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  1. cheers. Hopefully someone finds them great value. They are in top nick. They recline quite a way back if you choose. They are Genuine Leather on Seat, Armrest, Backrest and Feet - the lower back and side sections are black pleather I gues s you'd call it.
  2. Room acoustics? Speaker position? Maybe those two factors play a contribution to the perception of poor sound when compared to the sound you are achieving in movies when Audyssey has calibrated and compensated the room etc? .....That's an entire separate can of worms and discussion LOL
  3. Depending on your speakers it shouldn't suck the life out of them, it should just allow your speakers to run at full range and eliminate any crossover setting Audyssey has set. Basically our fronts will be on and used as full with no room adjustments - I only did/do this for 2ch music listening either via my CD player or TT. I found listening to music with the Audyssey settings employed horrible, but that was my experience as I prefer no subs and don't want a crossover set up for my music listening. There are people who love their sub running with their music and there is nothing wrong with that at all, its just preference. I dont think Audyssey was ever intended for music use though and hence it doesnt do justice to music IMO. that said, for movies I wouldnt recommend running direct mode on the AVR however i have tried watching music blurays with my bluray player in source direct mode and the AVR in pure direct and didn't mind that. I think in that circumstance the bluray player decoded the sound message at its point and just sent the signal to the AVR to distribute which if mastered in 5.1 will send in 5.1 even in direct mode.
  4. Novice experience example here, I have a Marantz with Audyseey XT32. I use camera tripod with the Audyssey mic and am very particular on ensuring the height for all measurements is the same. I run x2 SB2000 subs up front in in corner positions (but not crammed in there). Using the 8 point set up technique and then a few little adjustments post Audyssey to preference. I read a lot of stuff from Chris at Audyssy and am confident my few small tweeks play no bearing in the good work Audyssey has done as I dont lower anything throwing off its curves.... I've also found with Audyssey that its been quite accurate with distance of speaker and subs to MLP. Ironically for years I've always inquisitively post measured Audyssey set distances with a tape measure and its been very good. I do the same post db (reference) settings by opening Audyssey and using the white noise to 0 with an SPL and again its been pretty on point. IME Audyssey's settings have served me very well for movies with balanced sound and impactful bass. MY PERSONAL preference has always been a little more bass and for the rears to run a little hotter so I bump them up a few DB but knowing that means they will be above reference level - I am ok with this as my preference is that slightly hotter rears add to the submersive experience. As for the subs, again, my preference is a bit more bass pressure filling the room. If I over cook it and things get muddy or over bearing I simply drop back 0.5db or 1db. I have a photo of the base Audssey settings which I use as my basis to drop back to if needed. Either way, if running dynamic EQ I am aware they'll be a few DB over the studio's designed soundtrack but hey, this is my studio and I have a choice and exercise it. Audyssey I think claim they have a +/- 2DB tolerance so I a may very well just be teetering on that tolerance. After all the calibrations been set by Audyssey I go through and check them all - I usually lift the crossover point to 80 for all speakers, it generally sets my fronts and centre to 60, and rears to 80 or 100, but I've nearly always adjusted this to 80 for all and again been happy. When listening to music a simple solution to disregard any Audyssey settings is run the amp in Direct or Pure Direct. If watching a music BluRay or DVD you can always change the dynamic range offset. (I ended getting another amp (integrated) for 2ch music listening but the Direct or Pure Direct function was also a great workaround and it bypassed all Audyssey settings and ran the front towers in full range plus I prefer 2ch music listening with no sub engaged.) My level of understanding and experience is waaaaay less than others who have contributed to this thread but I can only encourage you to trial and listen. Once you have the equipment it costs you nothing but time to trial and learn and its part of the fun IMHO. Also keep in mind actual speaker positioning can influence your movie experience - don't just focus on the subwoofers and their position, spend some time ensuring your speakers are ALL positioned to get the most from your room and MLP, this I've always believed can only compliment the work the sub's need to do. I've focused my fronts and rears toward the MLP slightly, could be my own placebo effect but this I also found a great benefit to the overall set up - my subs sit facing forward fwiw.
  5. Pretty keen to move these on folks, price dropped to $500
  6. Item: 3 Seater Leather Recliner Cinema Couch Location: Melbourne Price: $600 $500 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Change of Room Design Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Extra Info: 3 seater manual push recliner cinema couch. Leather on Seat, Armrest, Backrest and Feet. All 3 seats recline as per pictures, it reclines quite far back and can beeach arm has a large storage cavity and there are x4 cup holders. Measures 2.34m Wide Couch is in fantastic condition, no scratches, tears or abuse/wear marks This is one piece, it does not separate so to transport please ensure you have something long enough to accomodate the entire couch Pick up only - PM with any questions, to arrange pick up or view. Thank You Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  7. They look very similar to the ones i have but i have 3 seater also not electric - you recline just by pushing back on them. I got mine from a place in Melbourne locally. They've served well and continue to do so, however after seeing the seats at HN yesterday i can feel that itch starting - usual upgraditis that hits us in this hobby haha
  8. Just stumbled across this thread, the IMG seats look great. I was at HN yesterday picking up a tablet and they had some really good seats made by Whitehaven. https://www.harveynorman.com.au/whitehaven-fabric-recliner.html I've been toying the idea of upgrading my current seats also. These were full electric, had headrest adjustment via electric motor etc. They had a two seater option and single seats - they didn't come as a genuine 3 seater with individual recliners but you would easily be able to sit 3 singles next to each other i would say - depending on the width in the room. I'll be checking more info on the IMG set and the width etc too as the whitehaven seats might make things a little squeezy in my room. Not sure on IMG pricing but the Whitehaven were in leather and and fabric (suede look) for $1500 and $900 respectively per single seat at the moment.
  9. Two mates with 5.1s that love em ive got the 9.1 and am very pleased made in the Pro-Ject factory but under different instructions so to speak but share numerous parts you could do far far worse I reckon. grrat value, well constructed and well fitted out tables the magic 3 is made by ortofon I believe but for music hall tables...
  10. Sometimes I must admit, its also about the preference of brand or the item I am wanting. ie, If my "preferred" store doesn't stock an item and I find it at another retailer and have a great experience it does organically open up the potential for competition for later purchases should they both stock an item of interest.
  11. I was going to grab the vault until I started reading and some suggestions came through from the forum members. In the end, and I now tend to agree, the vault is double the price and whilst it does present some level of conveniance you are also bound by the optical drive and working parts of the vault, so in the event of any malfunction or over time if it has a driver issue you are bound to the manufacturer for parts and labour. The node 2i can be had for $800 on sale right now, the SSD 1TB is $280 but you could alway get a 2TB ext hard drive for around $100. The DBpoweramp program which I am still learning is free for 21 days for a trial and its fully functional version. I am buying the CD Ripper program and the perfect tunes program for a single PC and its $62us so converted bout $90aud So even if you went down the path of the node 2i, the poweramp cd ripper program on its own and an ext hdd your under $1000aud. Add in the perfect tunes program and go an SSD and you are at $1200 - BUT - its not about the savings, I can now rip my cd's into my desktop ext hdd in whatever format i choose and transfer them to my ssd and or ext hdd. This means I have perfect back up and when plugged into the node 2i i can access each album, with artwork. I can also very easily manipulate genre data (which i am very very fussy about). i fleeted the idea of ripping everything into ALAC files and setting up a 2nd itunes library on my pc using ALAC lossless then i read up and worked out I can very easily switch between FLAC and ALAC as they are same files which means i have a full ALAC itunes library, a separate FLAC file library as well as my normal 256kbps AAC library! Why?! Well it might be overkill but it means i can put ALAC files on my iPod should i choose, i have a full lossless back up and my day to day files are safe too. i'd say check out dbpoweramp, it'll cost you nothing to check it out and for 21 days you can use with its full features. I've had it for 24hrs and reckon its great and will purchase for sure.
  12. aha, so i'll bin this option. I thought it suggested it doesnt affect dynamic range but i just re read it would appear it makes some difference as it equlaizes everyrthing. There are a few options within this area there but i'll get rid of them all and start over on the discs i've put in. LOL, there'll be plenty of this for me, i can see it now.
  13. thanks @wolster one pass seems to take around 45min now so something i've done is messing things up LOL i'll go back into settings and see what else i've turned on. i can sense this is going to be a loooooooooooooooong process.
  14. thanks @thathifiguy did that take up much more space per CD? any other settings i should be looking to adjust or tinker with? i've probably got at the moment 1200cds at present, my understanding using FLAC at the recommended compression of level 5 on DBpoweramp I should get these with space left over into 1tb. Well the math of 400mb on average per CD should man if i am using 1,000,000mb and even rounded my average cd to 500mb thats 2000 cd;s...this is assuming my math and understanding is correct. The only settings i've adjusted thus far are the replay gain which the instructions states doesnt alter the qualtity but will normalize volume? and the other is skip silence on hidden tracks, so i dont rip 7min of silence or multiple 20sec tracks of nothing to get to the hiddent track. I should state i am yet to draw the triangle on a not to be used again cd and configure the player for secure ripping. i dont quite understand that bit but am reading up on it more and more I also toyed the idea of using ALAC instead of FLAC but i think for this project i'll stick with FLAC as it seems a little more widely used.
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