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  1. UNREAL!!! Sounds good man, that'd be great. I'll flick you PM and we'll lock something in, I'm only round the corner in the next suburb LOL. i've got the Anthrax Interview he did on the P.O.T tour, from memory they did that interview at the RRR studios the arvo of the gig at the glass house. Hilarious listening to that stuff when you hear the bands talk about how early it is in their career etc. Golden age of metal.
  2. brutal album. I remember when Alan Thomas (RIP) played that on his radion show, i couldnt believe the brutality of this christian band. I'd heard Believer and Mortification were kicking around but this was different, as you say, it was Thrashy but with a very death like howl vocal. Their cover of space truckin which i think was on the 2nd LP was insane!!, They'd changed their name to Vengeance Rising by then. I read a while ago the singer went loopy or something like that...
  3. All great albums bud. I picked up stakk attack from a seller on Sna about a year ago. great condition, was a lucky find.
  4. Maybe everyone feels compelled to post brutal? Not sure. I'm into the brutal, the thrash, the dark and the glam stuff. Death and thrash my fav genres but I say just post it up dude. 👍👍
  5. Totally agree dude, And, indeed, these were great. I think Don's album takes the prize tho. Not by much but it's an awesome album
  6. Absolutely, ...and Lynch was unstoppable. Corker of a live album of classic Dokken 👍
  7. ....that said, it's still metal to me lol. It's loud, bratty and musically some of these guys are/were exceptionally good. When I've got my collection on shuffle I Love it when something from the glam/hard rock genre follows after a death metal track and is then followed by a thrash or traditional metal track. Bit of fun between the angst 😂😛
  8. Prob not gonna be many (if any) thumbs up on this one 😂 but I dig a bit of 80s glam metal/hard rock and this is a ripper in the genre imo.
  9. ironically this just popped up in my YouTube feed, its a week old review. Might be worth a watch for you... This just prior to Chrismas
  10. sorry just saw this post now have been slack in watching the threads LOL IMO, It sounds great, the sabre DACs are more revealing than the Burr Brown in the BS - but you will forfeit the MQA decoding going to the Oppo (if MQA matters to you) The Oppo is no slouch as most already know, the BS is also by no means a slouch. I used the BS dac for about 6months prior to upgrading, what I didnt know ,I didnt know, and still I wont speak poorly of the BS dac, but like all things in this hobby there is a step up for thos wanting it.
  11. As mentioned above, Graham. Slee products are great, I've got 2 of the GSP phono stages further up the food chain and live them. In your price point I've got the Vincent pho 8 which was my first phono stage and I still use it and rate that highly too Worth a read up on.
  12. Pretty sure these are the 15inch by 15inch models ... If so, I'm happy to take both if postage to Victoria is an option Cheers
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