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  1. Interesting topic. I don't puposely spend time seeking or listening to "audiophile" only recordings or artists. There seems to be many if you want to look it up though. As a matter of fact a lot of my preferred musical style is far removed from what would be considered audiophile level recordings or in some cases tasteful even hahaha ...however, I will say that what this hobby has brought me is an appreciation for genres that I would otherwise never have listened too and some of those genres do boast the types of recordings that are labelled or directed to the audiophile fraternit
  2. Interesting... I've read about this and some of the differences people have noticed. Some differences seem subtle others not so subtle and more so seems genre specific impact too. Not sure if geographically Spotify or TIDAL etc are impacted or vary the same. I read from some international users that the library was growing and the aim to equalise was them was there but it's taking time... Did you notice a difference and if so which region was your preferred.
  3. I hope this improves for you. Yong has been great with all comms I have had with him but that said, I have not had the issue you have had. I think given the buzz about this amp, the Muzishare, Line Magnetic, JungSong and some of the SoundArtist stuff available from him that he'd be all over making sure any issues are corrected swiftly. With the audiophile world and also the reach of the internet any negativity will run rampant...not to mention there is arguably many folk out there that that are waiting to rant "I told you so" on ChiFi products, even though issues arise in products manu
  4. For exercising like running or going to the gym I have Jabra Elite Active 65t and they're great. SQ is great and they are a great solid fit in the ear, have never fallen out or even felt unstable and are ip6 rated. Because they're true wireless and inner ear they actually noise cancel very well also. The Jabra app has plenty of flexibility and EQ. Just 2 weeks ago I managed to wreck my Sennheiser PXC550. I was just going to get the 550ii but at last minute grabbed the new Sony WH-1000XM4. I use these at home and if just going for a decent walk or down the local shop
  5. Glad to hear my experience is not stand alone! Exactly what you have found is what i've found too right down the bandwidth I am streaming too. I'd still like to know what is causing the issue and if as you suggested above the streamer is in fact not truly rated for 75ohm output. I have no fear the DAC is rated appropriately but it may also not be. Right now I have the $2 shop yellow plugged cable running and will order a decent LC-1 this week from Blue Jeans as it will provide better shielding and I believe is a better made cable etc. I am just glad I
  6. The odd thing is each device works perfectly with the same cables but not connected to each other. For example I can run the coax (any length) out of the source directly into the amp no issue. I can run the coax (any length) from another source directly into the DAC no issue. BUT...join those two devices together with coax above 2m and there is hostility! (unless I use the really thin cheap yellow plugged coax, then its all good at any length also)
  7. Thank you. I actually have x2 of these Belden cables, one is 4.2m and the other is 4.5m and has the same issue. I tried an amazon Basics coaxial which is also 4.5m and also a Space HiFi coaxial which is 5m and same issue. Using a few different brands (including a Space HiIFi) coaxial under 2m things are great. I think there is some sort of data issue from a certain length from the source to the device. To add further confusion using the exact same belden cables directly to my amp things work out well - and using that same cable from a different source to the DAC also works well. hah
  8. This exactly what I was advised today via email with some of the tech help I reached out too. Thankfully just out of my own curiosity I tried the LC-1 cable it worked perfectly. I have just now also tried another LC-1 which is 1m shorter (4m as opposed to 5m) and it works perfectly too. Looks like I'll never understand what was going on but have found a solid work around. I'll order the S/W version of the LC-1 which has the purple connector as opposed to Red/White and should be happy days. It is transmitting all files too, from 44/96/192 so everything seems spot on.
  9. Thats a good question Andy, I actually dont! Its running the coaxial out of the Streamer into my DAC. I just assumed the 1694A would be fine. I also have another coaxial that is rated 75ohm and it functions fine at 2m length but plays up with a 5m length. FWIW, toslink is fine no matter the length between the same devices. Aside from the frustration and major head scratching my follow up main concern was that using one of the cables from one of my interconnects would casue issues as they're not marketed as coaxial or 75hohm but on the contrary its actually solved
  10. It has me stuffed. The connectors are exactly as the cables were sold to me. They are RCA socket type, none of the Coaxial input/ouput on the equipment has the BNC type fit. I do have like foxtel coaxial here with an F type connection I could get adapters and try that cable at some stage but with lock down I cant get to bunnings or Jaycar etc to buy an adapter just yet. The complete oddity is that all tried coax works with lengths upto 2m and then spits and spats every minute or so if I use a longer run. When I plugged in the basic thin yellow ended cable that y
  11. This one has me completely stumped. Situation - Running Coaxial from source to DAC. Distance 5m. Running from my source using its coaxial out to a DAC using its coaxial in, I use the Belden 1694A cable. I have a few lengths of this cable and also some other 75ohm cables and was able to experiment/troubleshoot and the oddest thing happened. When I run upto about 2.5m coaxial cable from the source to the DAC there is no issue ...After that no matter the type of Coaxial cable I use the signal plays up a bit and pauses every so often. It plays a few min then has a secon
  12. That theoretcially is what it means. It also by definition means all your playlists etc will be easier to reach to and when an album finishes similar artists should carry on playing. Exactly like using Spotify with the BluOs. If that is the case personally I think this is a great thing. BluOs do a great job with their app and with Tidal its improved dramatically over the past year or so but it pales in comparison to using the native app IMO.
  13. He sang on this in 2014 but they've done nothing since.. check it out, you might like it!!
  14. In many ways I prefer that album. This is a great album but AFTHGB just has the edge. Any guesses where I bought them from BITD hahahah!!!!! I noticed the singer has fronted another band called "Harmony". I think on the same label as Theocracy.
  15. Wow. that is pretty handy for them and how they stream! Basically taking the Spotify connect style of use and adding in HiFi tier. I am sure as time goes on more and more devices will have this Tidal Connect option applied. Wonder if Spotify will be forced to seriously reconsider and option in HiFi once TidalConnect really rolls out amongst more and more devices...... https://tidal.com/Connect
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