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  1. yeah left me a little disappointed. Some of the story lines just vanished and the end obviously kept the door open for S3 but it was a bit "ok was that was end?" We moved onto Unbelievable last night. Only first episode in but its quite gritty and based on factual events. The missus was more hooked on the first episode than I but I'll watch it through as i thoroughly enjoyed "when they see us" and this has a similar vibe to it.
  2. There is functionality that is omitted from all the streaming services when using the BluOs app. Spotify uses the Blue Sound as an endpoint rather than integrating into it like Tidal etc and I think this is the best as it allows full use of the Spotify platform, but yes, with Tidal and Deezer and Quboz you only get what the streaming service has allowed Blue Sound to use. Not all functions have been approved by the respective streaming service for Blue Sound to use. Its a shame too, because the BluOs app is great, but at times due to its somewhat limited functions I go looking for what I have saved OR some of the mixes etc that are exempt. This is where Spotify being used as an endpoint wins with BluOs as the full functionality of the app is there. Blue Sound site states they are constantly trying to improve and add this but it depends on the streaming services permission. I liked Deezer but moved on as it only offered its HiFi tier using a desktop PC and a streamer, using via phone etc max rate was 320 - hence at the moment stayed with Tidal. Will give Amazon Music a go once here in HiRes and if Spotify come to the party with FLAC or higher I'll jump back on that with no hesitation.
  3. Definately no HD service here yet sadly. I dont have Amazon Prime but have registered 30 days free on Amazon AU music unlimited which i think is at 320kbps - so equal to Tidal premium and Spotify extreme etc. You dont need prime to get Amazon Music but i think it gives a you few extra dollars off. Not an issue on the free trial though. This morning i spent some time googling and running through the help menu on Amazon Music but could not see anything to answer the gaps as I see them. Oddly, in my searching there was lots on Tidal from a few years back where it was behind the 8 ball, but they have by the sound of it made mammoth changes to be where they are now in terms of options etc. I think the leaders here are Apple and Spotify without question and the others mimic with a slight spin - same / same but different kind of thing LOL
  4. Can only hope. I am with Tidal mainly due to SQ, but have done a Deezer trial, Spotify trial, and Qoboz trial. Spotify for me wins so easily in terms of function and keeping things on track with your listening habits. (Small Rant) Last night I signed up for for a 30 day (local) amazon music subscription. Putting aside their current bit rate and SQ etc, I have to say, they've got a long way to go IMHO. Along with SQ its also Important for me to have a decent overall user experience, functionality and personalisation options. Straight from the get go with Amazon Music Its pretty hard to find genre options. The general browse/search bar is tucked in the top corner which is ok, but hardly sensible. If you look up a band or artist their albums are not presented chronologically which can make finding an album harder if the discography is large. Not the be all and end but live albums and compilations are not separated from the studio offerings either. Unfortunately, unless I am missing something there does not seem to be a favorite artists option either, where you can build a catalogue of your fav artists - you can create a playlist of the artist and this might be Amazons Music way of letting you choose which albums of that artist you'd like from them and you name the playlist as the artist but for me that is not ideal. You can drag and drop songs and albums though and create playlists of that nature. Not sure if I am missing something with all the above gaps as I see them, but with the release of HiRes one would hope they do a major over haul of their desktop and mobile app and follow the likes of Spotify and or Tidal and Apple Music etc with some of the options they provide their subscribers on the service. If/When HiRes comes to Amazon AU i'll definitely check it out Without question If Spotify released even just FLAC level tomorrow, I'd be back over there without question, for me, nothing has come close to their set up. I have no social media so none of that stuff appeals to me with any streaming service but the sheer usability and way its set up with suggestions and the like wins easily IME however OMMV of course.
  5. There'll hopefully be a work around that pops up or better yet Amazon Au gets on board soon I'm also hoping it's a good service to use on phone, desktop and with Bluos. I'm with Tidal for its SQ but Spotify wins out on functionality and all other points incl use with Bluos Once I start the free trial of what Amazon Au currently offers it'll give an intro of potential things to come
  6. Agreed I think the more they see the request/demand the better chance of the roll out here. This evening I am going to give their current service a sign up for the 30 days free so I can just play around on their page and see how it works and their content depth etc.
  7. Just further to this. I logged into my USA and UK Amazon accounts, it allows you right to the log in for the HD music trial, no issues...I actually thought it was a goer, but right at the finalisation it notes my credit card is based in AU it blocks you from the final step. Pretty sure with Qoboz or other and using a VPN the difference is/was you could use your PayPal account to pay and that didn't lockout the process like a local credit card does. There are way more tech savvy folk on here that might find and share a way for us to trial this but these are my findings thus far.
  8. i just received this email also ********************************************************************************************************************************************************* Hello ......... This is Anil form Amazon. As discussed I have forwarded the feedback to our Business team. Please be assured each suggestion will be read and definitely taken into consideration as customer feedback like yours helps us continue to improve the service and products we provide. We're constantly working to improve our Music experience. I would like to thank you again for taking time to share your thoughts regarding Amazon Music. Thank you for contacting Amazon and have a good day. Best regards, ***************************************************************************************************************************************************************
  9. It might be possible using a VPN, its how others are getting around the geo blocks associated to Qoboz. From the links I posted earlier it said Germany, Japan and the US. I actually contaced Amazon Australia customer service this morning to ask more on the potential release, they popped me through to their music dept and at first their music dept knew nothing about it which I thought was atrocious. I asked him to google it and he sought further information and said it was not yet here (clearly noted in each article I had read) but he did say it was something he'd send to their business team. If there was a contact option and they received enough demand I would think it could float here sooner than later.
  10. haha, yeah, this was fun, I actually did this a few weeks ago trying to evaluate the difference between formats and deciding on streaming services etc ie Tidal v Spotify. Not afraid to post my results, I've been to thousands of concerts, there is some cloth over my ears. Not one of the tracks or genres am was I was really familiar with so thought I'd make a mockery of myself - My first attempt was a once off listen through and I got 3 out 6 , surprisingly to me it was the Katy Perry tracks and Jay-z tracks that I got wrong and also the classical track (I'd never listened to Classical before so was way out of my depth), I found the bass heavier tracks harder (at first) to pick, but once I sat again and concentrated, played through a couple of times and critically listened I got 5/6 - still couldn't nail that classical track tho!
  11. Cambridge Audio i reckon is your best next shot as mentioned above by @Cardiiiii
  12. Released today. looks to be great and better value than any of the other hi res / mqa offerings Not in Australia yet from what i can gather but im sure with a VPN much like how others obtain Qoboz this can be had. I wonder if Spotify will follow? I am a Tidal user but really dislike the constantly poor suggestions and rap bias etc so this Amazon offering is of great appeal. I stream through a bluesound node but now i also have potentially more ext DAC choices. Hoping it comes here as it presents a great win/win, Amazons music library is also said to be every bit as good as the others. Here are few links of its roll out today https://www.cnet.com/news/amazon-music-hd-launches-to-compete-with-tidal/ https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/amazon-music-hi-res-audio-885366/ https://www.theverge.com/2019/9/17/20869526/amazon-music-hd-lossless-flac-tier-spotify-apple https://www.digitaltrends.com/home-theater/amazon-music-hd-hi-res-streaming/
  13. I'm running nagaoka mp110 on my sl1200mk2 and I'm happy with it Will explore further up the nagaoka offerings in time.
  14. @jakeyb77 do you prefer running toslink or spdif from the node to your Klein? Just curious as i am looking to do the same once i decide on a dac. @MaxPlumage This is a good outcome for you. I have a node 2i also and run it via analogue to my amp but am looking to bypass its dac and run to an external dac. If i am not mistaken running spdif out to your pre/pro you are hearing the dac of your pre/pro and bypassing the node 2i dac. Depending on how you use the node just be mindful that unless your pre/pro can unpack MQA (assuming you have Tidal subscription also) that you'll need to disable the MQA setting in the BlueOs app to allow your pre/pro to unpack it. If your pre/pro does not unpack then just let the music flow but you'll get flac quality basically not Tidals MQA. I am looking for an external dac and have tidal but have decided im not worried if i cannot unpack MQA via whichever dac i choose and if there is an MQA album i'd like to hear i'll simply switch back to the Node 2i and use its dac - but that thinking process on MQA is entirely another thread and discussion as some love it and some dont. Im impartial but the choice of dacs is minimised when shopping specifically for an MQA compatible dac.
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