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  1. Just bit the bullet and ordered the Elear. Properly regret it later if the Clear does come back to $1200 price. At the same time $700 is a quite a big jump. Hopefully I will be with the Elear, can't wait!
  2. Hi tomE, Can you elaborate a bit more on your experience with the Primare e32 and how does it compare with your Marantz AVR? Everywhere I have read the B&W are generally power hungry and the more power they get the better they sound. My experience is with my Luxman 590ax can drive it pretty easily, at -42db it gets pretty loud/detailed perhaps bit bright and decent bass from 2.5m siting distance. I am still running in the speakers (< 10hrs play time) so I can only imagine it gets better. I am very intrigue on what a 200w+ per channel would deliver on the 703 s2 as I have not experience it yet and will be following your search with high interest
  3. Hi Razuu, I am enjoying the 550AX very very much specially with my new B&W 703 S2, I am finally doing the amp some justice. In summary, the 20w can easily drive them and the music sounded a lot better than what I demoed with the same speakers or similar ones at the stores. I must say it's the amp
  4. Hi, How old are these and are u the original owner? I'm interested in picking them up this weekend if possible. Thanks
  5. Hi All, There were some crackling noises coming from both speakers first time tonight. I swapped over another set of speakers and speaker cables and they noise were still there, this led to me think it's the amplifier. After a pulling the cables out a few times, I decided to move the amp out of the rack and basically just pull all cables out and reconnect them again. Surprisingly, the nose is gone....for now but I am still a bit worried. Is there something else I should watch out for if this noise happens again? I am thinking of trying to go for a warranty claim but I wasn't the original owner of the amp so I am not sure how to go from there, it still has more than 1 year warranty left according to the invoice.
  6. You think if I get some acoustic panels behind the speakers and the corner side helps? I could use a curtain on the window too. I have a bug rug and frabic couch already. I did try using the balance adjustment on the amp to reduce signal to corner speaker. Couldn't tell much or slightly better but could just my imagination lol
  7. I think you are correct that I may be chasing what yoy described as rainbows. Unfortunately I can't change the layout, what do you suggest in getting more bass source as in sub? What does EQ stands for and what does it require? I was hoping a full tower would do a better job than the bookshelfs.
  8. Thanks for advice guys, I did try to place the speakers 50cm off the back wall and the side wall but the difference between 30cm (current) and 50cm was minimal. I will experiment 1m apart from the walls in the current set up and see how that go. I will try the aiming at the kitchen set up when the wife is away for a whole day I don't quite understand why the current set up is sucking away the bass, is it because the back wall and right side wall (window side) are reflecting or absorbing the bass away? pond44, I do fancy the LS50 so I may look into the active ls50 + sub solution. BTW what is a matching sub you are referring to? I still prefer a full tower speaker because I have 4 and 1 year old so they have less a chance knocking things over.
  9. In all honesty, I'm listening to Daft Punk Alive 2007 atm and the base is ridiculously satisfying. Should I just stick with a better bookshelfs for better quality? I don't have a problem with driving the Emit pretty hard to uncomfortably listening volume without distortion.
  10. Hi All, What would be an appropriate size speakers for my living area? The speakers will need to be in the positions shown in green squares, wife is not negotiable. Currently I have two bookshelf speakers (Emit20), in the sitting position the bass is adequate, sound stage and imaging is good but it's perfect if I shift the speakers approximately between 2m-2.5m apart. At the moment it is around 2m apart and 30cm against the walls. However, when I walk out of the sitting position, the bass is gone , not fulfilling if you get what I mean, all other ranges is great no matter where I go. I am leaning towards PMC 25.23 - 24, Spendor D7, B&W 702 and Dynaudio X44 for now as per budget 6-7k Max. I prefer floor standings, I haven't listen to X44 and PMC 25.24 yet but I am really enjoying the emit20 so X44 will be very tempting but it does seem very big, my main genre is pop. Thanks
  11. Very very nice speakers! Wish I had the $$$ these wouldnt get a chance to be listed here Glwts, OP a great guy to deal with.
  12. I can vouch for the OP, great guy to deal with and really looks after his gear. Any potential buys will not be disappointed! Coming from a very happy buyer!
  13. Do you guys experience Music Cast App connection not stable? I tend to get error code -201 with connections not established properly mostly on Tidal. My connection is wireless and my router is in the same room.
  14. I am taking the above is for floor standing speakers otherwise if you have bookshelf then the default can be left as is? What you said about the pre-out is what also the manual has indicated to connect to other amps as a player mode, thanks for confirming.
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