyo 805. This has been a great amp but only handles 1080. Sonically I've been very happy with it. However, I recently upgraded my front speakers to B&W CM10S2 and rears to CM8S2. I've also just purchased a second hand Musical Fidelity M6i for front duties. So I'm looking for a new AV amp to fit into this new system. I only need 7.1 as this is my current set up and Atmos speakers are not feasible. I'm assuming that a decent 4K AV amp with say 100W per channel will be ok given that I'll be using the M6i for the fronts. Are ther
  5. I just purchased a 9400. Woo hoo!. Finally upgrading from my old TW3200 which is about 9 years old. I'm hoping it will be a significant upgrade as I am actually vey happy with the 3200 but I managed to get the 9400 for a good price. The wife doesn't know but I figure if i just swap it out she won't notice ? I'll break it to her after we've watched a movie over a glass of red. The next problem is I'll need a new AV amp. I'm currently running an Onkyo 805.....yes, it's old (13 years?) and only handles 1080p...but it is a beast of an amp. Interestingly I've also just purchased a Music
  6. Yeah from Rob at Quantum. These speakers have had a good life with a careful owner. I like to look after my stuff. As said, I've owned them for 30 years. For their era they really are in good condition. I even managed to find the original brochure. Now pending sale ?
  7. Further information: I've had these speakers since new. They have served me very well. I had the woofers re-foamed a few years back. Apart from a few minor marks they are in excellent condition for their age (now 30 years!) and still sound excellent. I think their characteristics make them are particularly well suited to a home theatre environment but they also sound good with a range of music styles. Sorry but I can't ship as I don't have original packaging, so these are really for any fellow Tasmanian StereoNet members. I've also advertised elsewhere.
  8. Yeah, i've got the exact same model. I've had about 9 years and still going strong on its second lamp. They have very good performance for the price and also have a great lens shift which makes placement very easy. GLWTS.
  9. Yeah. I thought the same. But....my Grandview screen hasn't warped at all in 9 years. I use it a couple of times a week. When i researched tab tensioned screens were much more expensive. Also, for my install i would have lost some screen size. As said, a happy Grandview customer.
  10. It's a good size I reckon. I sit about 4m away and is great. I'm still running an old Epson TW3200 which is on its second lamp. I still get a great picture but thinking it's maybe time to upgrade...hence the lurking in this TW 9400 thread.Here's the Grandview 112 which i've installed to come down in front of my Sony 65 OLED.
  11. I bought a motorised Grandview 112 about 9 years ago and it has run flawlessly since. Good value screen IMHO.
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