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  1. I did read through your temp tests and that gave me further confidence to trial the 4ohm taps. Later today I'll play some cds, stream and also vinyl and see if the same result exixts. I am particularly keen to spin some vinyl this way!!!
  2. So yesterday I tried the 4ohm taps. Baring in mind I am still using the Willsenton tubes and would not have 100hrs up yet. Initially I thought not a huge change but after about 20min once the amp had warmed up I noticed some more depth in the lower end, not as dramatic but equal to a small turn of the bass dial. I went back to 8ohm tap and as the amp was already at operating temp I figured the difference should be noticeable. What I found was a no different to other replies in that the 8ohm tap was not embarrassed and still sound very very nice but given speakers can dip to 3.2ohm
  3. I've had Qobuz for quite a while, it will be interesting to see if once rolled in Australia if the account will be able to be updated to local by changing address/location or if i'll need to cancel one and start another. Looking at the profile it offers you options to change your location but we'll see. Over the past year or so I have also read online UK subcriptions and USA subcriptions have slightly different artist and album rosters which I guess is due to licensing so it will be interesting to see if similar applies to here. Not sure if Spotify and or Tidal have same happenings?
  4. Thanks @Zed Zed I am home next week and can do this and see what my ears tell me.
  5. Very interesting read @Zed Zed thank you for posting your experience and findings. I am also new to the Tube world and your experiment is one I am going to consider further, I have not rolled the stock Willsenton Tubes as yet and have approx 60hrs up also. Not to derail this thread entirely but I have one question before I trial the 4ohm tap....My speakers can drop to 3.2ohm but are 8ohm nominal. Will this drop to 3.2ohm have any detrimental or negative affect on anything compared to your drop down to 5ohm? *Sensitivity 91dB (2.83V/1m) * Nominal Impedance 8 Ohms (min.
  6. Nice! Memories!!! mine arrived by boat also, wasn't prepared to cop the extra cost to Australia late last year and was in no major hurry. I still remember the smell of what seemed fresh paint when I opened the box. I am also using the Willsenton KT88 tubes, much learning from this thread on what tubes I think I'll try next when the time comes. Enjoy the amp, you have it paired to some very nice speakers, nice to know there is synergy there already and hopefully that buzz you have encountered removes it self with a few hours up or disappears with a tube roll.
  7. I'd do this slightly differently and look at something like the Vincent SV237, lovely amp, and has a tube pre amp section. Some bias in that suggestion but my experience with it has been fantastic. They pop up here for approx $1500 every so often. I am also a big wrap for Marantz and the 6006 or similar would slot in nicely IMO To add the other requirements I'd suggest a BlueSound Node 2i. This will cover all your streaming and NAS needs as well as any bluetooth and WiFi needs, it also has a great DAC in it that plays MQA and HiRes and will allow you to use the BluOs
  8. amazing thread, i just keep reading and learning. Surley this is the premiere R8 chat on the internet right now! I am still yet to roll the std Willsenton tubes out, I will wait till they fail me as I dont have the spare funds to do things right now but I did see some great tubes in the classifieds the other week.
  9. hey bud, happy new year. Yeah, IE seem to be in some strife, seems the band has taken a back step to Jons involvement and distanced themselves and I did read the FBI are wanting to talk to him too. ...and I can't see Hansi wanting to work with him every again. Real shame, IE are a great band and hopefully this doesnt stop them as their music isnt really political. Jons project from years ago Sons of Liberty was certianly more patriotic/politically charged but didn't reach the masses like IE does/has. It might however blow over as many things do. In this genre
  10. Jaw Dropping. Just saw this thread, not sure what rock i've been under. Yeah, I'm going to walk away and just give up I think 😂 Amazing stuff. Congrats on a combined room that just knocks it out of the park.
  11. Further information: This Phono Stage was being used in my 2nd System where I rotate a number of phono stages. I have decided to keep the cheaper phono stages for that system and move this on as its far too good to be used in this manner and needs a home where it will be used as the primary. I have the Graham Slee Accession MM in my other system and I can assure anyone the Reflex M is not embarrased whatsoever by its bigger brother. Wonderful sound reproduction with great soundstage and instrument separation. A quick online search and amongst this forum will return nothing be solid r
  12. I am sure you will be happy. This was my first tube amp too. Thus far I am very happy with the amp and the experience from purchase to taking delivery of it. I am keen to roll some tubes but I am enjoying it as it is for now as I have not been offended or disappointed with the std supplied Willsenton tubes but that said, know that things can be improved and very much looking forward to that in due time.
  13. Was lucky to catch these guys on their tour here a few years back with the mighty Grave and also Primate (who were pretty cool...Bill Kelliher from Mastodon and Kevin Sharp from Brutal Truth!. They had one show at the Bendigo and another at some little pub in Carlton. Long story short the gig in Carlton was just Wermacht as they wanted to raise a few more funds from the tour... no jokes, about 20 of us rolled up, the power went out and the band threw an acoustic set and just drank with us! So Cool.
  14. Yes never set rear or side surrounds to height as its a different soundtrack the amp will send to them and you will not get the "whizzing" type effects but moreso ambient sounds and background effects. If your rears are not audible enough for you and you have run calibration then try running them a bit hotter to your taste. Increase their volume via the independent channel volume or direct by the setting post calibration (this might be avr dependent) There is always rules and restrictions that you can get caught right up in but as most peoples rooms are not perfect theatre rooms maki
  15. My situation is almost the same. Room dimensions are ... 4.1m x 5.4m take a few cm each way. AVR is Marantz SR 6011. Speakers are Kef 950q fronts, 650c centre, Q50a upfiring atmos and rears are 350q on wall brackets angled down to the listening chairs. I only have a 3 seater recliner set up which is about 1.8m from the rear wall. With cable runs I ran cable up the front wall accross the ceiling and then down to the rears. Used a bit more cable this way but everything is completely hidden. The rear speakers are a bit higher than optimum "suggested" but by angling the
  16. Been watching a few things lately enjoyed this new series.. This was good too, although I dont really like over dubbed language so watched it with subtitles on which is far better IMO This one is a pretty long movie, good cast and I enjoyed it quite a bit. Also this, high action, high body count but its not a horror in that regard.
  17. Thought I'd post up the numerous reviews of this amp in here too. It can serve as a good reference for anyone choosing between this and the other talked about and regarded Tube Amps ...
  18. Some seriuosly good stuff here. I was eyeing off the Candlemass when it was for sale separately, just wrong timing... - not a big MDB fan but this is a great bundle for the doom fan! On a side note, I have purchased from seller in the past and can vouch for the products being as described and packed perfectly. GLWS mate Cheers.
  19. This amp will be hot selling soon, Thomas and Stereo building some real excitement about it this past week or so. I love the Class A and Class A/B option, thats a real strong point IMO. I actually was not aware of this amp when I was choosing between the Willsenton R8 and the Muzishare X7, Its a bit dearer but I would have most certainly considered it. I am happy with the R8 which I ultimately chose but the "class" switch option is great on this. I'll watch the review once its out, Thomas is stating it is able to do things nothing else in class or above class he's revi
  20. Good stuff and I agree why not! Good to lash out and spoil ourselves once in a while... Let us know once it arrives and your thoughts 👍🏻
  21. Just finished season 4 of the Crown. Thought it was still good watching. That led us to a 2 part series on Princess Dianna called "The Story of Dianna" it was done by her brother and it too was quite a good watch. Certainly gave a very direct perspective to the issues between her and Royal family but also the Papparazzi and how she used them and ultimately got used by them. Now onto the Queens Gambit, quite good after episode 1.
  22. Nice write up, I am keen to get your thoughts how they pair up with KT88's once you try that configuration out!
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