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  1. Thanks RCAJack, If you look closely in the image of the circuit board, you'll notice the integrated chip in the middle has pretty much cracked in half! I should have flagged this. If you could recommend a cheap basic class d sub amp board on ebay for me to play with I'd appreciate that very much. I'd enjoy tinkering with that. It's ALIVE!
  2. Once upon a time there was a paradigm 'Cinema 100CT' subwoofer. A lowly sub in the grand scheme of things, retailing around the $600 mark, but content with its humble lot in hi-fi life. One dark day and one integrated circuit failure later the sub had become a shell of its former self. Now useless and forlorn. Enough of this. My sub has cacked itself. I'm left with a pretty enclosure and a great driver but screwed internals. A new back plate will cost about $350 from a Paradigm dealer (who were very helpful in the matter). But I'd rather buy a new second hand Rel or
  3. Item: Oil painting Price Range: n/a Item Condition: n/a Extra Info: I have several oil painted portraits, all sorts, one of which I'm happy to move on at your selection. The portraits in the attached image are from a mugshot series I completed some time ago. In exchange, I'm hoping I might find someone in North Brisbane who has a mid range dac (up to $1500) they would be able to lend me for a weekend or over a few nights. You are welcome to join me when I a/b test it against my current entry dacs. I'm totally confused about the impact a 'decent' dac w
  4. Further information: Inherited some gear as I’m known as a tech guy but it’s all pa gear and I’m a hifi junkie! The Soundcraft is in good working order. Happy for potential buyer to take home and audition to ensure it’s up to scratch. As such, I’d prefer a local buyer in case of return but am open to suggestions. I’ll also chuck in a Bose 502c if it is of interest. It powers on ok but I can not test it and don’t know its working condition. I’ll make a donation to stereonet upon sale. Photos:
  5. Hi, let me know if you are still keen on this. I’m in Brisbane. I bought my Elears in the a2a sale a couple of months ago and have made my own shorter headphone cable. The cable is pretty much unused. If you’re ok paying $50 and postage, ($8 should cover it) I’m happy. I’ll send photos etc if you are interested. I also have the original fancy box which may be of interest. Cheers, Andy.
  6. Good buy, mine drives my focal elears as well as my schiit magni 3 to my ears. Streaming tidal with USB audio player pro....happy days. GLWS.
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