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  1. Further information: For sale is a pair of Falcon Acoustics RAM Studio 20 speakers (Walnut finish). Bought from the local dealer Frank Prowse HiFi in August-2019. The condition is like new (10/10). This is a very nice sounding speakers especially with tube amps. It sounds neutral, warm and clear. The vocal is extremely brilliant. Made in England. The Speakers RRP is $4500. 5 years warranty until August-2024. Falcon Acoustics R.A.M Studio 20 Specification: Drive Units - 2-way vented: 170mm (6”) Polypropylene Cone bass unit Custom 25mm ( 1”) soft d
  2. Further information: Hi All up for sale is a pair of Synergistic Research - 2m Galileo SX - Phono Cables These cables are the best of the best - have not found a cable that even comes close - I am only selling as I have changed to both RCA terminated Phono - Still using the same cables The RRP for these cables is $6995USD which converts to 9K AUD - I ordered these directly from the US and were made specially for me in August 2020. Galileo SX Phono Cables Galileo SX Phono is the most complex phono cable SR ever attempted. With 4 x Air Stri
  3. Further information: IsoTek EVO3 AQUARIUS One of the most cost-effective upgrades you can buy for any high-quality audio system, Aquarius is a multi-award-winning six-way mains conditioner that redefined the power cleaning market. Two high-current outlets are provided for amplifiers, subwoofers and so on, with four medium-current sockets for other components. Removes Common Mode and Differential Mode mains noise. RFI reduction 60dB. Six unique conditioning stages ensure optimal isolation between all outlets, eliminating Differential Mod
  4. Further information: Hi All up for sale is this Audio Research SP10 - Two Box Preamplifier They are certainly no made like this any more - beautiful sound preamplifier which is not easy and almost impossible to be for the price! This preamp was bought from the USA as a 120V however has been modified and serviced by Jason Boyd in 2019 who is also Audio Research Authorized technician The selling price is including all the tubes (12 X ECC88/6DJ8 for the preamplifier and 2 X 6L6GC, 1 X 12AT7 for the power supplier). Power cord cable for connected b
  5. Wishing you the best of luck in finding one... I’ve heard the giscours and it is something very special... can only imagine what the petrus sounds like...
  6. Further information: Hi All Up for sale is my Beatles Box set collection - most of these are 1960s-1970s pressings The box itself appears to have been moved around a fair bit - however ALL records and sleeves are in PERFECT BRAND NEW NEAR MINT CONDITION besides being dusty except for: - Let it Be - Cover is G condition and Vinyl is VG+/EX- - SGT Peppers - Cover is EX- and Vinyl is EX- - White Album - LPs are NM condition and Cover is EX (only ex because glue has dried out at seams - Perfect besides that Comes with four shots
  7. Further information: Hi All, Up for sale is a Marigo Aida CD Mat which will improve any CD player and take it to the next level! Have a look on the net on the feedback these provide - Blurb Below Marigo-Audio-Aida-CD-Mat-(4)Four years in development, a powerful and proprietary new composite material has been crafted by Marigo Audio using an embedded carbon nano-tube structure which dramatically lowers micro levels of disc vibration. The Aida CD Mat incorporates unique hand laid-up polarizing filaments creating tremendously rapid vibrational
  8. Further information: Hi There up for sale is a set of Blue Horizon Spike Shoes The price is for set of 8 - Perfect for a pair of speakers or two components (8 pieces for 8 spikes!) Blue Horizon’s Ultimate Spike Shoes are designed to sit beneath the spikes that support floorstanding speakers and speaker stands. Pack of 4 x 2 They serve a dual purpose: firstly, they protect flooring and secondly, they enhance sound quality by suppressing resonance that leads to sonically damaging microphony in audio components. It is the second of these functions that s
  9. Further information: SME V Tonearm - I have been told that you cannot purchase these by themselves anymore unless you buy them with a very high end turntable. I did a google search and it was appear that Sonic Purity still have these for 10.3K!!! This one is boxed and is perfectly working - Happy to provide further photos if required Its a beautiful sounding tonearm and is one of the best in the world!! Photos:
  10. Further information: Hi All, Up for sale is my Accuphase PS1210 which was recently serviced by the preferred Accuphase Tech here in Perth with all parts coming direct from Accuphase as well. It is a 230V Australian Supplied Unit and therefore is backed up by local Australian Distributor for parts and service where required. VERY IMPORTANT WHEN BUYING ACCUPHASE! I have copies of receipts of the servicing if required. Unit operates perfectly provides the additional jump in clarity and definition - providing a much a more 3D sound These
  11. Further information: Hi All, Helping a friend sell his Practically brand new Ortofon 6NX TSW 1010R Ultra High Purity Tonearm Cable - 2 Sets Available - he bought these and never used them! These are 1.2m and MADE IN JAPAN Price is for one pair of cables - there are two sets available These were purchased locally from Frank Prowse hifi in perth. Photos:
  12. Further information: Hi All, Up for sale is this Jays Audio CDT3 Transport. If you're reading this then you obviously know what it is. VERY MUSICAL Cd Transport - there is nothing in this price class that beats it Most people match this transport with the Denafrips Terminator Dac. These currently retail for 5K USD which equates to almost 7K AUD Grab yourself a bargain! Review link: https://www.denafrips.com/single-post/2018/05/12/DENAFRIPS-Terminator-Jay’s-Audio-CDT-3-MK2-A-Review Design Highlight: - CDPRO2 LF Mechanism
  13. Hi David i do have one 1m pair left. Will inbox you. I have cleared up my inbox as well thanks Thi
  14. Further information: Van Den Hul The First Ultimate MkII RCA Cable 1.5m - Price is for one pair 2 pairs available Other Cables available and happy to bundle Photos:
  15. Further information: Van Den Hul The First Ultimate MkII RCA Cable 1m Practically new Other cables available - happy to bundle Photos:
  16. Further information: Van Den Hul D 102 MkIII RCA Cable 4M - Practically new Other cables available - happy to bundle Photos:
  17. Further information: Van Den Hul D 102 MkIII RCA Cable 3.3M Practically new Other cables available - happy to bundle Photos:
  18. Further information: Van Den Hul D 102 MkIII RCA Cable 2M - Practically new Price is for one pair - there are two pairs available Other cables available - happy to bundle Photos:
  19. Further information: Van Den Hul D 102 MkIII RCA Cable 1M - Practically new Other cables available - happy to bundle Photos:
  20. Further information: Hi All Selling on behalf of a friend a pair of excellent working condition Tannoy 10inch Monitor Gold III LZ Speakers Amazing sounding and beautiful original cabinet. We were not able to take off the grill for photo because it was sealed very tight. Having a look from the back you can see how clean and beautiful the drivers still are. He is selling due to wife's orders and downsizing his collection... not by choice Photos:
  21. Further information: Up for sale is my Denon DCD-3520 flagship CD player 240V unit - For those in the know, this was once Denons Flagship Model CD player. Very musical and sweet sounding CD player. An absolute beast weighing in at 18kg. They definitely do not make them like this anymore. Features include full copper chassis and also the KSS-151A mechanism. Two Bur-Brown PCM-64 DAC chips. Can be demonstrated fully working perfect condition. These do not come by very often. Preference for a local sale as I am not a fan of posting CD p
  22. Item: GEC A2900 Triple Mica Price Range: Please let me know Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Hi There, looking for a pair of GEC A2900 Triple Mica - if you have more than quads or multiple pairs i would still be interested in purchasing. Thanks T Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
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