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  1. Cool pics man, yeah it was a good gig. Seeing bands like that where their historical relevance and stature can preceed them is sometimes hard, but I think they did a great job. They (Tom) certainly are responsible for some of the coolest riffs in metal. Some of his other stuff I dont really get into or follow but a lot like Quorthon (RIP), Tom doesnt need to prove much anymore his influence in metal and sub genres is etched into the caves of hell.
  2. Not really spinning but some of you may enjoy it. Just watched this. Never knew this even existed. Saw these guys at the Prince of Wales in 07 or 08 I think it was. Interesting documentary, challenging personalities thats for sure LOL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xgG7cjXJRaE&t=3153s
  3. Thanks for that information. I am leaning toward taking it in to get fixed. At 15months old whilst its not affecting the performance of the unit at all I would prefer to have it fully functional even aesthetically. They've said bring it in with the box if I have it, that frightened me a bit thinking thats a safety precaution for any scratches, but it is flawless so any marks on it when it comes back I'd be stomping my feet on as their issue. The light flickers and intermitently comes on dimmly so I am pretty sure its a connection issue (maybe solder) that should be a quick fix I am hoping and not mean the amp is with them for weeks
  4. Cheers, this did cross my mind. The supplier contacted me and its under warranty so no issue there, its not a common issue. I've also just spoken to the repairer, they are about an hour away from me and want the unit to assess then they have to order the part and it will sit there until fixed. Does seem an awful lot of time and running around for an LED light that has no bearing on its otherwise perfect functioning. It might be an issue in time if I ever sell or want to upgrade though? I had planned to ask about the brightness, the last thing I want is differing brightness also haha
  5. The manufacturer book says 12month warranty, but I've emailed the supplier to see what they can do. Just waiting for a reply.
  6. Not sure if this is a common issue but its one I've not come accross before. This afternoon I noticed the input lamp/LED indicator on my amp stopped working but only on x1 of the inputs. All up there are six and when I select 1,2,4,5,6 the little blue light shines brightly, but on input 3 that blue light kind of shines then fades to nothing. The amp works perfectly, there is no other issue at all, and I guess its not the end of the world but I like things to work as intended. The amp is only 15months old so I am suprised its happened but I understand its not a major issue just one I'd like to correct. Can anyone advise Is this a quick fix or actually how do I even go about fixing this as I am not really electronically minded but if its like fixing a car globe could proably attempt taking the lid off and making the change LOL. Any advice would be great. Some pics attached for reference, you can see the very faint blue light which is input 3 that I have put a yellow circle around and normal light brightness for the other inputs I have circled in the green.
  7. Hope you guys don't me popping in over here, I tend to sit in the Metal currently spinning alot but enjoy Blues and Jazz also.
  8. I'll offer what I know as I have been interested in the Denon LOMC and HOMC carts and reading about these over the past month or so. I have come to understand each cart step increases the level of refinement (subjectively as all things are). The 110 is of course HO so not relevant here to the question above. The 103 been around like 50yrs and was the broadcast favourite for aeons, tracks like a trooper and performs very well but is said to maybe lack some refinement but has warmth - that said, I have not read anything inherently negative on it at all and like many things some prefer it over its newer family member the 103R which is attributed to being more refined but can be an analytical affair albeit with a bit more bass and high end to it than the 103. Everyone hears differently I guess. There was also improved suspension in the 103R and it has an ever so slightly lower output. I am sure those that have had both carts will chime on this. Tonearm matching is of course is a factor with a reletively low compliance cart at 8.2grams too. There are some good clips on YouTube detailing the Denon range and comparisons. Recently there is a one with LP gears own Bin cart vs the DL110 and the 103R. I know YouTube isnt the ideal medium but its a reference starting point. I googled "Denon 103 vs 103R" and there was plenty of great informative user experiences on many forums, I won't link to another forum here but type the search in and grab a beer or coffee for a good read. ....Not sure If I have actually helped any but after my research with the price the 103R actually with the price Amazon has all the Denon carts they're all a very appealing prospect. cheers
  9. Massacra - Final Holocaust. Death metal from France released during the golden period. Has all the characteristics of that 2nd and 3rd tier of the time, killer riffs, tonnes of aggression, borders on losing control frequently and a production that lets it down a tad. All the exciting ingredients I grew up on.
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