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  1. I did this and even added some glitter dust around the room too, didn't change much unfortunately, maybe I should try distilled water instead next time!? 😀
  2. too right, Them is very lacking in oomph, prob worst in that regard in his catalog. I am of the similar opinion that the MB releases from a few years back and think they sound good. I scoured the hoffman forums when these new 2020 releases were advertised thinking if anywhere people would bash a remaster or re issue its there but suprisingly no information even in the KD threads about those metal blade releases from a few years back. A bit of chatter about the 2020 releases but mainly plenty bagging the gold remasters that RR did in the late 90s. I am in 2 minds if 'll buy these 2020 versions until I can somehow know for sure that what I already have isnt the master tapes but now just being hyped up a lot more. What Earache did with the FDR releases was brilliant but with these KD releases it doesnt seem as clear cut. Im happy to buy them if there is good reason but I'd be spewing to buy them and find out there is nothing different aside from a bit marketing. The King says these will be the same as the original RR releases. I guess I should take his word for it but its just his specific mention to the RR releases and the compression on those that has thrown me and also the fact the MB releases already in circulation now deleted never mentioned anywhere about remaster not even on discogs which details the gold editions as remasters. If the prices arent inflated as they already seem out of stock I may just end up with more copies of Them and Conspiracy to do my own check LOL.
  3. Hey dude, I saw this was happening and find it interesting as I have some of the vinyl re issues from Metal Blade from 2014-2016 and I wonder if these are any different? He specifically mentions the the gold remasters which are the road runner versions which were only on CD in the later 90s. I have them on CD and they have a demo track and stuff tacked on but the more recent Metal Blade LP's I got a few years back do not have anything extra tacked on and ironically the titles that are available now are the same (fatal portrait through to the eye and the live 87) which I can only assume Metal Blade bought the rights too some time ago, but I have not been able to find any information on if they simply digital transferred those copies and removed demo tracks or used original recordings back then too? Whats more perculiar is it seems those pressigns are now not available and discogs whilst having them doesnt state anything about remaster it simply states re issue? I'd be very keen to know prior to jumping on these if they are the same as what I have and the only change is now that records are en vogue they are hype stickering original recordings on these new pressings to help move them off the shelves and please the remaster bashers. OR are the versions I have are simply the road runner remastered copies accross to Metal Blade and pressed under a different label OR were the other versions already released by Metal Blade the same as these being released now just in black vinyl without the hype? Have you got the metal blade vinyl releases from a few years back or anyone got them and care to share their thoughts on the sound? I personally think they sound great and to this day cannot find anything anywhere online if they're remastered or original just reissued. sorry for the derail, I hope a little discussion on this is permitted!! cheers
  4. Hoping they do a 7th, was watching them as they came out but enjoyed them all. A few of those bands I missed first time round so was good to Spotify a few now. Some great memories and familiar faces and venues in there.. Wish I owned a Delorean!! 😂
  5. something a bit different to spinning. not sure if you guys have subscribed and or watched these and I probably should've posted these ages ago but this is all about Australian metal broken into parts. its a good watch and I am sure will bring back some memories for those who remember! here is a link to part 1 of 6...
  6. Found this one which is pretty bloody good too!!
  7. LOL, WOW!!! Brilliantly done. I'm sure we've all seen/heard some train wreck mashes. This is a frighteningly good mash up so much so that if you were not familiar with either songs this could pass as the release!!
  8. Gold. You'd be hard pressed to find an an album that is not mainstream as such that gets the universal praise like this one.
  9. I like these and would have gone that way but wanted a bit more width and the wider version was way too deep. Otherwise this would have been an ideal way to go and saved me some coin and a few days work. Lovely setup and Focals too. I nearly went with these but chose the KEF in the end, just slight edge to my taste but was really line ball stuff.
  10. One my fav Maiden releases. Every bit as good as their 80s releases imo..
  11. Sounds like my sanity is in check!! It is frustrating but I made some inroads today and will continue to do so. I just need to understand the mechanics of what each move does and focus my attention there. I am mentally noting what each move does so I know what is working and what is adding to. Once I understand if I need to focus on the culprit speaker, opposite speaker or if at back of room the same thing opposite or culprit side I can understand more about what might be happening and what I should do. There will be an end to this, I know i'll find the fix...I beat cancer 3 times after having 2 stem cell transplants, I wont let the room beat me!!! hahah Truth is, due to the lock down here in Vic it is probably sounding more frustrating than it actually is. If I was at work daily it would occupy my mind when it shouldnt be, now I can spend all day on it and take a break etc and come back to it when I choose, so its somewhat therapeutic and a great time killer.
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