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  1. 08Boss302

    Metal: Currently Spinning

    Oh cool!! ive seen em at the Bendigo a few times. Def channeling that 80s traditional sound which ain’t a bad thing!!
  2. 08Boss302

    Metal: Currently Spinning

    Not a bad listen at all. This is Denis from ch31 hard rock show band.
  3. 08Boss302

    Metal: Currently Spinning

    Been a few weeks since I’ve posted. Lots of good tunes been playing. Went to download sawctye mighty Anthrax, Slayer and Judas Priest went to Cavalera last night, wasn’t quite arise tour of 92 at festival hall but it was bloody good!! First up, I thought I’d throw this classic on tonight. footys on, musics on, beers cold 🍻
  4. This is how I actually did it the other night. I sat in my chair as i would when i listen to music and just threw some music on and measured my normal listening volume. I then played around with some higher volumes just for fun. the only reason i did it this was is when i set up Audyssey it measured from 8 points but all within a max of 60cm from the MLP so i just went with that same principle but from one position not 8 obviously. again like @CJH said, i too dont have any special room set up acoustics or studio equipment, it was just me and my spl enjoying some tunes. The only thing i did is also whilst using my SPL meter i used an app from my iphone and they were pretty darn close to each other. whether this equates to the real world measurements an amplifier company or speaker company use i would not know but for my purpose it worked nicely and gave me the indication i was chasing. and you know what, the SPL measurement converter posted the other night by @scumbag was so bloody close to the findings i got with my SPL it was scary!!
  5. I've found this thread insightful on a few subjects and thankful for the information posted and links supplied. Whilst i am by no means knowledgable in the electronics field, this has given me some further knowledge - but i think there are a few matters and discussions kinda morphing together in this thread - to which i've enjoyed learning and reading about. How i took the Class A question/curiosity from the OP (and as it turned out myself also) was that he was interested in what does Class A bring to the listening experience. I think ultimately the speaker (in)effieciency of the OP was more a factor in the experience as opposed to the classification the amp was playing in. None the less it did spark up a good discussion and some great peripharal topics and information. From my perspective, the interest I had in the original and follow up questions from the OP and others is due to always reading about how great Class A is etc etc - i had some intrigue as its one of those "rules" or one of those audiophile "must haves" to enjoy best reproduction. Other "rules" such as not touching the tone dial or using/not using a sub etc also come to mind. Class A is held in a high regard and its "sweetness" is always referred to so whilst I cannot speak for the OP, some of the content posted about the benefit or lack of need for Class A i thought was a great read. I also agree that there is a lot of misconception about the topic and amplification in general. I am most certainly still learning on this and enjoying the journey. I will state however, that i was definately keen to find out what the measure of dB (spl measured) would be at a X amount of watts pushed through an amp. This was not due to any experience with inefficient speakers or clipping but more so to find out if my "average" listening volume would be sitting in Class A on an amp or switched over to Class A/B - obviously where the amp is set up that way. Given the love for Class A amplification, if it had no betterment in the listening experience then my logic is that its a useless feature of some amps to have that first X amount of watts in Class A. That doesnt make much sense to me though as mostly the sentiment is that Class A is supreme - I am yet to experience Class A long term at home so cannot make a sound judgement or supported comment - BUT - irrespective of all that I do totally subscribe to the sentiment, Class A, A/B, D or G if it sounds good to you and works in your set up then that is all that matters. No point having 80w of pure Class A and it sounding crap compared to 80W of Class D if for your room and listening tastes it works better. Having something because the "rule" book says or for bragging rights makes no sense to me. You have things because they are what you want or bring benefit to reach a desired outcome - not because of a spec sheet or a majority. Alot of speaker companies now offer amplification requirements for a specific model speaker they produce, this for me is always a good place to start, then its about the flavour you prefer or features you need and want but ultimately once you plug it all in and drop the needle or hit play if it makes you smile and you disappear into that audio nirvana not the price you paid or the class of the amp matters.
  6. ah huh. so, 90db (spl) is still 90db (spl) no matter the Class however all things being considered there may or may not be a noticeable change in some frequency high or low in the crossover between the two.. Thats exactly what got me to thinking about the actual volume (DB spl) of a claimed amount of watts in Class A. So many variables in peoples speaker efficiency, rooms acoustics, volume preferences or even volume realities based on chidren or where the room is etc that where one person's set up and circumstance may need 25watt of Class A for their system another might survice happily with 10watt and if in party the amp switching to Class A/B is probably a good thing as its cooler and pumps more power + for a party level volume that ultimate sound is maybe not as critical? i think i have a better grasp on this, i'll go toy with the calculator a bit.
  7. Awesome! thanks @scumbag i'll play around with this and use some different amp power claims from my seating postion. This should help me understand what volume theoretically Xwatts of Class A would be and so on in DB spl from where i sit. cheers.
  8. Great thread this and great article from pass labs. Onevthing this has got me wondering is if a claim of 5watt, 10watt, 50watt of Class A is being made at which time a switch to class b occurs is there a db measurement to accompany or is that impossible to measure and it doesn’t really translate that way? For some 5 or 10 watt of class a may be enough for the bulk of their listening volume preference and room, others maybe not. ie does 5watt of class a give 50db of volume if using a SPL? probs a rookie question but this thread and the pass labs article have me wondering/thinking.
  9. 08Boss302

    Metal: Currently Spinning

    Awesome! An over looked album in a heavy rock kinda way. I like it quite a bit in the same way I like very early UFO or Whitesnake. More attention needs to go to it coz its a very decent listen. Certinaly also way pre dates my intro to Priest Seeing them again tomorrow, cannot wait, the polar opposite ennd of their releases (their latest) is so damn good, i'd walk away happy tomorrow if they played it in full and threw some classics in for measure!!
  10. 08Boss302

    Album I can't get sick of playing

    So many I could name but if I were being “taken away” to a remote place and told to grab 10 that never stop impressing it’d be in no order anthrax - among the living megadeth - rust in peace iron Maiden - somewhere in time judas priest - painkilker Helloween - keeper of the seven keys II death - leprosy metallica - kill em all slayer - south of heaven guns n roses - appetite for destruction Obituary - cause of death yeah that’ll do it nicely (if I had to) but the question of which album I never get sick of playing - rust in peace I see as a masterpiece
  11. 08Boss302

    Opinions on Vincent pre/power amps

    cheers @Hazzzy so the SP20 is by spec the better power amp by that information - none around to hear but the sp332 should provide some idea of the characteristics i have been reading and trying to learn a lot this afternoon, my interest has now peaked a bit on the SP332 power amp and the SA32 pre amp or if i can leap the st-7 not sure of the OP's musical tastes but as mine is metal after auditions the hybrid SV237 or SV700 might suit well or might not - same applies to the power/pre set up. time will tell. I am also keen to hear the parasound halo 2.1 and the rotel 1592 which im also checking next week - but that'll be another thread.
  12. 08Boss302

    Opinions on Vincent pre/power amps

    Am i correct in understanding that he parallels between Vincent and Shengya are of the past? There were a lot of comparisons made of similarities etc that seem to no longer be made. The new stuff is all German designed and built in China but overseen by German QC? And I think a new designer in the last 2-3yrs, Well, for the SV237 anyway it seems he made some changes from the 236 to the 237 is this the case for the power and pre lines also?