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  1. So I am now wondering, with all the current buzz and information saturating audio websites online accross differing forums and media platforms is there a general feeling that enough noise is being made to discredit/debunk MQA? The information has been around a while but now its really really ramped up. Brands - to name a few - Matrix Audio, BlueSound, PS Audio, Lumin and a number of others all manufacture gear that has the MQA software and have paid for that licensing. I am sure many have seen Paul from PS audio recent clip from a few months back where he is very clearly not interested
  2. Thank you for this. I will watch this today/tomorrow. I just read up about it including the YT comments. Seems a very highly regarded movie, I have not heard of this one before. The top YT comment in the modern trailer of Come and See also references another series/documentary Einsatzgruppen which I might look into after watching this.
  3. I'd read this a while back, What HiFi also did a review further back with Tidal their preference again. It also seems What HiFi are very big supporters of MQA and Tidal in general and I wonder if there is a sponsor in the background ? A quick search using the What HiFi page search function typing in MQA or Tidal and a heap of artilces come up promoting anything changing or being added to Tidal and MQA library. The fact maybe that they actually do prefer Tidal and there is nothing at all wrong with that, but there are equal articles and YouTube reviews preferring Qobuz also. It
  4. Not sure how you went with this but I can confirm as above that when I streamed Tidal via mConnect into the 205 I had the details populate on the TV screen...usually an album cover etc with the format and bitrate. The app had limitations but wasnt all that terrible. I tried UpNp too but I am really not great with that sort of thing so abandoned both in the end. I just went back to mConnect now and tried it, took this shot for your reference. There is no data on the front of the Oppo as such, it conveys it all to the TV screen.
  5. This thread has become increasingly frightening.
  6. If Qobuz comes through with a radio service it lifts the game considerably. I think the Spotify affection is also borne out of the fact it offers suggestions in line with actual listening habits. Tidal offers CD quality but also rams the owners musical tastes down your throat and rarely curates or suggests something that matched musical tastes or recently listened. Apple rarely gets a mention here so I'll bypass them but if you have Spotify and Tidal and used them both the interraction difference between them was enormous. One would eerily well match suggestions and playlists to your
  7. Spotify being the juggernaught they are I am of the opinion we'll get it here not long after its USA release. Darko did a clip not long after the announcement speculating it wont be an additional cost to the current premium subscription but more so just an option that current subscribers can choose - that would be quite amazing if its the way it goes. As for their HiFi format, I wrote in the original thread (before the split into this one, although I think my post is on P1 of this thread now) that I reckon in some way or another Spotify will be damned even with their HiFi platform by man
  8. I am still on my US Qobuz and just earlier had a chat with a mate who has the AU Qobuz trial There was an album he couldnt find on the AU Qobuz that is on the US Qobuz. Its an obscure metal album but interesting its not on the AU version. Has anyone else that has the US or UK based version done any comparison with mates on the AU version. If there is a few differences I assume these would be down to geographical licensing rights? FWIW, that same album is not on Tidal AU or Spotify either.
  9. I agree with this entirely. Its a subjective point of preference much like I said earlier with regard to DACs, Amps, Cartridges and god help us power cables etc. I used tomato sauce as an analogy but your preferred Cola or Scotch could also be used haha. There will certianly be people that dislike Tidal for its menus etc and those that are vehomently opposed to MQA which will be enough to move on. There'll also be those that will have a confirmation bias based on the above that will enough for them to move on irrespective of the music, some will just hear Tidal/MQA as worse
  10. I'll try answer your question without entering the MQA debate too heavily. There are alot of DACs that will unfold MQA via their USB inputs only - so feed a pc into their USB input and you'll get a full MQA "unfold". Also, available are DACs that will do the full "unfold" as a streamer (node 2i for example) but with these if you want to get a better stand alone DAC to work with them and connect this stand alone DAC via of the optical/coaxial outputs of your streamer (which would bypass the internal DAC) it will do the first "unfold" only so you'll get 24/96. The next "unfold" or
  11. From one of France's newest DM bands to one of their originals..
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