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  1. 08Boss302

    Metal: Currently Spinning

    Totally agree mate, I’ve got quite a few of these FDR releases now from Bolt Thrower, Entombed, Carcass, Carnage, Massacre. To name some and they’re all fantastic. Well worth grabbing.
  2. 08Boss302

    Metal: Currently Spinning

    Awesome pic mate! Really captures the mood of the cover and fits in nicely 👌👍
  3. 08Boss302

    Metal: Currently Spinning

    thanks mate. very in depth, i appreciate the suggestions and i'll do a bit of reading on the options you've provided. sorry to hijack the thread peoples - back to regular programming
  4. 08Boss302

    Metal: Currently Spinning

    Hey @BuzzzFuzzz how good are Nile!! George Kollias has some amazing YouTube clips worth watching of his drumming technique. I have never seen anyone use their feet like he does, its insanely fast. When you say face peel are your referring to a wood glue clean or is there another cleaning method you use mate? I have been looking up the wood glue method and was going to give a try on a few LP's. I also have the spin doctor but I must be doing something wrong coz the amount of fluid i go through is ridiculous. They say its reusable but i cant see how with whats needed to fill the bath... and its not cheap to buy
  5. 08Boss302

    Metal: Currently Spinning

    I remember seeing this movie on vhs in the late 80s and just loving the movie and soundtrack so I bought the lp from cc music off memory the next day I hunted down the vhs and DVD in the early 2000s and still watch it a few times a year. This soundtrack album by Fastway is still great imo. Not as blues influenced as their earlier releases but totally captures that mid 80s metal rock sound and vibe and of course the band featured fast Eddie Clarke (R.I.P) Just a fun album. Check it out if you dig that quintessential 80s traditional metal hard rock sound n style.
  6. 08Boss302

    Metal: Currently Spinning

    Good Morning Metal People
  7. 08Boss302

    Metal: Currently Spinning

    Keeping the traditional metal legends thing going!!!
  8. 08Boss302

    Metal: Currently Spinning

  9. 08Boss302

    Metal: Currently Spinning

    Merry Christmas and what a gem of an album👍 really looking forward to seeing them again next year with Beyond Creation and Caligulas Horse...
  10. All great choices but I’d still encourage taking up the loaner program on the Graham Slee Reflex M and or Accession. Plenty to read up on these on these forums and the web in general i went down that route and ended up buying the Accession then as luck would have it a Reflex M came up in the classifieds here not long after so grabbed that for my 2nd set up. I tried a bunch of stages and for me these were where I settled and have stopped looking since. On the more entry level price point but certainly delivers and competes well above its price don’t disregard the Vincent Pho 8 very very good performer also.